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Thursday, October 26, 2006

CIA Blowback continues

Not content to accept that they fucked up in Somalia by backing the local warlords against the Islamic Courts Union (just because they are Islamic), the CIA have continued poisoning this wound by now backing Ethiopia to send troops into confront the Islamic Courts Union. The US have spent nearly $19 million worth of weapons shipments and ‘loans’ in 2005 and 2006 to Ethiopia, and it is scheduled to ship an estimated $10 million in 2007 which includes sales by the US-based Private Military Company (don’t you love the name?) in Virginia.

Somalis sign up to fight Ethiopia
The Islamic Courts Union in Somalia has begun recruiting thousands of people in response to alleged military action by neighbouring Ethiopia, amid fears of all-out war across the country.
A day after claiming to have captured an Ethiopian military officer in fierce weekend battles with a militia allied to Somalia's weak government, the union on Wednesday said at least 3,000 people had enlisted for combat.

Not content to leave the situation after such a cock up by backing the Somalian warlords, America wants to support a regional war.

That will teach those terrorists!


At 26/10/06 4:37 pm, Anonymous Tafari said...

If Somalia tries to attack Ethiopia, they will get squashed like bugs...

At 26/10/06 5:28 pm, Anonymous mohammed aaiid said...

Tafari, our spears are sharper than your spears! And our qat is tastier than your qat! Our soldiers are older too, average age 12. We will crush you!

At 26/10/06 5:44 pm, Anonymous tafari said...

But our soldiers are stronger than ever...since the UN feeds us, we weigh 45 kgs on average now.
And we upgraded from spears to machetes last year.

At 26/10/06 11:03 pm, Anonymous Heat Seeker said...

How many spears do you get for $19Million ??


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