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Friday, December 22, 2006

Tis the season

Hahahahahahahaha, remember this week when innocent state housing tenants got letters threatening to throw them out if they missed their rent over Christmas, hahahahahahaha, and remember how most of you didn’t even care about that and just put the boot in because I mentioned the word Tenant, hahahahahahahaha, yeah well those poor folk who need food this week got the same bum rush from another social agency right up until the media started asking questions. Good to see the spirit of the season is so dead and empty.

Come back next week for food, hungry families told
Families who have run out of food for Christmas have been told to come back next week by Work and Income staff in south and west Auckland.
Auckland City Mission and the Salvation Army's Henderson team said people were being told to "come back in a week" to get either special needs grants or letters confirming their needs so they could get food parcels.
City Mission crisis team leader Irene Rama said Work and Income policy was that people needing special needs grants did not need appointments and should go into their local office to be seen. But one woman spent two days at the Manukau office last week and could not get to see anyone.
Mrs Rama rang the Mangere and Otahuhu offices for the woman, but neither office could promise that they could see her "because they are so busy".
Emergency appointments are not available until January at Otahuhu, she said.
However, she said the situation changed yesterday after the Herald began making inquiries.
"We are now getting appointments for everyone we ask for. I think you ringing them has gone from office to office and we are getting appointments straight away," she said.


At 24/12/06 8:06 am, Blogger Msth8d said...

wouldnt the benefit be paid early seeing that christmas fall close to they pay week?

At 24/12/06 1:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps they shouldn't have spent it all on bboze, drugs and fags.

At 25/12/06 1:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many beneficiaries do you actually know personally.

If you have friends who are finding it tough over the holiday surely you can invite them to your place for a few days, or wouldn't they fit in with your (very) famous show biz friends.

Maybe instead of slagging off the those who work in the front-line it is up to those who (purport to) care to get personally involved and support people.

S top talkng and start doing.

At 30/12/06 3:14 am, Blogger bomber said...

Wow that's a mighty chip on that shoulder of yours Anon - I know many people who are poor and find it hard to get by Anon, how does my criticizing heartless state departments who are supposed to help those less fortunate suddenly morph into your usual attack of ‘stop attacking the front line’ and ‘stop talking and start doing’ – are you defending the state departments? Do you work for Winz Anon? Is that where all this resentment comes from?


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