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Friday, September 29, 2006

Rich lefty bribes and Exclusive Brethren splits

Here is the problem for Tariana – by coming out and alleging that a wealthy businessman tried to offer $250 000 for the Maori Party to cuddle up to Labour, she has in fact suggested someone tried to bribe her and that can’t be tolerated in a Democracy, so the pressure has to be for her to reveal who did that to the public.

The Maori Party's revelation that a wealthy donor offered it $250,000 to side with Labour has rebounded on the party, which is now under intense pressure to name the person involved. Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia yesterday gave fresh details of the alleged attempt to get her party to back Labour after the election. She told Radio New Zealand that the offer of money was made through an intermediary whom the party knew "very well". Labour Party president Mike Williams said today that the mystery would-be donor is not Owen Glenn, the ex-pat millionaire who has given donations to Labour.
NZ Herald

And just when it couldn’t get any more messy, those Exclusive Brethren pop up again, this time trying to split NZ First

It has been claimed the Exclusive Brethren tried to split New Zealand First in a bid to get National into power last year. New Zealand First MP Ron Mark says his party came under extreme pressure from the religious group immediately after the election. The church was seeking a National, New Zealand First, United Future, Maori Party coalition.
Mr Mark claims the Brethren asked him to convince Winston Peters to do a deal with National Party leader Don Brash. Failing that, he says the church wanted him and two or three of his colleagues to break away and do a deal with Dr Brash themselves. Mr Mark rejected the idea and was surprised Brethren members persisted with it for as long as they did. He said a group of Brethren members first approached him before the election to gauge NZ First's policies on moral issues such as homosexuality and prostitution.


At 29/9/06 12:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What becomes even more farcical is we've had both Mark and Turia develop selective (and extremely convenient) senior moments when asked whether these nefarious evil-doers had names.

Are they both making shit up, or tragically affected by early-onset Altxheimer's?

And someone needs to remind Mark that you hardly needed to be a sock puppet for National (or any other party) to be up on the coalition game, immediately after the election. Immediately after it became clear neither National nor Labour had a clear majority, the media seemed to be full of nothing but commentary, scenarios and speculation (much of which seemed sppokily accurate) for what seemed like an eternity.

At 3/10/06 7:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turia's motive was probably to attack Labour, but she's just ended up looking dodgy herself. Ooops.

At 5/10/06 2:44 pm, Blogger bomber said...

I agree, they seem to have been let off the hook very easily on that one


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