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Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is getting embarrassing now. The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) was leaked and stated that the Iraq war was creating more terrorisim than it was fighting. This is a massive blow to Bush because it is a report that covers all 16 intelligence departments. This is as good as it gets in terms of a reality check on the sunshine and lollypop fight for women’s rights and Democracy that the Bush Administration paints Iraq out to be.

Bush’s response yesterday was full fury at those suggestions and stated that he would release the whole report just to show everyone he was right.

Yeah well, 24 later and the Bush Administration NOW say that they can’t publish the full report now and prove their point because it would give out vital information that would help the enemy. What a load of arse, the rumour from those who have seen the report is that it tells a much grimer view of what is really going on in Iraq, and that if it was released it would cause political upset. This from the BBC

The Bush administration has defended its partial release of a report linking the Iraq conflict to global terrorism against calls for the full report.

A White House aide said the terror report could not be released in full because of national security issues. Opposition Democrats argue that the parts of the intelligence report declassified on Tuesday do not give Americans enough information. There are also rumours of a damning second report being held back.
Jane Harman, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, suggested this alleged second report, focusing only on Iraq, was being "held until after the November [mid-term] elections".

She had not seen the alleged report, but added: "I hear it paints a grim picture."


At 29/9/06 9:56 am, Blogger Brewerstroupe said...

This thread headed "Is Bush nuts" has attracted no argument. I guess there isn't one.

At 5/10/06 12:45 pm, Blogger bomber said...

I know, I can't even get a rise out them anymore with Bush - the joke for me is that I just know a lot of the voices on this site who deny it now, bloody well did support Bush when he started


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