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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kangaroo Court will hang Skippy

No shock that a Court appointed by an occupying force who invaded illegally has found Saddam guilty and will hang him. It’s not that Saddam is innocent, he is a despicable monster who made many innocent human beings suffer, but he was a despicable monster who made innocent human beings suffer that America supported and backed throughout most of the 1980s - those who allowed this monster to kill should also be on trial.

As for the punishment itself, hanging Saddam will make him a martyr in a culture defined by a landscape of martyrs.

Saddam sees death as 'sacrifice'
Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has said he is ready to die as a "sacrifice" for Iraq, urging his countrymen to unite against enemies. In a letter written from his prison cell, Saddam Hussein said his death would make him a "true martyr". The former leader could be hanged on any day over the next four weeks, after an appeal against his execution failed. The sentence is for killings in the town of Dujail in the 1980s. A trial for a second case continues. "I sacrifice myself. If God wills it, he will place me among the true men and martyrs," the former leader wrote in the letter.


At 28/12/06 3:40 pm, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Probably a good idea to hang him before he starts making statements about all those backroom boys and the deals he's made over the years with George's Daddy, Reagan and the other State Department Cowboy's he's colluded with to make zillion's of dollar's! Mum's the word!

At 28/12/06 8:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's laughable that Saddam clings to a Quran NOW after all these years.

Al Jazeera had a good report on this and pointed out that on the whole Iraqis don't even care about Saddam's death. He's dead in their eyes. The suffering and bloodshed that marked his regime has been replaced by the suffering and bloodshed of the occupation. So they're too busy trying to survive in this 'new' but all too familiar Iraqi tragedy than pay attention to this lunatic who still believes he's the president of Iraq.

Sam, i thought about that too- but let's face it, the guy has no credibility whatever he 'exposes'. But how convenient that the Americans remind us of the Saddam case once more at a time where support for this illegal war is lower than ever. He's become a different sort of puppet. Just whip him out when there's doubt- kind of like those Al Qaeda tapes eh. I think this will be drawn out a little longer than a month for the very purpose that his trial is handy because it's there to legitimise the war. So they need to keep him around a little longer.


At 29/12/06 11:30 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

You may be right on that last statement Anti. Without Saddam all that will be left is the occupation forces without any clothes on.
How bout a daring jail break!!! That would get the old Neo-Con motor's revved back up again, and add some excitement and intrigue back to the death machine situation there!

At 29/12/06 6:05 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Well it looks like you are wrong Anti... CNN is just saying that Saddam is due to be executed in the next 36 hours.

Still, it hasn't happened yet.

At 30/12/06 2:47 am, Blogger bomber said...

My issue with this though is that Justice HASN'T been done here. For starters the trial was a farce and it needed to be held at the UN International Court where Saddam AND those who backed him could be exposed, and when found guilty this tyrant should be forced to rot in his cell until his death as a constant reminder to all those leaders who use force against their own citizens that there will be a day of judgement - hanging Saddam will simply create a martry, another flag to rally around by a future Generation who never lived under him. Oh and secondly, he still nees to stand trial for what he did to the shias who rebelled against him and the Kurds, but I suppose that trial would dredge up the fact that it was the American's who got them to rebel and left them at the 11th hour after promising them help to overthrow Saddam.

Oh and we also have to overlook the farce of America illegally invading Iraq on false pretences to hang Saddam for actions the American's backed him on in the 1980's, but the frontal lobotomy required to overlook the irony is simply too much for most people. Apparently not for President Bush


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