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Monday, October 30, 2006

Amerikan Justice

I loath the outright racism that is Amerikan Justice – and I love how Simon Power (breathlessly tipped to be the next National Party leader in 2100AD) wants to adopt their private prison system here in NZ should he ever get into power. Here is a delightful little documentary of how dem prisoners got treated in Hurricane Katrina – where innocent men have been locked in with the violent just because they were black.

>Prisoners of Katrina
A year after Hurricane Katrina, This World finds out what happened inside Orleans Parish Prison as panicked inmates, left without food or water, rioted and broke out.
"What about the prisoners in the jail?" the sheriff had been asked as city leaders ordered the people of New Orleans to flee the hurricane heading their way in August 2005.

"The prisoners will stay where they belong," he decided.

It was a decision he would later regret.

In the chaotic days that followed Hurricane Katrina, the image of thousands of orange-clad prisoners crouching on a broken bridge - held at gunpoint by a few overstretched guards - was an unforgettable image.

This is the untold story of almost 7,000 inmates - some murderers and rapists, but others never even charged - who found themselves trapped in the city jail as it flooded.

Olenka Frenkiel reports on a justice system already near to collapse, and on its final tipping point: Katrina.


At 30/10/06 4:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tough shit for the sentenced prisoners, tough shit for the not yet sentenced prisoners, and very hard luck for the innocents


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