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Monday, February 26, 2007

shock and surprise for public transport

Has it happened ladies and gentlemen? Has someone actually realised that the reason why most NZers (especially those in Auckland) don’t bother catching public transport because in NZ (especially in Auckland) public transport is complete shit? Honestly now, cattle trains to abattoirs are more comfortable than public transport in NZ, and that the slow minded who run our cities are only now starting to comprehend this must be a breakthrough near that of splitting the atom.

Tough rules will force buses to run on time and go green
Bus passengers are being promised sweeping law changes offering them better odds of getting picked up on time, and by clean and safe vehicles. The Government intends giving the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, and councils elsewhere in New Zealand, wide powers to set standards for all urban bus and ferry services. The tough new measures will be imposed regardless of whether the services are run commercially or with subsidies from the public purse. Regional councils will be able to deregister commercial services which fail to keep to their timetables. Ministry of Transport officials are working on an incentive and penalty regime to apply before that happens. At present, councils can set standards only for subsidised services, and operators do not even have to provide them with patronage information for planning purposes.


At 26/2/07 10:29 am, Anonymous Spybar Regular said...

Any effort they put into stopping bus drivers driving like complete arseholes would be welcome also.

At 26/2/07 8:28 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

if yous think Auckland transport bad dude, you want to catch up with Amerika's :Greyhound bus :, 30 drug and psycychos sitting and spitting and sicking so close like 29cm seats, and the smell, then they drop yopu off in strictly criminal down town territory usually, an alternative is :Amtrak: but Amtrak running half a day or two late often,


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