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Friday, October 27, 2006

The United Gates of Amerika

Under pressure to try and do something to win back conservative support, Bush has signed up to militarize the Mexican border by proxy. This idea first surfaced a month after Subcomandante Marcos threatened action similar to the Zapatista uprising in the 90s, just before the right wing ‘won’ the Mexican election. I wonder if the American’s see it as a border or the new frontline of terrorism.

Bush approves 1000km of fence on Mexico border
WASHINGTON - President Bush has signed election-year legislation to build 1126km of fencing along the US-Mexican border to combat illegal immigration, prompting a strong protest from Mexico.

Republicans hoped the legislation would give them a boost as they try to head off a strong Democratic attempt to take control of the US Congress in November 7 elections.

"We have a responsibility to secure our borders. We take this responsibility seriously," Bush said in a signing ceremony at the White House.

But Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon said in Ottawa after meeting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he deplored the move because "the fence doesn't resolve anything" and will cause more Mexican deaths on the border.

"Humanity committed a grave mistake in building the Berlin Wall. I'm sure that the United States is committing a grave mistake in building this fence," Calderon said.


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