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Monday, January 29, 2007

Afghanistan to fall this Spring?

To my amazement, fighting was so fierce between the Taliban and British Forces that at one point last year, the British HQ was almost over run. In the wake of recent military action against Taliban slipping across the Pakistan border, there is a real fear that the Taliban Spring offensive could be the end of another Afghanistan misadventure. Wasn’t Alexander the Great the only person who got close to conquering Afghanistan? Are we really putting George W Bush on strategic par with Alexander the Great?

The latest panic scramble to get more NATO troops into Afghanistan to withstand the Spring offensive doesn’t look likely to hold off what seems to be the inevitable conclusion that we will be forced out of Afghanistan as well.

Nato 'to step up Afghan support'
Nato foreign ministers meeting in Brussels have agreed to step up their military and economic assistance to Afghanistan, officials have said.
The decision came as the US pledged an extra $10.6bn (£5.4bn) to bolster its Afghan effort and retain troops there. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Nato "must take a hard look" at what more it can do for Afghanistan. Nato's top commander meanwhile has said his forces will mount a spring offensive against the Taleban. Officials from the alliance have warned they expect Taleban fighters in Afghanistan to intensify attacks when the weather begins to warm up. Separately, Nato said it may have killed a "senior Taleban leader and his deputies" in southern Helmand province.


At 29/1/07 3:57 am, Anonymous Mike said...

Take it easy bomber, the taliban couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. If you want the real story write me. mwack350@gmail.com. I live here. Michael Wackenhut ISL Fayzabad Afghanistan.

At 29/1/07 9:21 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Nor could Osama bin Laden fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Trouble is finding a wet paper bag in Afghanistan. It's important to keep them dry to carry all that CIA / Taleban partnered Heroin across the border into Pakistan.
Funny you show up here as many journalists are spelling out a major surge in Taleban/& home-grown Islamist uprising against the invader Infidel's around the spring thaw.
Rumour has it that Kabul is the only safe(?) place these days for allied troops? So what's a nice boy doing in the NE part of the country when all the noisy action is in the south?

At 29/1/07 10:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm sure most of us would love to hear your story. Is there any chance we can persuade you to comment here?

At 29/1/07 1:11 pm, Blogger Chris said...

Several hundred Talib were killed last year during the Taliban fall offensive. One can anticipate a similar effort this spring. As usual, the ANZAC allies (Canada, Australia, US, Britain), are carrying the load.

If NATO breaks up, it will break up over this. The Taliban will try to wrest control of one of the southern provinces, using Pakistan as a sanctuary. Probably Helmand.

The Brits are said to be really short on supplies due to some budget cuts at home, but we're there. And we have B-52's to spare when needed.

At 29/1/07 9:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you in the south Sam? Or are you wanking about in your safe little Kiwi town telling the world how to act in a war zone?

At 30/1/07 5:56 pm, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Facinating place Afghanistan. It's a shame it's been war torn for the past 40 odd years by the big-2, and for centuries before with war lords and invaders from all directions.
I've read a number of Journalist's accounts of traveling there, Military reports from battles there, and seen a number of great documentaries.
The National Geographic did a cover of an Afghan Woman with hauntingly beautiful eyes back in the 80's. So much beauty in the topography and the people and such ugliness in the invader's heart's who want to control it!

At 31/1/07 5:08 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

Anon - instead of attacking Sam, could you just please tell me who the last occupyer to successfully hold Afghanistan was?


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