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Monday, September 25, 2006

Now THIS is the reason Don Brash is unfit to be in Politics

Dear Aunty Helen said that Don was a cancerous and corrosive influence in NZ politics. I agree wholeheartedly, I don’t care who he has sex with outside his marriage, I think such politics are disgraceful – BUT IT IS what Don believes that should penalise him from the top job. He and his VERY white, privileged view of the world has given voice and respectability to garden variety bigotry and racism. Let’s put the ‘Maaaaari get too much’, the ‘Poor should be forced to adopt their children out to rich people’ the ‘scrap the dole and force everyone to wait outside the Post Office for work’ and of course his wanting us in Iraq – let’s put all that aside and just have a look at two of the things he has said over the weekend.

Brash on Maaaaaris
Maori are a diluted race who have intermarried until "few, if any" remain full-blooded, says National leader Don Brash. He says Maori are different from other indigenous people around the world and also labelled judges as "out of touch" with the rest of New Zealand over their left-wing views on the Treaty of Waitangi.
Brash's comments came in a week when Prime Minister Helen Clark labelled him "cancerous", partly over the race-relations debate he sparked in 2004 over his first Orewa address as party leader.
Brash was asked by the Herald on Sunday to comment on a speech by High Court judge David Baragwanath to the Law Commission last month which raised the possibility that Maori might need separate legal treatment and highlighted the lack of Maori in the legal profession.
Brash said the judge's approach put him "totally at odds with my view of the way New Zealand should proceed".
"He continues to talk as if the Maori remain a distinct indigenous people. There are clearly many NZers who do see themselves as distinctly and distinctively Maori - but it is also clear there are few, if any, fully Maori left here. There has been a lot of intermarriage and that has been welcome."
Brash said Baragwanath's speech would reinforce the opinion held of the judiciary. Asked if that meant they were out of touch, he said: "Yeah, that's probably fair comment."
Brash also said that nothing should be read into the few Maori at law school. "Non-Maori are under-represented in the All Blacks. It doesn't mean the Treaty failed."

Brash on ‘Muslim Terrorists’
A New Zealand Islamic leader says National Party leader Don Brash has upset many Muslims with a suggestion that some of their co-religionists he meets are "possibly" terrorists.
On TV One's Agenda programme, Dr Brash, asked if he intended to continue meeting representatives of the Exclusive Brethren, asked rhetorically if he was going to rule out meeting anybody.
"Look, we're talking about hate speech here," Dr Brash said. "Do I meet with Muslims? Yes. Are some of them terrorists? Possibly. I'm not going to stop myself meeting with any group who wants to talk with me as leader of the National Party."

Javed Khan, president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, said it was quite possible that anyone Dr Brash met could be a terrorist.
"If you don't have any foundation for saying something, this is very much speculation on the part of Don Brash. He being the Leader of the Opposition, making this kind of comment is not very good. It doesn't help anybody.
"It's rather unfortunate. It's always somebody digging into the Muslims all the time.
"If it comes from a person who is the alternative Prime Minister of this country, it doesn't bode well for the good relationship between Muslims and others."

So according to Brash, because someone is a Muslim, they are possibly a terrorist and Maori aren’t an indigenous group, and as such have no claims as an indigenous group. God forbid this fucking moron ever runs this country.

That said, if Helen owes public money wrongly spent from the last election, she should pay it back – but let’s wait till the final report comes out.


At 25/9/06 11:45 am, Anonymous GWB said...

Why should Maori get special privileges?

He raises a fair point about the All Blacks also...are we looking to bring in quotas there? Thought not...such a suggestion is ridiculous.

At 25/9/06 12:03 pm, Blogger bomber said...

what special priviledges GWB?

At 25/9/06 12:06 pm, Anonymous GWB said...

Being treated as a separate racial group...why should there even be any mention of race in politics?

There has been criticism of apartheid on this blog, and yet NZ continues to practice it with its racially divided legislature.

At 25/9/06 12:14 pm, Blogger bomber said...

So GWB – colonialism had no negative effects on Maori and our Colonial forefathers did nothing wrong by dumping the Treaty of Waitangi when it was a nuisance to their land grabs and illegal confiscation of land also had absolutely no negative effects on Maori and have absolutely nothing to do with the socio-economic position Maori find themselves in now?

I'm always amused that those who benefit from past injustices (generally white people) NEVER want to look backwards and always want to look forwards. Are you looking forwards GWB?

At 25/9/06 12:30 pm, Anonymous GWB said...

Absolutely looking forwards Bomber. Isn't it funny that when Maori migrate across to other countries, particularly Australia, that they are generally very successful, despite "the negative effects on Maori...and their socio-economic position"? Quite possibly because the Australians have no tolerance for this kind of argument and they have no choice but to work hard like any other person.

There are plenty of examples Bomber, of people who have arrived in NZ comparitively recently, from places such as the former Yugoslavia, Iran, Albania and the Middle East, genuine war refugees with nothing to their names apart from some clothes. Most did not speak English when they arrived and yet have gone on to succeed.
Acting like victims doesn't prevent Maori succeeding in many areas, such as Sport, why the hell should it stop them succeeding anywhere else?

At 25/9/06 12:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking news - Statement from Dr Brash:

"Because of my sincere and principled views on "separatism" and "special treatment", I hereby apologise to the nation for desperately trying to do a post-election deal with the Maori Party and their "privileged" Maori seats, which I had spent the campaign promising to abolish. I could never countenance such hypocrisy. That would be utterly dishonest, and only Labour try to win elections that way."

Yeah, right.

At 25/9/06 12:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another fucken white guy sayiong there's no such thing as a Maori..... heard that one before.....

At 25/9/06 12:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...from places such as the former Yugoslavia, Iran, Albania and the Middle East, genuine war refugees with nothing to their names....

....have ended up in jail....

At 25/9/06 1:07 pm, Blogger bomber said...

GWB - I don't know what it is to be 'maori' right, I am proud to identify as 'Pakeha' but coming from a working class background where poverty was always an issue, I do know what it is like to be on the bottom of the heap and to see those around me damaged by that experience. I don't have the answers to these difficult questions of race, but I do know that by refusing to see that people's backgrounds shape who they are you ignore the actual realities of the situation. Did colonialisim have a negative effect on Maori? Of course it did - can we go back in time and rectify those injustices? No we can't, but we can attempt to rectify the on going injustices of poverty, over crowding, health, all of the social indicators that Maori fail in? I think it is our responsibility as a society to do that for everyone in our community. How we go about rectifying those injustices is a debate that has to be had, but it an only be had by understanding the background of the causes - by not even attempting that debate reveals an absolute misunderstanding on your part. For most of our political history, white straight rich men have decided what happened in NZ, since MMP and a much more representative political structure, we are starting to challenge that rich, white, straight, male view - it is unnerving for some and resistance to change usually comes from those decrying 'PC-ness' - but change must come if we want a fairly represented society.

At 25/9/06 2:06 pm, Anonymous GWB said...

I am also from a working class background Bomber, but I also consider that there is nothing wrong with being 'rich' per se...seeing my parents struggle, when I was a kid, and even now, though things have improved a lot has never taught me to expect to get anywhere without working hard, saving etc. I certainly don't have a problem with wanting to change social ills, I simply question whether having a 'victim' type attitude or looking more to others rather than oneself for answers is the best way forward.

For the record, I also take a stand and say that colonialism has brought benefits, as well as negatives for Maori, though that is probably a different debate.

Also for the record, its also arguable that anon's comment about immigrants "ending up in jail" as though this is the rule rather than the exception is one of the more ignorant posts seen on this blog.

At 25/9/06 2:16 pm, Blogger bomber said...

GWB - I'm not saying one shouldn't work hard and benefit from that - I am saying that there are many factors at play as to why Maori are in the bottom stats and that taking your line of reasoning on this, which is 'don't be a victim' is just too simplistic. As simplistic as saying all Muslims could be 'Terrorists' and that Maori aren't indiginous because there aren't any full blooded ones left. Hey, wait a minute - you're not Don Brash are you GWB?

At 25/9/06 2:34 pm, Anonymous GWB said...

Ha ha lol no :) Bit younger and more into partying the odd dance party etc :)

At 25/9/06 2:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gwb - but neither have those immigrants been the raging success that you try to say they have....thats the point... because I hear that all the time...

At 25/9/06 3:02 pm, Anonymous GWB said...

Your not Winston Peters are you anon?

At 25/9/06 5:13 pm, Blogger Mark said...

I think you need to consider the context in which Brash was commenting on "Maaaaaaris" (that word is getting less and less funny by the way).
"Brash was asked by the Herald on Sunday to comment on a speech by High Court judge David Baragwanath to the Law Commission last month which raised the possibility that Maori might need separate legal treatment and highlighted the lack of Maori in the legal profession"

In other words, he was asked his opinion on someone else's opinion.

At 25/9/06 8:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who denies the injusticies against their indigenous population ought to be ashamed of themselves. Brash has gone a step further and is now claiming there isn't an indigenous population. We know he has no respect for himself, so it's to be expected. Someone should deport him to Australia, where his incredibly right-wing views can be more appreciated by the Howard crowd.

Yes Brash, terrorism is ONLY committed by Muslims. No one else. Why go for possibilities when we all know Muslims have telepathic powers. Therefore, we know they're capable of knowing what one another are doing and so are complicit in every crime that is committed and so should be brandished the same.


At 25/9/06 9:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real life - two boys, friends in the same class at school, 12 years ago.

One part Maori - father part Maori, good job with an oil company, mother white English, successful real-estate agent, good extended family, big house etc.

The other, white, single mother on DPB. No other family. Many other factors made for a very hard background but when you are white no-one cares so shut up and get over it, but he sure did envy that lucky Maori boy with his successful and loving family.

Both a bit lazy (although white boy had to work after school) and not especially talented so both got the same low grade UE cert. Maori could still have chosen any university course at any university (special treatment for Maoris), white boy limited choice because of poor marks.

Maori boys family could easily have funded him if required, also had Maori scholarships available to him. White boy no financial assistance available from anywhere so entered the student loan system.

Outcome Maori boy suddenly decided to become Maori victim stereotype, started talking with 'bro' every other word of his sentences, went on the dole.

White boy took out loan, struggled financially, academically and socially (looked down on by those from better backgrounds) but stuck it out and got degree. Couldn’t find work so stayed on for Masters while working part-time.

Got Masters, still couldn’t find work, so went overseas worked and saved, came back paid off loan in full, still no proper work so ended up sorting mail for $10 an hour.

Finally (after something like a hundred rejections. (being an outsider, having no family, friends or other connections to put in a word , makes it hard in xenophobic NZ) landed job with prospects – still doing it hard but finally on career path.

Maori boy – still playing the middle class victim, shame he had everything going for him but couldn’t see it.

Parents did everything right (except maybe spoiled him a bit to much) but the propaganda from the well meaning got him and created another self-fulfilling prophecy for their pretending to care (while achieving nothing) industry.

At 25/9/06 9:18 pm, Anonymous john said...

Race aye. It's a sure-fire dog whistle.
Just blow when you need it. See: My Maori Are From Singapore

At 25/9/06 9:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah the race card is getting boring. some still think it's good to pull out when there's no other "shit" happening.
i thought i was a "ngati porou" children's author/musician/teacher/coach who is currently helping my little bro with his tiling business. but no. evidently i am not only lazy, but i don't [according to don] even exist.

At 25/9/06 9:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah. i paid for my education by working at the same time as i studied.

At 25/9/06 10:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boomer seems to wish he was a maori and keeps harping on about how he was under priviledged etc etc...if people want to get ahead they have plenty of choiuces and avenues for help. Particularly maori with their special grants, priviledges, hand outs. i know of a great deal of wonderful maori people and they are disgusted and somewhat embarassed to be aligned with maori. brash wants one nz. simple really, one people. how is separatism going to help? how is a separate electorol roll going to help? how is a separate maori legal system going to work? what will they/do they contribute to a better nz? and from personal experience it seems a greeat deal of maori have the problem with white people/asians etc and despise them for what they have made of themselves and their lives.
and boome, dont give me some excuse that they have been underpriviledged since the colonials came and traded their land-it doesnt affect modern maori and sure as hell didnt affect my family/geneology.

At 25/9/06 11:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...hey - don't insult fucking morons...

At 26/9/06 9:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon.....it sure does have an effect on you. i've been reading about it right here. does our past have any influence over the choices we make today? damn right it does. you probably don't know more maori than i do [i am ngati porou]. i would not try and tell you what your people are thinking. as for the so-called priviledged position i find myself in. didn't notice it, didn't use it. that stuff is for those who need it not those who don't. poverty has a detrimental effect on all nzers who suffer. just go have a look at the westies in aucks, the boguns in the wairarapa, the national front in timaru, the clean heads in chch. we ALL have those who are not handling the current system in this society which is biased towards middle/upper socio economic estrogen influence. this bias is costing us heavily. no balance in society or education. that is a problem.

At 26/9/06 10:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey look everyone, its the religion of peace again...


At 26/9/06 11:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Maari's get everything!

Yeah right.

At 26/9/06 11:58 am, Blogger bomber said...

Sorry Mark - I agree with Anti-Flag - Brash has just said Maaaari (and it's soooo funny when you say it like the white folk who don't like the word say it) don't really exist (funny how people only wants to Contextualize things when they need to) - even taken in context with the legal opinion offered to try and redress the imbalance of maori lawyers, Brash's comeback that Maaaari don't exist shows an insane lack of understanding - which I appreciate - he has a wealthy white view of the world and that world is fair and balanced and everyone who achieves (him included) did so on thier own merits and not because society is set up in favour of white straight men. Chris Rock calls being white, the $75 000 head start. But I don't think Brash would know who Chris Rock was, he might mistake him for his caddy if they met.

Oh and Anon - with that nonesense about 'boomer wants to be a maori' fuck dude how childish can you get, no wonder you didn't put your name to the post/ This has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with justice

At 26/9/06 12:01 pm, Anonymous Dmitri said...

Yeah but Chris Rock is a comedian, not a sociologist.

At 26/9/06 2:47 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Yeah, it's funny how some whites can't say Maori properly. Just as funny as how some Maori can't speak English properly. Ay bro, chur, laterz, aight ;-)

At 26/9/06 3:11 pm, Anonymous GWB said...

Or those once who are hilariously unprepared to deal with the real world, after maori immersion schools...


Another drain on the taxpayer.

At 26/9/06 5:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maori speak english fluently..... whats wrong with that?

At 26/9/06 5:07 pm, Anonymous Huia M said...

Read the article anon...

At 27/9/06 3:09 pm, Anonymous semisi h said...

Maori immersion schools- why can't we have Samoan immersion schools too? This government is racist!

At 27/9/06 5:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well you can u dumbass punk. Build em youeselve, just like the Maaari's did.

At 27/9/06 11:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speak the language, live the life, don't have the blood, oh fuck. Sorry for you, if you can't be something you aren't. If anyone has a romantic idea of pre-colonial times then go back to slavery, butchery, and nepotism. Sure family and blood matters but it's more important that everyone gets a fair go.

At 29/9/06 7:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 February 1840; - Te Tiriti o Waitangi: The Confederation of Sovereign Chiefs of Aotearoa and the Queen of England, enter into a covenant (contract of binding agreement) Known as Te Tiriti o Waitangi, at Waitangi. which outline the Terms and Conditions to establish a settled form of Civil Government with a Governor (kawanatanga) for approx 2000 Tauiwi (British subjects, amongst them are many persons of bad character, escaped convicts and seamen, who deserted their ships and were unrestrained by any law). This included, conditions relating to Maori full exclusive and undisturbed possession of their resources and taonga (see Article 2 of Te Tiriti). Tauiwi could not violate these conditions without making the contract null and void.
Te Tiriti o Waitangi gave the Queen the exclusive right to pre-emption (first option to buy) over such lands as the Maori thereof may be disposed to alienate, at such titles as may be agreed between the Maori and persons appointed by the Queen (see Article 2 of Te Tiriti).
Te Tiriti did not cede Sovereignty; it only appointed a governor (kawanatanga) to act in a ‘consultative’ manner with the Confederation of Sovereign Chiefs.
The Confederation flew their flag and continued to exercise their authority, the Queen’s representative Captain William Hobson (the kawanatanga) remained as a consultative body in the issues of Maori.
Captain Hobson. Governor Robert Fitzroy and others (nga kawanatanga) violated Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Queens right to pre-emption, when the Governor set about issuing waivers and certificates for- land to raise finances for their administration and well-being. This was done without consultation and the Free and Intelligent consent’ of the Confederation and therefore was in breach of Te Tiriti.
Past and present Governments continue their illegal sales, legislation’s and activities without consent today. Again, they have broken the binding Terms and Conditions of Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840.
The Maori Tiriti did not cede Maori Sovereignty to anyone, nor did it give the New Zealand Colonial Government the right to interfere with Maori Common Law Rights, which are Constitutional Matters.
1841; Land Claims Ordinance stated that lands not actually occupied or used by the Maori belonged to the Crown. This contradicted Article 2 of the Treaty.
1841 – 1845; Northern Chieftain and Signatory to the Declaration and to the Tiriti o Waitangi, Kawiti, with the help of Hone Heke, denounced British interpretation of the Tiriti and in a series of wars defeated the Colonial Administration and expelled it out of their Rohe to Auckland.
1844; Governor Fitzroy dropped the pre-emption clause in Article 2 of the Treaty and allowed private sales to take place.
1846; Governor Grey abolished the Protectorate Department, which had the responsibility of protecting Maori rights, and gave the New Zealand Company the exclusive right of pre-emption.
1846; Victorious Kawiti of Ngati Hine, moved to the South Kaipara and re-established The Confederation Parliament House under the kaitiakitanga of Te-Uri-o-Hau hapu - his whanau - at Herepeti Aotea on the Kaipara Harbour.
1852; Maori ownership of land reduced to 34,000,000 acres. In the 12 years since 1840 almost half of the Maori owned land had been lost.
1852; - The Constitution Act 1852 (UK) Constitution Act: Saw the establishment of Provincial Government. Only males over 21 who had individual title to property of a certain value were entitled to vote. Very few Maori males at that time were able to do so.
Section 71 acknowledges Maori rights to self government which is still current today. S.71 says; That Her Majesty acknowledges Maori rights to make laws, customs and usages under the government of themselves, and that in exchange for the acknowledgment of Maori Laws, customs and usages her Majesty reserves the right ‘by letters patent’ to challenge any Maori laws, customs and usages that are repugnant to the general principles of humanity.
The Sovereign Maori Nations of Aotearoa DO NOT require any permission whatsoever from any Government Body or International organisation to exercise full Sovereign Power and/or Authority (tino Rangatiratanga).
1852; New Zealand Constitutional Act 1852 (Imp)
• Divided New Zealand territory into 6 provinces: Auckland , New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury and Otago.
• Instituted a system of provincial government with authority to pass provincial legislation although Governor had a reserve power of veto and right reserved to Crown to disallow provincial Acts within 2 years of their passage.
• Established two-house (bicameral) system of central government, involving the creation of a General Assembly which contained the Governor, an appointed Legislative Council, and an elected House of Representatives.
• Power granted to General Assembly to make laws for the peace order and good government of New Zealand provided such legislation was not inconsistent with the laws of England.
• Act remaining in force, with amendments and a diminishing practical status, until 1986 when it was supplanted by the Constitution Act 1986.
English Laws Acts 1854, 1858, 1908 (NZ);
• Confirmation of the application of English law in New Zealand so that all laws in existence in England on 14 January 1840 were to be applied in New Zealand.
Imperial Enactments which are still part of New Zealand Law include:
Magna Carta 1297;
Heralded as the beginning of English constitutional law the Magna Carta arose from a revolution by the baronage in 1215, which compelled King John to agree to a comprehensive schedule of liberties, predominantly dealing with the relationship between the Crown and the Church and the Crown and the common people. The Charter also referred to certain matters of individual liberty such as freedom of movement while identifying the concept of “majority rule” in decision making;
Bill of Rights 1688;
The passing of the Bill of Rights 1688 was motivated by the desire to settle the succession to the throne. The Bill was founded on the Declaration of Rights and was passed during the reign of William the Orange. The Bill went further than setting out the relationship of the Crown to Parliament in that, in part, it identified the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. The Bill established the rights of citizens to petition the Crown; declared that the election of members of Parliament should be free and identified the notion of Parliamentary privilege, that freedom of speech in Parliament should not be questioned in any place out of parliament, effectively protecting Member’s of Parliament from defamation proceedings.
Petition of Right 1628;
Petition of Right ensured that the Crown could not levy taxes without the consent of Parliament.
Habeas Corpus Acts of 1640, 1679 and 1816;
The right to bring a writ of habeas corpus to prevent arbitrary or unlawful detention is still alive today.
1859; Te Ati Awa Chief Teira sold the Governor land at Waiata without seeking the agreement of the other chiefs who had an interest in the land, especially the Senior Chief Wiremu Kingi. This was a breach of the Treaty’s land guarantee.
1859; The Kaipara based Confederation and its Runanga and Parliament House is marginalised by a conspiracy between the Colonial Administration and Te Wherowhero of the Kingitanga.
1860; The Kingitanga established a rival Parliament House at Kawhia and in collaboration with the Crown convened the Kohimarama Conference.
(i) This Conference was a ploy to divide Maoridom so as to prevent assistance to be given to the Taranaki Tribal opposition to The Colonial Administrations land grabbing activities in Taranaki.
(ii) At the Conference Grey ‘returns’ to the Tiriti and obtains pledges of support from Northern Tribal Confederation Members.
1860; Maori Owned Land reduced to 21,4000,000 acres.
1862; Native Lands Act: Designed to break down Maori communal ownership of land. A land court was set up to individualise title. An amendment to the act meant that Maori owners could sell to anyone. This breached the pre-emption clause in Article 2.
1863; Governor Grey invades the Waikato region.
1863; Suppression of Rebellion Act: No right to trial before imprisonment. Its intention was to punish “certain aboriginal tribes of the colony” for rebelling against the Crown.
1863; New Zealand Settlement Act: Over three million acres of Maori land was confiscated to pay for the war.
1863; Through the Proclamation of Grey, which calls for all Kingitanga “hostiles” to pledge allegiance to the British Monarchy “or” depart beyond the Southern border at Maunga Tawhiri. The Colonial Authorities double-crossed the new King Tawhio and the Kingites.
1864; Native Reserves Act: All remaining land reserved for Maori use was put under settler control.
1865; Native Land Court Designed to determine ownership. Maori owners had to spend many months in town waiting to have their cases heard. If they did not show up they lost the right to the land. This caused many of them to build up huge debts and they had to sell a lot of their land to pay for them. Maori owners had to pay for any surveying work that had to be done. Many Maori owners sold land rather than go through the humiliating experience of the Land Court sitting.
1865; Empirical Troops of the British Empire arrive in New Zealand to commence the Sovereignty Wan that last until 1872 and which ended in stalemate.
1865; Through stalemate warfare and failed British attempts at conquest and annexation. The Confederation survived at their Parliament Runanga in the Kaipara and later at Otamatea.
1866; Between 1865 and 1875 10 million acres of land was lost by Maori.
1866 Oyster Fisheries Act: Prevented Maori from fishing commercially. Maori commercial fishing enterprises at the time went broke and they had to sell land to meet their debts.
1867 Maori Representation Act: Four Maori seats in Parliament established. A response to Pakeha fear that Maori who by now had a majority under the property qualification clause of the 1852 Constitution Act in a number of electorates could gain a majority in Government.
1867 The Native Schools Act: Was passed extending the parameters of the 1858 Act. These schools would assist in the process of assimilation.
1869; A new Maori version of the Treaty was requested by the Government. “Kawanatanga” in Article 1 is replaced by “nga mana Katoa o te Rangatiratanga’’.
1871; A Government stipulation that instruction in Native Schools had to be in English.
1877; The Treaty is declared a nullity by Judge Prendergast in the Bishop of Wellington v Wi Parata case. Legislation was introduced to allow direct purchase of Maori land. This was another breach of Article 2.
21st February 1879; Letters Patent: Royal instructions to the Governor were issued by letters patent and gazetted in New Zealand. which stated that no Bills or Laws shall be passed that were in breach of the Tiriti o Waitangi.
1879; An amendment by Grey of the Native Land Act made it easier for small farmers to get Maori land. The Government sabotaged the Commission that was set up to investigate land confiscation in Taranaki.
1879 Peace Preservation Bill: One year’s hard labour for Maori people who refused to leave their abodes.
1880; Maori Prisoners’ Act: 200 Maori arrested in Taranaki for preventing the surveying of confiscated land. Kept in prison for an indefinite period without trial.
1880 West Coast Settlement Act: Any Maori in Taranaki could be arrested without a warrant and jailed for two years with hard labour if they built anything or in any way hindered the surveying or property.
1881 Native Reserves Act: The control of Maori reserves is taken over by the Public Trustee.
1881; 2500 troops invade Parihaka and Te Whiti the prophet is arrested.
1886 Native Lands Administration Act: Rejected the traditional right of communal ownership. Maori land was given over to small groups of trustees who had the right under this act to sell it.
1886; Te Whiti was re-arrested (under the West Coast Preservation Act of 1881) without warrant, charge or trial and jailed for three months.
1887 Native Land Act: Large scale direct purchase of Maori land. Bastion Point, Auckland appropriated for defence purposes.
1891; Maori Land stood at 11,079,486 acres.
1892; The Native Department was abolished.
1893 Native Land Purchase and Acquisition Act: Designed to speed up the purchase of Maori Land.
1894 Advances to Settlers Act: Low interest loans made available to white settlers to buy land from the Government.
1894 Native Land Court Act: Names on the Certificate of Title were deemed trustees or beneficial owners.
Validation of Invalid Land Sales Act: Any Pakeha misdealings concerning Maori land were legitimised.
1894 Maori Land Settlement Act: Maori land was put under the control of Land Councils. There was no Maori representation. The settler population had increased and so had their desire for land.
1897; 92 Maori in Taranaki were arrested for ploughing land in protest of Public Trustee control of their lands.
1903; An act re-affirms Judge Prendergast’s 1877 ruling that the Treaty is a nullity.
1905The abolition of Native Councils (they had slowed down the Government’s land purchases).
1905 - 8 There were amendments to the Native Land Act which forced further sales of Maori land.
1908 Tohunga Suppression Act: Penalties were imposed on tohunga (experts in Maori medicine and Maori spirituality).
1908; The Colonial Government while still giving recognition to the Tiriti o Waitangi and to their own English Treaty of ‘Waitangi’ proclaim the establishment of a questionable constituted Dominion of New Zealand.
1908 – 1994: Shadowy versions of the Kingitanga and Kotahitanga, which admit the dominance of the British Monarch, were periodically “trotted out” to give legitimacy to the veneer of legitimacy of the New Zealand Government and its legislative enactment’s.
(i) Despite this, continuous Maori opposition to suppression of the Maori Sovereignty continued in one form or another unsuccessfully.
1909 Native Health Act: Maori could no longer use the whangai system for adopting children. Maori women could no longer breastfeed!
1911; Maori land now amounted to 7,137,205 acres.
1918; Maori servicemen who returned after WWI were not eligible for the benefits of the Rehabilitation Scheme. The scheme was only available to Pakeha servicemen.
1920; Maori land reduced to 4,787,686 acres.
1923; Whemu Tahopotiki Ratana was snubbed when he took Treaty grievances to King George.
1931; Statute of Westminster 1931(Imp).
• A law passed after the commencement of the Act, by a Dominion (A “Dominion” referred to those English colonies who were taking steps to establish independence) was not to be invalid on the basis it was repugnant to an Imperial statute or the common law.
• Power to pass extra-territorial legislation given to Dominion Parliaments.
• Imperial legislation would not extend to a Dominion without the explicit request and consent of that Dominion.
1932; Ratana M.I.’s present petition with 30,000 signatures calling for ratification of the Treaty. It was ignored. Maori received half the unemployment benefit given to the Pakeha. A single Maori received 7s 6d and a Pakeha 15s. .
1939; Maori land reduced to 4,028,903 acres.
1947; Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1947 in conjunction with the New Zealand Constitution Amendment (Request and Consent) Act 1947
• Adoption of Statute of Westminster 1931.
• Request and consent to Imperial Parliament passing legislation which would enable the New Zealand Parliament to amend and repeal it own constitution.
• New Zealand achieving legal autonomy as now having the power to amend, suspend and repeal its own constitution.
1950; Legislative Council Abolition Act 1950
• Legislative Council abolished so that New Zealand became a unicameral (one-house) legislature.
1953 Maori Affairs Act: If Maori land was not occupied or being used then it was declared “waste land’’ and taken by the Government.
1953 Town and Country Planning Act: Prevented Maori from building on their land. This forced many Maori to move from rural areas to the cities.
1960 The Hunn Report: Jack Hunn, a top-ranking civil servant, recommended a stepping up of the assimilation process.
1967 Maori Affairs Amendment Act: Maori trustee had the right to ask individuals to sell their interest to the Government. Land owned by fewer than four Maori people had to be put under one title.
1967 Rating Act: Maori freehold land subject to rates.
1973; New Zealand Constitution Amendment Act 1973
• New Zealand Parliamentary power to pass laws of extra-territorial effect, affirmed.
1975; Maori land reduced to 3,000,000 acres.
1986; The Crown created a property right with the introduction of a fisheries quota system. A breach of Article 2.
1990 Maori Fisheries Act: Re-definition of an important part of Article 2, which guarantees Maori “full exclusive possession of the Lands and Estates, Forest, Fisheries’’. By 31st October 1992 Maori are granted 10% of the fishing quota. The Government has re-defined full as 10%. A further breach of the Treaty agreement.

At 29/9/06 8:02 pm, Anonymous Matty Lad said...


That's some long, long, long sober reading...

No wonder most Kiwis don't want to learn about the Treaty/Tiriti. We'd hav 2 learn about these - what r they - crimes?

Maybe it's a wee part of the reason why Brash wants 2 brush all that "past" under the carpet.

& move on as "1!"

Then, in effect, we'll all live happily ever after!

Bless him.

At 29/9/06 9:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is it that these so called Kiwi's wish to sweep all the past crap done to maori under the carpet, yet when maori break the law shit they must pay for it. Wouldn't that make it even, i am a pakeha working class too, if you want to be find let let maori walk over pakeha for a 150 years after thatwe will forgive and forget and then we move on.

At 29/9/06 10:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i am a pakeha working class too, if you want to be find let let maori walk over pakeha for a 150 years after thatwe will forgive and forget and then we move on."


At 5/10/06 12:03 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Interesting isn't it that the classes who benefit from colonialism never want to look at the injustices that gave them that position in the first place with the usual, “I did well, why don’t you” like swimming the Tasman Sea and expecting everyone else be able to do that. People come from their environments, but asking questions about the inequalities in those environments means your blaming namby pamby things and not the individual who we should force our 100% focus on so that we never get around to asking those wider questions and perhaps a real attempt to change those conditions.

At 19/10/06 10:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck the treaty, fuck the dirty nigger scum "moldy" who have raped and pillaged this country.
It is only by virtue of the arrival of the colonists that there is anything left of this country to speak of.
The blacks would have burned the lot, eaten everything that moved, grown nothing, and then turned on each other.
Now they can complain because some fucking dark skinned cunt and some nigger-wannabe faggots decide they can interpret what a bunch of coons in feathers thought they might have written 166 years ago. Who the fuck is right.
I'll tell you who is right you idiots - I am.
Stop being fucking moldies and pakehas and honkies and blacks and start being fucking new zealanders.
Its not right that any racial group, regardless of what spurious claim they think they might have right to, are "given" "granted" or bestowed with anything more than any other group, on the basis of their ethnic or racial origins. Fuck people, that is the basis of Human Rights.
If you took the fucking quotas away from the coons who are so fucking stupid (not lazy) that they dont know how to make it work - how do you make a small business, give a big one to a moldy - and let it be run as a business, regardless of who was in charge as long as they did a good fucking job, be they maori, white, chinese, or fucking martian, then it would be ok.
The country is run on the same basis - "cant call the PM an ugly lesbian or her/his wife a dopey poofter" and you have to let it stay in power even if she has broken the law and spirit of the country just so every whinging fucking minority can have a crack at us poor fucking colonials.

Shoot everybody


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