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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Many adults ‘incapable’ of learning

I don’t think we have a youth problem in this country, I think we have an adult problem. New research suggests that some kids (especially from poor families) are ‘incapable’ of learning. The need for an alternative education fall back for kids like this and the recognition of poverty as a real barrier to a better life are lessons that some adults who feel the need to hold onto stereotypes of race as the focus of their blame seem incapable of learning.

10% of children 'incapable' of learning at school
One in 10 children is incapable of learning at school, two education researchers have found. And in poorer schools, that figure can rise to one in four.
But the researchers have a possible solution to the problem - restarting the brain so children regain the learning instinct. Dr John Kirkland and Dr David Bimler, of Massey University's College of Education, say the secret to reducing classroom failure may not be the traditional push for the "three Rs" but rather triggering instincts such as exploration and curiosity. Dr Kirkland said a difficult home life could stifle development, leaving children in a "cognitive cul-de-sac" - unable to take the initiative, afraid to ask questions and unable to process information in the usual way.


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