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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Does this Parachute work?

Word that there was going to be a protest at the Christian music event, Parachute, over Nesian Mystik performing because only half the band are committed Christians is a good thing. Christianity needs to review it’s own mental health as a religion just as much as Islam needs to. Extremist Christians need to be challenged within Christianity as it attempts to balance the literal and metaphorical definitions of the Bible, and to see such extreme views being challenged by the organizers of Parachute is a positive thing.

Complaints over mainstream artist at Christian festival
Complaints have been made that a mainstream hiphop band is one of the headline acts at a Christian music festival.
The three-day Parachute event began at the Mystery Creek Event Centre on Friday night, but some people are upset that Nesian Mystik has been asked to perform. Parachute Music chief executive Mark de Jong says they have received some complaints from people threatening to boycott the event, because only half of the group are committed Christians. One man says he will picket outside the gate.


At 30/1/07 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The organisers of Parachute signed plenty of non-Christian bands last year. We interviewed one of them for Craccum. Parachute is an extraordinary money-making exercise, with people paying a large amount first for tickets; then for Coke products (which have a monopoly there, and last year were selling only the smallest possible bottles, in the heat, for $2.50 a pop);then there's the advertising everywhere; then there's the majority of people working for free because they believe it's a charitable event of some sort; then there's the underpayment of the bands, some because they're Christian and some because they're desperate; and finally, on top of all that, there's a "Supporta" programme where you pay an annual donation in exchange for discounted tickets and a nice cafe to sit in.

They're not challenging anything by having Nesian Mystik perform. They're ensuring bums on seats. And if the Christians want to complain about something, they could complain about Mammon instead.

At 31/1/07 4:07 pm, Anonymous spy bar regular said...

I guess not too many people will be dropping E or lighting up spliffs at that concert.

Could be a good place to meet some hot virgin 18-19 year-old ass though.

At 31/1/07 4:26 pm, Blogger bomber said...

I didn't realise what a rort it was Ryan!

At 31/1/07 5:07 pm, Anonymous Tough times said...

I reckon...on the flip side, not many of the Christians would probably recognise a decent e if one was to drop in front of them..."Yeah man its an aspirin...rocking"


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