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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


With the latest war rallies aimed at Congress to stop Bush (seeing as Bush has simply slipped into a medicated world far removed from reality), attention has turned to those in power to come up with ways to simply end this war no matter what, and as ‘The Decider’ still isn’t listening, the issue of impeachment must be considered again. What has always amazed me is that Clinton could get impeached for lying about a blowjob, but Bush can lie about weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, connections with 9/11 and invade Iraq without any problem at all.

Lying about a Blowjob when Clinton was president – Impeach!
Lying to invade a country and kill 655 000 people when Bush is president– Toothless non binding slaps on the wrist, while allowing torture and detention in secret CIA prisons.

And you wonder why I laugh so hard when Kiwiblog whines on and on about the ‘liberal media’.

Mass US protest against Iraq war
Tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated in Washington to demand the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.
The rally comes days before Congress is to discuss President George W Bush's new strategy for Iraq - including the despatch of 21,500 additional troops. The protesters, chanting "Bring the troops home", were joined by Vietnam War-era protester, actress Jane Fonda. Violence continued in Iraq on Saturday, with at least 15 killed in a suicide bomb attack in a Baghdad market. The BBC's James Coomarasamy in Washington says this anti-war rally at the foot of the US Capitol was a marked shift away from the White House and on to Congress. The protesters want Congress, now run by the Democrats, to block funding for the president's new strategy, our correspondent says.


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