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Thursday, December 21, 2006

01.20.09 – a day of global peace and love!

This is hilarious, imagine being so hated that people were counting down to the day that you are going to leave.

Doomsday countdown for Bush
KANSAS CITY - Some of the T-shirts bear only the date: 01.20.09. The others spell it out: Bush's Last Day.

But both, along with "Bush's Last Day" caps, mugs, bumper stickers, buttons and other collectibles are selling well this Christmas.

One of the most popular items is a clock that counts down the minutes - and yes, seconds - left in President George W. Bush's final term in office.

"We're close to selling a million pieces of assorted stuff," said Elliott Nachwalter, 56, of Arlington, Vermont, who started the business 18 months ago from the back of his fishing store.

Nachwalter's venture has grown from an online-only operation to distribution through more than 300 shops. Business has picked up substantially since the mid-term elections.


At 22/12/06 1:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

President George Bush will be remembered as one of the Greatest American Presidents of all time within the decades to come. Congress should authorize his head to be place on Mount Rushmore along side Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Without his vision the Islamic Extremist would be taking over the world.

Also expect Bomber to be protesting against President George Bush next year when he arrives in New Zealand in Mid September. Just like he did in Auckland Domain when President Bill Clinton was here.

Advocatus Diaboli

At 22/12/06 11:44 am, Anonymous methane_birds said...

Good on ya! I completely agree that congress should authorise placing his head on Mt Rushmore. I only hope they use something rusty and serrated to separate it from his body first.

At 22/12/06 2:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In completely unrelated news I'm counting the days until Tim gets his blog back.

At 25/12/06 6:19 pm, Blogger ¤°Z°¤-Luke-¤°Z°¤° said...

So gonna look for some of that merchendise...its a trend im willing to buy into.


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