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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The only shock is his shock

How was Brian Connell ‘shocked’ by getting suspended from the National Party caucus? The guy gets publicly blamed for confronting Brash in caucus over his extra marital affair, he has a history of pissing everyone off and he ran foul of the last leader Bill English. Is Rakaia in some sort of different dimension where the outside world doesn’t actually intrude?

10 other things that might shock Brian

1: Your haircut is not cool
2: 2 + 2 = 4
3: Don Brash fucking hates you
4: The National Party fucking hates you
5: You are supposed to attack the people on the other side of the House when in Parliament
6: Getting suspended doesn’t mean you will now be on ‘Dancing with the stars’
7: Farmers don’t know everything
8: Beige jackets went out of style with your haircut
9: This doesn’t mean that Maurice Williamson is your new mate
10: Suspended isn’t something to put in your CV


At 27/9/06 9:50 am, Anonymous jon said...

taking a leaf out of Mr Clarkson's handbook and having a bit of an old fashioned unPC rant eh Bomber? ;o)

The whole affair and retribution seems a bit like crim's who hate the filth/police/pigs (call them what you will) for arresting them. If want to avoid getting arrested or avoid unwanted attention about your private life, then don't do the crime and don't have affairs behind your wife's back when you're the leader of a political party.

At 27/9/06 9:54 am, Blogger Mark said...

Connell is a dick and a dimwit. If he doesn't "get it" now, he will never get it. He is more of a shit than what Winston was in the early 90s. He almost has that wanky "Labourishness" about him. Maybe that's where he belongs.

At 27/9/06 9:55 am, Anonymous Tim S said...

Brian Connell is an idiot who will not be missed from the National Party. Neither will his unflattering and over inflated sense of his own self importance.

At 27/9/06 9:57 am, Blogger bomber said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 27/9/06 9:59 am, Blogger bomber said...

Um - what Jon? Dude get off the glass pipe - I don't even know what you are trying to say here - how is any of what you have posted relevant to the 'shock' Brian has at getting dumped - did you put this post on the wrong blog?

Oh and totally agree with Tim S and Mark - hey how did Brian get nominated after Jenny?

At 27/9/06 10:04 am, Anonymous Tim S said...

Who the hell would know?

At 27/9/06 10:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connell was selected after gaining the support of the Shipleys.

At 27/9/06 10:18 am, Blogger bomber said...

REALLY? Say what you like about Jenny (and I have said a lot of very evil shit about that woman) but she never struck me as an idiot - why put a clown like Brian in to carry your legacy?

At 27/9/06 10:39 am, Blogger JamesP said...

Actually his shock is no shock at all. It's part of a strategy to paint the suspension as an unreasonable overreaction. And that's a lot harder to do if you say to the press that you expect to be suspended, which is tantamount to saying that you deserve to be suspended.

At 27/9/06 1:46 pm, Anonymous jon said...

Glass pipe eh bomber....not my scene. Cheap shot bomber much like your rant telling Connell what you think of him. If you don't like personal attacks on politicians (and political muck raking), you should be able to see the hypocrisy in your actions. Attacking anyone because of their haircut or jacket (and I realise that you were likely to be attempting some form of humour) is pretty big of you.

I'm not surprised that Connell has been given the arsecard by the Nat's, but I am surprised that you missed the point of my comment...so I'll (patronisingly) spell it out.

Don really has no-one but himself to blame for having an affair or being outed about it.
Attack/discuss Connell for his politics, but cut the unimportant stuff (such as style, sexuality..etc) out.

At 27/9/06 2:19 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Sorry Jon - I didn't realise that was the bullshit point you were trying to make - should I put satire in a special font for you jon or is satire against politicians not allowed -(god forbid) on the internet - my 'don't get personal' shit is really directed at one another on this site - politicians are open season

At 27/9/06 4:25 pm, Anonymous jon said...

Hmmm open season...politicians and anyone who puts themselves into the spotlight, even media commentators & the like. People in glass houses...I wouldn't want that crap, so I'll attempt not to participate in that way.

Trash talk/ridicule when it suits you. Pass it off as humour if you must.

I see lots of talking the talk Bomber but when it comes down to it, I'm sadly not seeing much walking the walk. You advocate some pretty decent & fair positions on a variety of subjects, but not here.

Rather than descending into trading insults I think I'll just have to respect your right to hold an opinion.

At 27/9/06 11:41 pm, Blogger sagenz said...

bomber - you dont like his haircut but you probably missed the story that it is his personal protest at the leadership of Dr Brash. He wont cut it till there is a new leader. Isnt that just funny as shit.

At 28/9/06 6:50 pm, Blogger barvasfiend said...

I was at "the handover" when he took over from Shipley. My take on Ms Shipley was that she knew her limits and was therefore keen to rely on advisors - a prudent tactic with mixed results. I simply don't think she knew him that well. For the record, I don't think he was ever a farmer, I remember something about him being a teacher/ HR person. Which explains the haircut. Never underestimate how conservative the Rakaia electorate is - the 'handover do' was a tartan/gernsey sensible gold jewellery extravaganza, complete with scones and asparagus rolls and complaints about how they never had weather like this under a National Gummint.

At 5/10/06 12:19 pm, Blogger bomber said...

God I laughed that this clown was not going to cut his hair as a protest - where the hell did National find him?


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