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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don is a liar!

Don Brash is a LIAR! He still continues to suggest that he had limited contact with the Exclusive Brethren and that such contact was in August last year, when The Hollow Men clearly shows that not only was Don aware of the campaign, he was getting updates and National were checking the pamphlets before they were printed!!!! AND NOW Hager releases e-mails showing that Don not only saw the May 2005 e-mail, he responded to e-mails regarding the May 2005 e-mail. Don must stand down as an MP, he has no credibility left, but as Journalists start reading deeper into Hager’s book, there will be more heat.

Brash denies seeing May email despite release
Former National leader Don Brash says he cannot remember a May 2005 email with an attachment spelling out the Exclusive Brethren's plans for an election flyer campaign, despite new evidence suggesting he received it.

Dr Brash has previously denied ever receiving or seeing the May 24 email sent by Brethren member Ron Hickmott, outlining church members' plans for a $1 million campaign aimed at building "trust" in National and "mistrust" in the Government.

Dr Brash has repeatedly said the first he knew of the Brethren's pamphlet campaign was in August last year.

The May 24 email was revealed in Nicky Hager's book The Hollow Men, but Dr Brash has since said it was either "fiction" or it went to an indirect email address and was cleared by staff.

However, Hager today released emails, not printed in the book, suggesting otherwise.

They appear to show the original email - marked high importance and referring to the attached letter - went to Dr Brash's "Don.Brash@National.org.nz" email address.

It was apparently cleared by Dr Brash's aide Bryan Sinclair, who forwarded it to the leader with the comment: "From the Brethren. I usually avoid tangling you up with this, but this is worth reading as it looks like $$ are involved here".

The documents show Dr Brash replying later that day.

"Thanks Bryan. Yes our friends from the Brethren bailed me up at breakfast this morning. I have forwarded this for reaction from Steven (Joyce, National's campaign manager). Don".

The documents show Mr Hickmott sent his email at 2.15pm. It was forwarded to Dr Brash's work email at 4.13pm by Mr Sinclair and Dr Brash acknowledged receiving it at 6.49pm.

But Dr Brash today said he had no memory of the email, which led him to believe he had never opened the attached letter.


At 30/11/06 7:02 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

I think it's a good idea that Brash stay in the National Caucus as an MP. That way he remains under public scrutiny along with the rest of the "Exclusive National's".
Other reasoning that he stay is tied to keeping NZ'ers awake and un-lulled by feather smoothing talk from John Key.
I have always contended that you "Don't take your eyes off a poisonous Snake". Labour is in the momentary limelight, so the public eye can at least continue to keep up with the play, and that's why keeping Brash in the public eye makes perfect sense and will be a vote - block against a National Government takeover. After-all, would you vote for a party stupid enough to keep Brash in an MP's seat. I think we all know now who he would be representing, wouldn't we?
It might be a good idea now for a shakeup in the Labour Party to wake the rest of the our sleeping monkey's as to the Politik of the new millenium and remind them that the country's interest comes FIRST, and that IS the reason they are sitting in Parliament!

At 30/11/06 7:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hager is a sensationalist who twists any documentation to 'fit' his so called journalism. it would be apt to rename 'cut and paste' as hagering. he is a toss.

At 30/11/06 10:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" he is a toss" . . .

As in tossed Brash clear out of the public arena. Don't you just wish that your impotent whining had a fraction of the impact of Hager's work.

At 1/12/06 11:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't agree with Hager's politics but I have no problem with him posting the truth, I voted National and am pissed off with Brash, he is a liar and I'm glad he's gone, unfortunate as he would have been an able Fianance Minister but so be it.

Will hopefully keep National's nose a bit cleaner when it comes to election funding next time around, as for the Exclusive Bretheren, I wish they'd just f off and keep their nose out of politics, its not wanted!

At 5/12/06 3:33 pm, Blogger bomber said...

I agree Anon - people on the right wing are just as Principled as those on the left and when your political party acts unethically it cuts to the bone those principles. As Richard Griffin said in an interview (which apparently was impotent whining now – please other Anon you are getting bitter now) I had with him on Radio NZ, things in Hager’s book would make some National Party supporters voting Labour.


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