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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gone by lunchtime?

Will Don be gone by lunchtime? And don't you love the spin? It's not what will be revealed in the book that will destroy Brash, 'it's the way he has handled it' - nonesense! But effective to get everyone focused away from the allegations, and and attack Nicky Hagar as well.

Brash gaffe 'likely to cost him leadership'
Don Brash's former chief of staff reckons the National leader's latest gaffe is likely to cost him the leadership, saying he was already on borrowed time.

Richard Long, who was Dr Brash's chief of staff until the end of last year, last night told TV One's Close Up that Dr Brash's decision to try to injunct the Nicky Hager book The Hollow Men was a serious mistake, which would not be easily forgiven by his caucus.

It had given the book a "huge swag of publicity" and would now become a best-seller, "10 times larger than if he hadn't done that".

National was ahead in the polls and "you never roll a leader while National is ahead in the polls."

But the Herald poll of Aucklanders published yesterday showing John Key only 1.4 points behind Dr Brash in the preferred Prime Minister stakes "gives them the excuse they need, really", said Mr Long.

"I would still let this thing roll out, the aftermath of this [the book's revelations]. I would wait until all that comes out and do it [challenge Dr Brash's leadership] after Christmas.

"I think he was on borrowed time anyway because of previous gaffes and this one is just going to look so bad. He's done so much damage in terms of promoting a book, they're not really going to forgive him for it easily."

The details of the book, promising to expose deception and lies at top levels of the National Party, may be unveiled as early as today.


At 23/11/06 10:49 am, Anonymous TJ said...

Hey Bomber are you going to post on David Benson Pope aka "The Cheif Whip"and his alleged member ship of an S & M group "The Southern Kinks".

Interesting when you consider the allegations involving pain and humiliation with children in his care isn't it...

At 23/11/06 1:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gone at Lunchtime!


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