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Friday, October 27, 2006

Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan

Can someone remind me when was the last time someone invaded Afghanistan and won? And how does killing civilians help in winning over the local population and is it time to think of pulling out? Remember when the Taliban said they would hand over Bin Laden if the Americans showed them evidence of his involvement? I wonder what would have happened if American fury hadn’t clouded their judgment and had negotiated with the Taliban instead of invade?

Dozens of Afghans killed in Nato raids
At least 50 civilians were killed in Nato bombings in southern Afghanistan earlier this week, according to local government officials and witnesses.
Nato admitted that it had received credible reports that several civilians were killed in Panjwai but insisted that 48 Taliban fighters had died during the heavy fighting.

The operation had targeted Taliban who were attacking aid deliveries and reconstruction projects in the area, Major Luke Knittig, an International Security Force (Isaf) spokesman, said. Troops used "precision strikes" against Taliban, he added.

"Very sadly, civilians continue to get caught up in these engagements with tragic results," Knittig said.

After visiting the wounded in hospital, Naik Mohammad, a tribal elder, said that 60 civilians had died in the incident on Tuesday. Villagers also put the death toll at 60 died while a member of the Kandahar provincial assembly said that 80 had been killed.


At 27/10/06 2:09 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Alexander the Great.

At 27/10/06 3:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alexander never conquered the area that is now called Afghanistan. No one really has. He went in with confidence, thinking it'll be a sweet deal.A fter numerous battles, he realised how brutal opponents the tribes were. Everytime he won a battle, they'd retreat into the mountains and reform. At the end, Alexander decided the only thing he needed from the area was open lines of communication to India which he could only achieve through marrying the most notorious warlord's daughter. He did so, afrer learning a bloody lesson that due to the geographical area, and the merciless rage of the tribal people- it could not be conquered. He declared victory anyway after the marriage and left. Something the Brits and now the Yanks have forgotten.



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