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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bush appointee shits on endangered species in favour of big business

Just when you didn’t think you could hate all that President Bush stands for anymore than you currently do, here is a story from the Washington Post about a Bush appointee who has refused to protect endangered species in favour of big business. Un-fucking-believable.

Bush Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species
A senior Bush political appointee at the Interior Department has rejected staff scientists' recommendations to protect imperiled animals and plants under the Endangered Species Act at least six times in the past three years, documents show.

In addition, staff complaints that their scientific findings were frequently overruled or disparaged at the behest of landowners or industry have led the agency's inspector general to look into the role of Julie MacDonald, who has been deputy assistant secretary of the interior for fish and wildlife and parks since 2004, in decisions on protecting endangered species.

The documents show that MacDonald has repeatedly refused to go along with staff reports concluding that species such as the white-tailed prairie dog and the Gunnison sage grouse are at risk of extinction. Career officials and scientists urged the department to identify the species as either threatened or endangered.

Overall, President Bush's appointees have added far fewer species to the protected list than did the administrations of either Bill Clinton or George H.W. Bush, according to the advocacy group Center for Biological Diversity. As of now, the administration has listed 56 species under the Endangered Species Act, for a rate of about 10 a year. Under Clinton, officials listed 512 species, or 64 a year, and under George H.W. Bush, the department listed 234, or 59 a year.

The dispute is the latest in a series of controversies in which government officials and outside scientists have accused the Bush administration of overriding or setting aside scientific findings that clashed with its political agenda on such issues as global warming, the Plan B emergency contraceptive and stem cell research.


At 31/10/06 5:39 pm, Blogger SamClemenz said...

Typical of the Bush Administration - if it's not good for big business it doesn't matter!

At 31/10/06 8:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . who is it again who contributes more to the advancement of the human race? Big business or the Gunnison sage grouse? Oh, that's right. I hope all you people who are opposed to big business are ejoying reading TUMEKE! On your IBM's and MAC's! I'll bet you all drive Toyotas or Fords and fly to your greenie conventions in 747s.

As a great man once said, if the spotted owl can't keep up, then screw it!

At 31/10/06 10:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of endangered species, two sites you link to (as did I) have mutated. 'Poster child of Mediocrity' now sells pharmaceuticals and Meta Analysis porn. I blame George W.


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