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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

China must be pressured on Darfur now

Seeing as the only major power to trade with Sudan is China, pressure must be put on China to force Sudan to stop its genocidal behaviour in Darfur, and the only way to threaten a super power wannabe wanting global recognition above all else, is boycott the Olympics. The latest news that UN staff are being attacked in Darfur only makes the issue more serious. It must also be pointed out that the UNs outright denial over sexual abuse claims from some of their own staff only gives Sudan excuses to keep the UN out, the UN has to prosecute those claims to the fullness of the law so that they are not open to those claims by the Sudanese and the real issue at hand, the dreadful treatment of those in Darfur.

Darfur police 'assault UN staff'
The United Nations says five of its staff have been assaulted by police in Sudan's Darfur region.
The UN workers were among 20 aid workers and African Union peacekeepers arrested by Sudanese authorities after a raid on a party at the weekend. A statement from the UN said that some of their staff had suffered serious injuries and that it would protest officially to the Khartoum government. UN workers are providing vital aid in the conflict-hit region.

'Deeply concerned'
The Sudanese government has not intervened to protect Darfur's battered population from the brutal Janjaweed militia. But when aid workers, African Union peacekeepers and UN staff held a Friday night party in Nyala - Darfur's biggest town - it felt it had to step in. Sudanese police and security officers stormed the aid compound where the event was being held. According to the UN, the 20 arrested people were physically and verbally assaulted with some seriously injured and needing medical treatment. A report on Sudan's state-owned television said the UN and African Union workers had been detained for misconduct, comparing it to allegations of sexual abuse which face peacekeepers in southern Sudan.


At 23/1/07 9:26 am, Anonymous Ripped God said...

Read somewhere that its largely black Christians who are being persecuted by the largely islamist arab government in Khartoum...anyone else able to shed more kight on this?

At 23/1/07 9:28 am, Blogger snigie said...

People forget that china dosnt give 2 fucks about what we think. This is the reason they will rule us one day. We give them our technology, trade, secrets and then we act suprised when they have no respect for us. Boycott the olympics? thats the last thing they give a fuck about. Thats a white mans punishment, hence the reason it wont work. These guys dont play by the rules, we need to remember that.
I have a friend who has $72,000 in fines and 61 convivtions and the goverment does nothing to him. Why? Because he dosnt play by our rules. He knows he'll never own a house, but dosnt care-neither will most of new zealands young people but he takes it to the extreme and if your not playing by the goverments rules of' if you dont pay, we'll get BAYCORP onto you (you know, the guys who do nothing) then your untouchable.
He is like china is to the world. We dont give a fuck about copyrights, patents, whatever. I mean what the fuck are you going to do about it? Go to china and you'll see why one day the'll be dictating terms to us.

At 23/1/07 2:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snigie, your mate is an economic leper.

You and your mate are obviously young to have such a carefree attitude, but the day will come when your mate wants to travel/buy something on HP/get a mortgage...and then he will realise how fucked he is.

As for being untouchable, try unimportant.
One more fine, or one different judge and your mate will be put in prison.

Untouchable, yeah right.

At 26/1/07 10:56 am, Anonymous Bubbles said...

No sign of Anti-Flag attacking the Sudanese Government here...wonder if thats because she supports its actions?

At 27/1/07 1:48 pm, Blogger bomber said...


Snigie – we have to try ideas that stick within the rules, and the Olympics mean a hell of a lot to the Chinese, they want the prestige which they feel is currently being denied them. You make a valid point about your friend though (one anon doesn’t understand when he launched into his slag against you), people who don’t feel like they have anything to lose, don’t play by the rules – the reason so many of us are lawful has bugger all to do with being more ‘moral’ people, we don’t break the law because we actually have something to lose through a fine, imprisonment, loss of reputation. By bringing people into the democratic franchise where they feel they are a stake holder, we expand lawfulness, China has become so immersed with the global economy that they can’t afford not to listen to the world now.

ps - shut up bubbles, don't you have a library to burn?

At 30/1/07 10:04 am, Blogger snigie said...

Good stuff anon, you missed the point entirely, sota like the bus to school.
The chinese will give a shit about the olympics but no to the point that we think. They want our money and technology, not our friendship. these guys arent regular players. recently we gave them the winchester gun factory so now if we want to go to war with them, we have to buy our guns and technology off them first.


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