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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tough Love, loving death

American’s and New Zealander’s have something in common, we love to be tough on crime. We get a collective hard-on when we get tough on bloody kids who need a good hard kick up the arse to sort ‘em out! Maybe it was because NZ was settled by puritanical unsmiling, grim, spare-the-crowbar-spoil-the-child, Scottish Presbyterians, and America was settled by Puritanical witch burning religious whackos thrown out of Europe because no one could stand them, that drives both our masochistic cultures to punish and punish and punish regardless of the outcomes.

US boot camp staff charged in teen’s death
MIAMI - Eight former staff members of a Florida juvenile boot camp have been charged with manslaughter in the death of a 14-year-old boy whose beating by guards was captured on videotape, prosecutors said today.

Seven guards and a nurse were charged on Monday in the death of Martin Lee Anderson nearly 11 months ago at the Bay County boot camp in Panama City, which was later shut down.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who was accused of a cover-up by Anderson’s parents last week, welcomed the long-awaited results of an investigation by a special prosecutor he appointed, and said he hoped "justice will be served" in the Anderson case.

"We also hope that when the process is completed, Martin Lee Anderson’s family will have the answers to the questions they legitimately have," Bush said.

Anderson, arrested for joyriding in his grandmother’s car, collapsed during an exercise drill on January 5, a few hours after he arrived at the detention centre for young offenders. He died at a hospital the next day.

A medical examiner initially ruled that he died of natural causes, a decision that sparked outrage from the boy’s parents and Florida politicians after publication of the videotape, which showed uniformed guards surrounding him, with some holding him against a tree while others appeared to hit him.


At 29/11/06 11:08 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Thats terrible! They should have given the Ashley family a call, that woulda sorted their kid right out!

At 30/11/06 10:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your blog profile is empty.
Apparently, you have nothing to say.
On reading your comments, I understand why.

Best to be thought a fool and say nothing, than to speak out loud and remove all doubt.

At 30/11/06 12:04 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Anon, do you have any opinions? At all? Or do you waste your life hiding behinf an anon profile and crying about everyone elses posts? If I had defended the ashleys I can bet you would have attacked them. get a life man!

At 30/11/06 2:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"snigie" accuses "anon" of hiding behind a name.

Oh the irony.

At 30/11/06 6:55 pm, Blogger snigie said...

There we go again, nothing but crying about someone else or what their opinion is. Does'nt your mum monitor your internet time?

At 1/12/06 6:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do you have an opinion?
On you blog you have not made one single entry.
When are you going to start blogging.

At present all you do is react.

At 1/12/06 8:50 am, Blogger snigie said...

Again, crying about someone else. We're really going to have to have a word to your mum....

At 1/12/06 10:58 am, Blogger snigie said...

Do you check my profile daily to see if I have started a blog so you can jump all over it and feel justified that somehow you've won something? How very sad.

At 1/12/06 11:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, took me two seconds yesterday.

I did notice this morning that you had filled out your profile.

Now why was that, surely not for my benefit?

And a quick two second glance at your blog page just now shows me you still have nothing to say.

I guess you want to be seen, rather than heard, huh, snigie.

At 1/12/06 12:00 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Damn trolls...get a job, get a mrs, get an opinion, get something to stop you from hunting down peoples replys and crying about them.

At 1/12/06 2:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, I need to tell you all the truth. I am Helen Clarks love slave and she has had me locked in his/her basement for 3 years now. I have trouble doing anything other than writing pointless and hateful things about others. My life revolves around checking peoples profiles for exciting things, spelling ‘bomber’ as ‘boomer’ and letting Helen have her way with me. Its not much I know, but it helps me to get by and I apologise to everyone whose time I waste. I’m so sorry. Just please don’t let Benson-pope know I’m down here for the love of God…...

At 2/12/06 8:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still nothing on your blog snigie.
Are you stuck on a topic?

How about,
"why do some people need a platform, when they have nothing to say"

This is finally a subject you have some experience in.

btw, I love the anon piece you posted. See it is easy when you write about something you know.

At 2/12/06 12:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, what now! You like that! God it felt goood to write that! I got a little piece of myself out there!

I woke up this morning and once again realised that I still had no friends and the only way people would want to communicate with me would be to try and piss them off. I feel so much better now, but I have to go people, I have profiles to check and people to annoy so Ill be back later. Thank God its the weekend and Helen will hopefully be relaxed, nothing worse than when he/shes had a rough day and decides to take it out on me... Anyway, check out this next piece, it took me 2 hours to think up and is once again as pointless as the rest! Im my own hero!

At 3/12/06 8:58 am, Anonymous Snigie's mum said...

Wow, snigie has become anon.

Don't hide behind an alias snigie, use your real name, snigie.

Have I pissed you off snigie.
Haha, too easy.

Still haven't posted anything on your blog snig.
Tell you what, every time I see you post, I will remind you of this.

Btw, reading the subtext of your last post.
Do you like having control of women?
Don't like woman wearing the pants in your relationship?

At 3/12/06 1:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you smell too! God that makes me feel cool! I love writing shit that dosnt make any sense about woman and relationships and anything that hopefully will annoy someone for no reason! Did you see how I sneakily dropped in a reason to check profiles now! Awesome! Well, the life of a troll is never done so Ill get around to posting something just as boring ASAP, not like I have a life or anything...

At 3/12/06 7:40 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Sorry if that kills your buzz...

At 4/12/06 6:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taken your profile down I notice snigie.

Scared of a bit of internet bantering.
Or an admission that you really have nothing to say.

Either way, you look like a fool.

At 4/12/06 7:04 pm, Blogger snigie said...

As above....

At 5/12/06 3:17 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Could anon please stop flirting with snigie? Or find a room - personally I think creating a profile so people can identify your commenst is all that is needed here isn't it - and I find Anonymous posters who bitch from the sidelines much cheaper than creating different profiles, the arguements stand on their own feet, where as personalised bitching is a wee bit tedious

At 5/12/06 7:40 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Thanks dude, it gets tedious when the arguments against you are not for their beliefs but merely to get a reaction and piss you off for no reason at all.

At 6/12/06 7:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What argument?
You don't have an opinion, you have a kneejerk reaction, big difference.

Still no blog profile, or opinion.

Bomber, "snigie" is a glorified version of "anon".

Btw, if you don't like people being free to choose anon, change the software you use.
Otherwise, I have a choice, and I am using it.

At 6/12/06 2:47 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Go find another site to bother son

At 6/12/06 3:44 pm, Blogger bomber said...

You'd hope that people would have the balls to post under an indetifiable name so you could reply to the ideas in their post all on their own without needing me to change software, i'm not attacking your right to post anonymously, I'm just attacking you for making that choice

At 7/12/06 1:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i'm not attacking your right to post anonymously, I'm just attacking you for making that choice"

How is snigie identifiable Bomber?
Go to his blog, oh you can't, he has blocked it.
That makes him as anonymous as this post, and you know it.

As for your above comment, paraphrased as "I am not attacking you for making a choice, I am attacking you for making the WRONG choice."


Personally I would argue the facts presented, as opposed to attacking the person making the comments.

My bitch with snigie comes from his attitude towards the Ashley family. My comments were based on experience; I have a four year old autistic boy. I also have a nephew with ADHD.

Snigie's comments were strictly kneejerk reactions from a person who probably bullied special needs children at school.

If you want to Bomber, I can email you and we can meet and you can spend half a day with my son and see just how bloody hard it is.

You will see I am real, not at all anonymous.

But I don't need to put my name to my post for it to be validated, that is my choice. Please respect my choice.

As I said, debate what people say, not wether they have put a name to a post.

At 7/12/06 7:34 pm, Blogger snigie said...

It had to be turned off after there were too many hits on it from you checking it every five minutes!
First off I got bullied at school not the other way round, and second I am from a family of 4 ADHD kids so lets not get a martyer about it, your argument is that putting a kid in jail was an excellent option and anything anyone else says is wrong, warranting you to waste your pathetic life searching out the posters and crying about anything they write regardless of what it is.
Grow some balls, put a name to your posts so people can identify at least that they are dealing with the same person. but no, you wont, youll moan about how someone else hasnt got any details blah blah blah(glasshouses!) and continue to be a troll, winding people up because you havnt got anything better to do. Find another site.

At 8/12/06 7:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck, and so snigie backs up his bullshit with a blatant lie.


Snigie, I commented on the irony of you, calling me gutless for being anonymous.

So. What is your real name bub?
Come on, put up your real name, otherwise you are as anonymous as this post.

This point keeps going over your head.

At 8/12/06 10:15 am, Blogger snigie said...

Whats yours? Dont be throwing stones in glasshouses. And yes Im one of 4 ritilan kids.(our parents are what they call 'real parents', you know, ones that dont put their kids in jail-you should look it up, they might do courses)


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