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Friday, November 24, 2006

The reality behind Don’s resignation.

Richard Griffin is a smart cat. Having been the media advisor to Governments, and advisor to a Prime Minister himself, Richard is connected, brilliant and Mr Conservative (that’s Conservative with a capital C).

I have a theory about Brash and his sudden resignation, and it is that this time, Nicky Hager has got the goodies. I’ve always admired Hagar as someone doing research right out on the fringes. His difficulty is that he probes in secret places where evidence is hard to come by and ridicule is his usual reward. This time however, it looks like he has hit the goldmine. There are damagingly honest insights into the thinking of the Right and it will cause a nuclear explosion in the media and with the NZ public once it is released. Don did the only thing he could do with the injunction, buy himself some time and fall onto his own sword – there is real panic in the National Party, you can sense it.

That was my theory, and I wanted to put it to the test with an interview I had on Radio New Zealand yesterday with Richard Griffin. Listen to the interview and hear how bad Richard thinks the information in the book is – he has read the book and knows what is about to come out will be immensely damaging. Richard is no liberal commentator, he is a blue blooded made man, if he is making this call – it means something.

Radio New Zealand Interview


At 24/11/06 9:45 am, Blogger Mark said...

Brash had decided to go way before Hager's book came to light.

At 24/11/06 9:55 am, Blogger bomber said...

MARK! Did you even listen to the interview? You obviously haven't, how could you post that if you havn't even listened to the interview?

At 24/11/06 10:02 am, Anonymous Pablo said...

Mark if you believe that I have a rock that keepas away bears that is yours for a reasonable price.

At 24/11/06 10:46 am, Blogger Mark said...

That's what Brash said on National Radio this morning.

At 24/11/06 10:47 am, Blogger sagenz said...

“When it was my turn,” continues the former student who'd refused to jump the vault, “I was brought into the hall. I was bent over and caned once over my trousers by Benson-Pope. I pleaded not to be caned again but was struck once more with the cane.
“I remember Benson-Pope laughing while he caned me, and that's what got me the most. When I got home I realized I had blood on my bum.”

So when Benson-Pope accused Investigate of publishing ridiculous nonsense, he omitted to tell Close Up that the allegations actually came from within the official police file.
“Are you a bully?,” Mark Sainsbury asked Benson-Pope on TV.
“I don’t believe so.”
“Are you a liar?”
“Certainly not!”
The responses to those first two questions from Sainsbury were instantaneous. But the next question appeared to give Benson-Pope something to think about, and if you study his response carefully you’ll see he actually did not answer the question directly.

“Are you a pervert?”
(four seconds of silence, so questioner moves to fill the pregnant pause)

Does anybody really think it is about consenting adults?

At 24/11/06 10:54 am, Blogger Tom Joad said...

what has that got to do with anything?

At 24/11/06 10:55 am, Anonymous Pablo said...

Nice obfuscation Sage. Nice.

At 24/11/06 10:59 am, Anonymous Pablo said...

Mark, to quote Christine Keeler (or was it the other one) , he would say that, wouldn't he?

Maybe I'm just to cynical about Honest Don or pollies in general (hey, I voted for Tony Blair, once)

At 24/11/06 11:02 am, Blogger bomber said...

Yeah - I'm trying to work out that connection as well - are you implying that a gay man can never teach boys? Or a Lesbian can't teach girls - is that where you are going with this?

At 24/11/06 12:10 pm, Anonymous woppo said...

"Mark, to quote Christine Keeler (or was it the other one) , he would say that, wouldn't he?"

Not Keeler. Mandy Rice-Davies.

So that awful Mr. Benson-pope taught Sagenz. And after all these years the poor boy still has his head wedged up his arse.
It wasn't B-Pope's doing? Ian Wishart did it, sometime in the last 36 hours? No worries, then, it'll pop out eventually into the cold hard light of reality, all by itself.


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