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Thursday, December 21, 2006

User pays free education

In a report this week it shows 1 out of 4 kids from poor families are ‘incapable’ of learning – which makes early intervention and increased funding necessary, so how does it help that Government penny pinching is forcing schools to fund themselves, what if you live in a poor area, are those schools going to be able to achieve when we know how much more difficult poverty effects the final equation?

Parents have to pay a third of school funding
Schools are dependent on parents and the community for a third of their funding, a new report says.

The Ministry of Education Review of Schools' Operational Funding and the Education Review Office's report into School's Use of Operational Funding, both released today, show difficulties schools have in making ends meet.

The ministry report was commissioned by the Government a year ago after concerns about how much funding schools were getting.


At 24/12/06 3:09 pm, Blogger Msth8d said...

Education should be free..... govt should pay it....

At 25/12/06 10:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that intentional irony methhead, or are you just stupid.


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