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Friday, December 22, 2006

CIA blowback comes full circle

I have followed the Somalia implosion since the middle of this year. The CIA backed warlords against the Islamic courts and once that support was made public, the Islamic courts won mass public support and the warlords were pushed aside. Critics have pointed out that the Islamic courts are a response to the instability created by the Warlords and that they are a stabilizing force, but the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim, according to American foreign policy and the CIS started backing Ethiopia, gearing them up for a conflict, and now they have their Christmas wish, a war in the Horn of Africa, Merry Christmas.

Somali Islamists say at war against Ethiopia
MOGADISHU - Ethiopian-backed Somali government troops and rival Islamists shelled each other with heavy artillery for a third day on Thursday, as the religious movement said it was now at war with Addis Ababa.

Persistent rocket, mortar and machinegun battles since Tuesday local time have boosted fears that a devastating Horn of Africa war, sucking in regional players and spawning suicide bombings across east Africa, may have arrived.

It is the most sustained combat so far between the rival Somali factions, struggling for control of a nation in anarchy since the 1991 ouster of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, after two months of increasingly violent skirmishes.

Both sides claimed to have killed hundreds, but there was no immediate confirmation of casualties.

"We are at war with Ethiopia, but not with the (Somali) government," hardline Islamist leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys told Reuters by telephone.


At 23/12/06 12:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Majority of western world doesn’t actually care what happens on African continent. Unless you support idiots like Bono or George Clooney.

World population is already out of control and needs to be lowered to about 500 million so we can become more sustainable. And some Africans killing each other is not going to stop me from enjoying our Christian Dinner.

Advocatus Diaboli

At 24/12/06 4:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic, but - Have a look at the UCLA taser incident on youtube, it is horrifying.

Fuck the police.

At 30/12/06 3:09 am, Blogger bomber said...

I know most western countries don't care about brown folk AD - but that doesn't mean looking the other way is right. We all live on the same planet, we are all part of the same race, and the level of global co-operation required to beat catastrophic climate change means we can no longer turn a blind eye.


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