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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Apologist Dies

Yes Gerald Ford did some amazing stuff once he was out of office, and perhaps one day in the far distant future those good deeds can be appreciated, but just like Tony Blair, Gerald Ford was tested at one crucial time and was found lacking, his decision to pardon Satan’s representative on Earth, Richard Nixon is akin to Blair’s decision to back Bush and go to war with Iraq. Ford argued that prosecuting Nixon wouldn’t heal America, how wrong he was – there are times when people need to know, in detail, how monstrously unethical their leaders are, because it is only with that level of transparency that things can really heal and change. By sweeping Nixon under the carpet, Ford denied that healing and the lesson never learned.

Bush pays tribute to Gerald Ford
US President George W Bush has paid tribute to former President Gerald Ford, who has died at the age of 93.
Speaking from his ranch in Crawford, Texas, Mr Bush remembered President Ford as a "gentleman who reflected the best in America's character". Mr Ford was never elected president but took office after Richard Nixon quit over the Watergate scandal in 1974. He served for two years but lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976, a year after the US accepted defeat in the Vietnam War.


At 28/12/06 1:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems such an inconceivable act, on the surface, and yesterday I would have agreed with you. But I heard a Washington correspondent on the BBC yesterday, who explained carefully, and plausibly, that Ford pardoned Nixon because the fallout from the Watergate scandal was consuming Ford's presidency. He didn't believe that Nixon necessarily deserved a pardon, but he acknowledged Nixon had been humiliated and disgraced, and he was also desperate to write his own slate. That's how the BBC explained it, anyway, which makes sense to me...

At 28/12/06 3:45 pm, Blogger SamClemenz said...

That's a much better explanation (BBC) than Bush' lame statment's about him being a compassionate American, and doing the right thing by allowing America to heal after the Watergate scandal.
I wonder who is going to pardon Bush?

At 30/12/06 2:52 am, Blogger bomber said...

Tom that is the reason Ford gave, but I honestly think it was the wrong one - Republicans needed to see the full spectrum of evil that Nixon was so that not one of them could pretend that it didn't happen and in their anger force changes within the Republican party - I mean Republicans elected Reagon after Carter, they didn't learn much did they? For me, it's a little like the Hollow Men, National Party supporters need to read that book and decide for themselves if that is how they want their elected representatives to represent them, people need to see the ugly truth to understand how the mistakes were made so that they don't happen again.

At 31/12/06 10:43 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Jerry Ford missed the opportunity to alter the course of history by Pardoning Nixon. He created the first modern day - "Get out of Jail Free" card. It was a disastrous move, as American's were on a roll with the Watergate hearings, and may have only taken another 3-6 months to try and convict Tricky Dick. That was the solution that may have prevented the continuance of the ideological strangle hold, or at least brought it more clearly into focus.
Only by Impeachment, trial, and conviction will this current bunch be brought to account. It is imperative that this occur, and that American's are forced to go through the hard yards and heartache in order to right the wrongs that have been accumulating at an ever increasing rate as we move through the centuries. Though this is the proper course, it will only bring the American's in-line, not necessarily the other perp's.
America's Ideologists are a big part of the problems the world faces, but it is not the only one.
Until our specie can learn to live together and work toward a common goal of peace and tolerance, meaningful and long term solutions just aren't gonna happen. Everything starts in your own heart!
The basic's are the key -
1. Food - wipe out famine and hunger.
2. Education - Teach the children to love not hate.
3. Good health - Wipe out Disease and suffering
4. Share the benefit's of Technology - Wipe out those who would use knowledge to control power.
5. Quit shitting in our own bed! - protect the planet at all cost!
just the tip of the iceburg, but a start. The thing is, with world population where it is, we are rapidly using up all the resources this planet can offer. Our (Humanity's) existence here is finite as a result unless we can reach solutions to current environmental concerns we will self destruct. As we all live for today, we reduce our chances for tomorrow.

I'll stop there!!!

At 31/12/06 2:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious that you should utter Watergate and Hollowmen in the same breath Bomber, what did you think about this bit: "When people cannot get together for political purposes without fear that their premises will be burglarised, their conversations bugged, their phones tapped ... you breed distrust, you breed suspicion, you lost confidence, faith and credibility."?

At 1/1/07 9:06 pm, Blogger bomber said...

This is the "e-mail's are stolen" line of attack now isn't in Anon. This is the fourth wave of attacks that Nicky has had to put up with. The first of course was an unprecedented attempt to gag his book in Court, but when that started looking like outright censorship the attack became that “Nicky is a conspiracy theorist with no evidence”, when it became apparent that Nicky had the evidence, the argument became, “Nicky has taken everything out of context”. But when you read the context you only see that the protagonists were clearly aware of the anti-democratic practices they were indulging in and that the extra context only made them look even more Machiavellian. Which leaves us with the fourth wave of attack which is “The e-mails are stolen”.

Hmmmm. Anon (can I call you Matthew Hooten?) no one is saying that one shouldn’t expect their information to be secure and safe, but that is no defense if the information revealed is as damning as this was. IF Nicky stole the e-mails, then he will need to be punished by whatever the law requires for stealing information like this, but that has to be proven and still doesn’t in any way justify what these e-mails reveal about the motivations and deceptions of the National Party.


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