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Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh God this is a bad idea

Okay, look first up, let’s show some respect for Prince Harry actually wanting to put his life on the line, just as his countrymen have done so, and respects to him that he has taken the honourable road rather than the easy privileged one.


Right now the British public are against this stupid war in Iraq and want to pull out, but if someone as beloved to their sense of national identity like Prince Harry was killed, or taken hostage and tortured, my God could you see how explosive that would be to the British? They would demand war and public support would swing 100% behind a full scale invasion. If you think that’s an over reaction of the British mindset, look at the ‘come together/all together’ cultural nuances behind getting the Christmas Day number one position on Top of the Pops.

Nothing says ‘Once more to the breach dear friend’ than the death of a beloved Prince. For the sake of the very same lives he wants to protect, Prince Harry should not go to Iraq.

Harry Iraq deployment no surprise
The deployment of Prince Harry's regiment to Iraq has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defence. The prince has always said he wants to be taken seriously as a soldier.
He joined the army as a career. He wants to be taken seriously as a soldier, which is why he made it clear after he'd finished his officer training at Sandhurst that he would leave the army if he was left behind when his regiment was sent to a war zone. And so, just as the prime minister announces the start of Britain's phased withdrawal from Iraq, Second Lieutenant Harry Wales of the Household Cavalry, is preparing for a tour of duty in that country.


At 23/2/07 6:47 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

wow , that has got to be an undercover operation

At 23/2/07 9:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Vera Britton said (or was it her husband?) '.....the democracy of the bullet....'

Thats one thing about the British army, the public school brigade get it as well as the working classes, albeit at different ranks.

A bullet kills, or hurts, a Private the same as a Major (and their family if they have one.)

At 25/2/07 12:42 pm, Anonymous Vegas said...

Lovely piece of pr for the palace. 'Young Royal putting his life on the line for his country. Pity it's such a crap war with waning public interest. I wouldn't be to concerned about Harry in Iraq. When you think about the 30 or so paparazzi that will shadow his every move thats a lot of bodies to absorb the blow of a roadside bomb. And it makes it very hard for a sniper to get a shot off.

At 25/2/07 2:32 pm, Blogger Span said...

I would have assumed that this puts many troops in additional danger - there will be a massive incentive to kidnap Harry and thus other soldiers who look remotely like him will also be targets, not to mention the actual troops with him.

At 26/2/07 12:37 pm, Anonymous jr said...

Agree with Span, admirable though it is that he is going, there will be a man hunt after him and if his whereabouts become broadly known those around him will be in real danger, "his" unit might have to move out and another move in (to face the fire so to speak) which will be pretty bad for morale in both units. Great PR for the palace and I guess its the career he's chosen. God bless the British Press, there'll be a tearful send off and anyone who wanted to know when he was leaving will get a helpful heads up.


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