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Thursday, November 23, 2006


National leader Don Brash resigns

1.05pm Thursday November 23, 2006

Don Brash has just resigned as leader of the National Party.

He had called a press conference at 1pm after mounting revelations about his leadership in a book by researcher Nicky Hager.

Dr Brash made his announcement to a press conference called at short notice.

Ongoing speculation about his leadership was damaging National Party and its election prospects, he said.

His resignation would take effect from a special caucus meeting on Monday, he said.

He wasn't gone by lunchtime, he was gone at lunchtime


At 23/11/06 1:36 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Good move. It'll take the wind out of Hager's sails and render his book pointless.

At 23/11/06 2:03 pm, Anonymous red said...

maybe the point of the book was to get rid of brash.

If that is the case it's done the job without ever being published

At 23/11/06 2:12 pm, Blogger Russell Brown said...

Good move. It'll take the wind out of Hager's sails and render his book pointless.

From what I've been told about its contents, no, it's not over.

At 23/11/06 2:18 pm, Blogger bomber said...

I agree, there is something in the book that is bloody big for Don to resign - he wouldn't have left if he didn't think he could survive it - there is a lot more blood to come.

At 23/11/06 2:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Mr Brown on that one. It will be very interesting to see who is raised to the next National sacrificial alter...

At 23/11/06 3:11 pm, Blogger Seamonkey Madness said...

With Hagar trumpeting on about how it is in the publics best interest to see the contents of Don Brash's emails, one wonders why Helen hasn't been as forthcoming in handing over her private emails?

Because we all know, she has got a lot more to hide and conversely, a lot more to lose.

Thoughts Mr. Bradbury?

At 23/11/06 3:59 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Good. I don't know anything about the book, but Brash was a gimp, who said some stupid things.

John Key seems to have some things going for him...a success in the business world at a young age. Keep an eye on him.

At 23/11/06 4:47 pm, Blogger Tom Joad said...

seamonkey you're an amateur.

Do you know how Hager got those emails? he called it 'whistleblowing' from a concerned member of the National Party. Perhaps if there are people concerned in a similar sense within Labour, given that Helen has 'so much to hide' we can look forward to similar actions shortly.

Or maybe you're just full of shit.

It must be hard to be an ACT/National supporter in this country. One leader is a pimping amateur, not a leader but an excellent economist apparently, and the other is a dancing, swimming Woman's Day Celebrity with extreme ideals and no support. Helen, on the other hand, is a world class politician. Must really rip your undies.

At 23/11/06 5:21 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Helen Clark may be a world class politician, but as a person she commands little respect and is so completely out of touch with NZers she honestly believes she can be as arrogant as she is without any consequences whatsoever. Brash is a gentleman, Clark is an ogre.
Being a student doesn't mean you HAVE to be a left winger Tom. It's not compulsory, and when you join the real world out of your cloistered little lecture theatres, you'll realise that.

At 23/11/06 5:47 pm, Blogger Msth8d said...

wheres your Orewa speech now you git, fuck off, you divided, yet you failed to conqueur. go cry to the Brethren.

At 23/11/06 10:56 pm, Blogger Seamonkey Madness said...


I try to refrain from expletives, but everyone below Helen - bar H2 - are shit scared of her.

Leaders should be respected and not feared. I don't think it can happen from either side of the house at the moment, but perhaps Mr. Key can find a niche in years to come. On the left, after Helen, who else is there in the Labour Party to take the reins?

I'm not really a supporter of either party Tom, but if I was made to choose, I would say National. I oppose Labour, not because they are merely the opposition, but because what they stand for has not represented what is in the interest of the average, hard-working, entreprenurial kiwi for a long time.

At 24/11/06 8:29 am, Blogger Tom Joad said...

'Brash is a gentleman, Clark is an ogre. '

Brash has cheated on two partners. He is hardly a gentleman.

'but everyone below Helen - bar H2 -are shit scared of her.'

Pure speculation. Show me some emails :P

'Being a student doesn't mean you HAVE to be a left winger Tom.'

Dont patronise me you dipshit. Who says I'm a student?

Being 'left wing' is something to be proud of. Its, unfortunately for your argument, a position born of experience in the 'real world' (whatever that may be in your humble definition.)

Blow me.

At 24/11/06 9:01 am, Blogger Seamonkey Madness said...

Tom Joad said:
"Who says I'm a student?"

Tom Joad's profile says:
"Industry: Student"

And yes, blogger profiles aren't the be all and end all of judging someone, but for god's sake Tom, lighten up!

At 24/11/06 9:48 am, Blogger Mark said...

Err, in your blogger profile Tom. Frankly, I can think of other things to be proud of than being a left winger who reguritates Indie Media articles. And don't call me a dipshit you wanker.

At 24/11/06 10:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodbye to Don Brash and hello to John Keys.

If you think you can do better in the next election National try Political Correctness of Government Departments?

Labour sucks and Act, New Zealand First and the Greens cant even get it right.

Maybe we should incorporate the smaller parties and enlist Aotearoa Legalise Cannibis Party to give us a stoners' view of where they see New Zealand in 3 years time. "Definately Up in Smoke"!

At 24/11/06 11:00 am, Blogger Tom Joad said...

'I can think of other things to be proud of than being a left winger who reguritates Indie Media articles.'

The insinuation you make is that I am left wing BECAUSE I am a student, and perhaps I am incapable of thinking for myself. the point I am making is I am left wing, and proud, and coincidentally I used to be a student. Im not too sure what your issue is with any of that, but theres need to be patronising about it, it has nothing to do with my reasoning. Whats more, the articles, most of them, are my thoughts and musings, or actually printed articles written by me.

Im sure you too can think of other things to be proud of. Im telling you I'm proud to be those things. Get over it.

At 24/11/06 2:15 pm, Blogger Tom Joad said...

just had a doubel check, and the most interesting stuff ive blogged has nothing to do with so called 'indie media.'


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