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Friday, October 27, 2006

When in doubt, bash a beneficiary

You have the lowest unemployment rate in 25 years, you are being seen as PC fags by the population, your popularity is sagging, you need to do something symbolic to look tough, you’ve already suggested increasing the drinking age to 20 – what can you do? Bash beneficiaries of course! Even the old ones Bomber? Yes – especially the old ones!

Job search compulsory for welfare beneficiaries
Unemployed people will be required to undertake a job search programme if they want to claim a benefit, under changes to the welfare system.

Social Development and Employment Minister David Benson-Pope yesterday announced the shake-up, saying the expectations being placed on beneficiaries were reasonable.

"It's not a stick approach."

Those aged over 60 and their partners aged over 55 will be work tested.


At 27/10/06 12:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems like a smart idea..maybe if chris kahui had had to get off his ass and get a job he would have been a different person and acted differently? whats wrong with getting bludgers off their backsides so they stop being a drain on the workers? and yes bomber, the old and unwell will front up to the office, gain immunity and carry on. seems a small inconvenience to get bums working

At 27/10/06 12:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should let people claim benefits for as long as they like.

How cruel to get them out of bed before they are ready, my god some of them may not be able to get to their cash jobs or the pub.

Gee has this idiot ever met or tried to work with long-term beneficiaries,
Get a job at WINZ or go out and offer work to these people and see what happens.

The sadist thing is, those who can, will be banging out more kids to stop themselves being work tested.

Surely if these hopeless losers keep having kids they can/will not provide for they have to be taken away.

The murdered twins should have been taken away at birth and adopted, there are thousand of good families who would have given them a good life but people would rather let people be murdered than face reality – the self serving do-gooders are as guilty as the murderers, they should be ashamed but they love themselves so much they don’t see how responsibly they are.

Go to the coal face then talk – I know you think you know it all are you to scared to check.

At 27/10/06 2:12 pm, Anonymous deano said...

People on the unemployment benefit have to actively search for work? How ridiculous! Let them smoke dope on the couch!


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