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Friday, January 26, 2007

A real Australian

You should have seen John Howard’s face go white right after the man he had just named ‘Australian of the year’ launched into an attack on John Howard – it was hilarious!

Flannery's criticism
The new Australian of the Year has used his first day in the role to argue the Howard Government has been 'dragging the chain' on climate change. Professor Tim Flannery says in the past Australia has been 'the worst of the worst' on the issue. He says by not signing the Kyoto protocol, the Government has held back the rest of the world. The Prime Minister says he's not embarrassed by the criticism and remains un-convinced about the need to sign onto current international agreements. Despite the criticism, Professor Flannery has given Mr Howard's $10 billion plan to protect Australia's water supply the thumbs up. But he says it's only a small part of dealing with the environment. The Australian of the Year has urged caution on greater agricultural development in the north.


At 27/1/07 9:01 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

John is the ultimate wannabe, and follower. He is showing his true colours in dancing to the Corporate fiddler on this water issue.
This issue, although the American Corporate empire works in a more multi-faceted manner, is a direct reflection of American-style Cronyism and huge profiteering being directed away from the middle class in Australia, just like the "Have More's" have accomplished over the years since Ronald (MacDonald) Reagan.
Let's send the wealth to our pals through favoritist legislation! We'll let the middle shoulder the tax burden for us in order to make sure our retirements for the next few generations are sweet.
This is a PRIME example of how we need to keep our eyes open here in New Zealand. The cards are being lined up here for the same thing! Keep your eye on the pea or Key will!


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