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Monday, February 26, 2007

Australia and East Timor

I think Australia and NZ owe East Timor, both our nations turned their heads and looked the other way when Indonesia raped East Timor, indeed we even gave the Indonesians the private thumbs up to commit mass murder there. The problem however is that our cobbers the Aussies don’t like to play fair, see the Indonesians signed gas and oil deals with the Australians that were actually East Timors gas. East Timor argued with the Australians that these deals would need to be renegotiated because Indonesia had no right to sign away deals for gas that were obtained after Indonesia illegally invaded East Timor. Most people would agree with that, but not the Australians, they have refused to budge and want the great deal they cut with the Indonesians, and just to let East Timor know who is boss, last year the Australian military stopped guarding cross over checkpoints allowing militants to cross over and create trouble when East Timor complained about the gas concessions. This move led to the sudden spurt last year in unrest and reminded the East Timorese that if you don’t play to the rules Australia lays down, then you don’t get no stability cobber. Add to all of this the fact that the Australian Army is perhaps second only to the IDF in being one of the most racist army’s around, anywhere the Aussies go to ‘peacekeep’ friction with the indigenous non-white population is always sure to follow.

Tensions high after second youth dies from injuries
The death of two East Timorese youths shot by an Australian soldier in Dili has heightened tensions in the capital. Three youths were shot by the soldier in a confrontation on Saturday. The first youth died on Saturday and the second died yesterday in hospital. The third is in hospital in a stable condition. Authorities said the soldiers fired four shots in self-defence when they were attacked by youths firing steel arrows. United Nations Police and East Timor authorities are investigating.


At 26/2/07 10:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crooked Australian scum turned a blind eye to the East Timor massacres because they were after the gas & oil.

Now they want let in more murderers from Indonesia as "punishment"...

I hope those f**kwits from Australia read this.

At 26/2/07 12:59 pm, Anonymous jr said...

Bloody shocking, Australia should take a long hard look at themselves, a bit of charity would be nice guys. To be honest I don't hold it against them for their lack of action v Indonesia in the past....seems to be the way of the world. Tiananmen Square was an irrelevancy in the world despite its scale (ditto Tibet) there was no lead from the likes of the USA on Indonesia and without the USA taking a strong stand nothing will happen. Throw into the pot the fact that there was a cold war rumbling on and you've got a recipe for inactivity. Indonesia faced no repercussions for its inactivity against the militias just a few years ago. Big country beat up on small country with no resources, nothing will happen. No doubt NZ and Aus released the obligatory shocked press releases but that would have been the end of it..

At 26/2/07 4:54 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Surely Aust. and NZ have spent a lot of money and put their/our soldiers lives on the line to try to make East Timor work...I know a couple of people who served in East Timor and helped them with independence from Indonesia...but Australia and NZ are the bad guys? Clearly things aren't always going to be perfect, but if NZ/Australia hadn't have sent troops there, things would be a lot worse.

And if someone was firing arrows at me, and I had a gun, I would shoot them.

At 26/2/07 10:16 pm, Anonymous Tim S said...

Speaking of racism, are you going to post on this?


At 28/2/07 10:16 am, Anonymous Tim S said...

Thought not...Only "Whiteys" can be racist it would seem...

At 28/2/07 4:15 pm, Anonymous jr said...

What do we want?!!?!?

Less skilled migration!!!

When do we want it!?!?



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