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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The problem for John Key

Key has the numbers - if not the timing
National party leadership hopeful John Key is believed to be backed by at least half the caucus - but questions are being raised over whether he has the killer instinct to topple leader Don Brash.
A senior MP said Key's failure to mount a leadership bid, despite the support of between 24 and 30 MPs - from a 48-strong caucus - was raising questions over his political instincts.

Each time Key had seemed to gain momentum for a challenge, his plans appeared to have stalled, the MP said.

Helen Clark always said that NZ is Conservative with a little c, but I also think we are Racist with a little r. The problem for John Key is that Don Brash has activated a deep racist itch within white NZ that has toppled the ’understanding’ all Political Parties had adopted in terms of race relations in this country (ironically cemented in place by National’s Doug Graham). Don has opened an ugly side of NZ and it has in turn gifted National with the type of Poll numbers which only excite and agitate grass root sentiments. John Key and the other ‘new national blood’ feel uncomfortable with Don’s rhetoric and want to find ways to work with Maori, not dictate terms to them. Sadly though there is a chunk of National’s vote who have been tickled red around their neck by Don’s garden variety talkback bigotry and anything short of ‘puttin’ Maaaari in their place’ is not going to be acceptable to National’s older B&F (Businessmen and Farmer) base vote. Don has set the expectations by appealing to the lowest parts of our personality, John Key doesn’t share those views but has to live with the expectations – better Don crucifies himself with his next cock up and sink those expectations rather than take the top job and be forced to play to them when National desperately need the center ground to win the next election.

You can’t cocktease redneck NZ and not expect them to want a wank and ole’ fashioned Don is one to dance with the date who brings him.


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