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Monday, October 30, 2006


It’s all so obvious

I might have mentioned this before, but the most logical choice for a leader to unify Iraq – that can save it from armed religious fanatics – is Saddam Hussein. The US may be left with little choice as bad turns to worse. Why do you think he’s still under US guard.

At some point Rumsfeld is going to have to ask his old mate for help – and pray he’s in a forgiving mood. It’s the only option left. Yes his crimes against humanity were terrible as his trial continues to show, but isn’t a failed state, a hotbed of terrorism, Al Qaeda’s new base, isn’t that all much worse? The only person with a proven secular track record, with solid anti-Iran credentials, with Sunni credibility and experience using the state apparatus to effectively control subversive elements is…Saddam.

He’s a son of a bitch, but he could be their son of a bitch (again!)

What other option is there? More US troops as the unpalatable meat in a civil war sandwich? A death toll creeping up to 4000 by the end of Bush’s term, 5000? They could put Saddam back in with a US place guard inside the “Green Zone” and start blaming him for all the terror they had previously been unleashing – they would stop leveling the Sunni towns and start on the Shiites Iranian-backed terrorist strongholds. As long as the US gets the oil, reduces it’s casualty rate and has a bulwark against Iran, who really cares about democracy? So, how to get Saddam in – coup or byelection? What’s the CIA scenario? “I mean, fuck it, Condi, giving independence to Kurdistan will put the shits up Iran, Saddam can have the rest of Iraq and take the blame for the price of our oil – it’s win-win.”

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At 30/10/06 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo Tim,

that's pretty interesting... I always thought that removing Saddam was a dumb move too. Saddam was the secular guy in the centre of the middle east.

I doubt he'd be very good for the place now though.. because he's undoubtedly been through the mill wheel of anti-psychotic or psychotropic drugs during his captivity. Can't you see it in his eyes?

At 30/10/06 5:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one. I can just imagine GWB attempting to explain away the reinstatement of Saddam to reporters. Or maybe the Democrats will do it when they get in. Yeah, sure they will.

No going back. No decent way out of the mess either. It might be time to pray for a miracle, were it not that all the praying up until now doesn't seem to have had much success. Or maybe the Iraqis are being punished for their sins? And the US soldiers too, of course...

- Nobody.

At 31/10/06 1:17 pm, Anonymous Adamski said...

You hit the nail right on the head, uncomfortable as it may be.

At 1/11/06 3:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't forget the americans murdered his sons in their palace when they invaded the joint..

poor man..
there's something really malignantly evil about what's been done there; for democracy? or for petrol???

At 3/11/06 8:19 am, Anonymous Jez Weston said...

See also, the War Nerd's Victory Plan.


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