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Thursday, December 28, 2006

American denial thawing

Isn’t it great to see those who have denied for such a long time have to swallow down the dead rats of their own design?

US accepts threat to polar bears
The US has proposed listing polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
It is the first time the US has made a direct link between global warming and the threat to a species. President George W Bush has steadfastly refused to back mandatory controls of emissions of carbon dioxide - believed the main gas behind global warming. There are 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears across the globe, about 4,700 of them in the US state of Alaska.


At 28/12/06 7:10 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

The powers at be will act too late and the world will be destroyed too soon.

At 30/12/06 2:39 am, Blogger bomber said...

Then it is our job to remind them - and make them change

At 30/12/06 3:39 am, Blogger Â¤Â°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

Too right my friend. We all have to be in this together if we want to save this world dont we.


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