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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"I am da decider"

“I’m the decision maker” isn’t what you want to hear from a person you stopped believing 6 years ago. The bizarre defense that Bush is using at the moment is that “You don’t have a better plan so we will send more American Troops into the grinder”, um, Mr Bush, that bi-partisan group you had to set up because the Iraq situation was collapsing who gave you all those solutions (including dialogue with countries you seem to be lining up for another invasion) gave you a whole bunch of solutions, perhaps the name of this group confused you, ‘The Iraq Study Group’. You have been given solution Mr Bush, you just don’t want to listen to those solutions and have chosen to send more of your countrymen to their death all for the sake of your ego.

This from the Washington Post
Bush Defies Lawmakers To Solve Iraq
Declaring "I'm the decision maker," President Bush yesterday challenged congressional efforts to formally condemn his Iraq plan, while Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned that a proposed Senate resolution criticizing the deployment of additional troops would embolden the enemy.

"Any indication of flagging will in the United States gives encouragement to those folks," Gates told reporters at the Pentagon. "I'm sure that that's not the intent behind the resolutions, but I think it may be the effect."

Don’t you love how disagreeing with this war is now helping the enemy?


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