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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The United States of Torture

“Duh, we don’t do’s da torture here” said President Bush. Don’t you love how drowning a man isn’t considered torture? Hahahaha, here’s more from the touring comedy show that is Amerikan justification for torture.

Bush enters Cheney 'torture row'
US President George Bush has reiterated his position that the US administration does not condone torture, following comments by Vice-President Dick Cheney.
In an interview, Mr Cheney agreed that "a dunk in the water" for terrorism suspects during questioning in order to save American lives was a "no-brainer". His comments have provoked outrage from anti-torture and human rights groups.

When asked about the remark, President Bush said that the United States does not use torture and was not going to.

Mr Cheney is assumed by human rights groups to have been referring to "water boarding" - a technique in which suspects are made to think that they are drowning.

President Bush did not comment on particular techniques.


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