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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another home goal for Don?

After Don’s outrageous claim in the weekend that Maori weren’t indigenous because they have slept with white folk, Tariana Turia has severed any contact the Maori Party may have with the National Party saying there’s no point in talking to someone so “divorced from the realities of this country”. AMEN SISTER!

Looking at the latest polls, there is no way National is going to be able to form a Government without the help if the Maori Party - how wise was it to come out and effectively claim the entire race of the political party you need to cut a deal with doesn’t really exist?

Guys, Don is a clown – no wonder Helen Clark cemented the man in place by forcing the troops to rally around him with the release of his extra-marital affairs – HE CAN’T WIN AN ELECTION. Calling him cancerous rallys the left wing of the Labour Party who are leaving to go to the Greens.
This from the Herald

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia is severing her relationship with Don Brash saying there's no point in talking to someone so "divorced from the realities of this country". It comes after the National leader questioned whether Maori remained a distinct indigenous group because few if any "full-blooded" Maori remained. Two National MPs, Tau Henare and Georgina te Heuheu, also distanced themselves yesterday from Dr Brash's remarks. Dr Brash said he was "obviously disappointed" by Mrs Turia's comments and did not know what it was she found offensive. "I frankly don't care who wants to call themselves indigenous. I've got no problem at all if she wants to call herself indigenous, if Tau does, or anyone else."
The split between Dr Brash and the Maori Party has implications for a future coalition arrangement involving the two parties.
Recent polls show the Maori Party could yet hold the balance of power at the next election and could be critical to helping National or Labour form the next government.


At 28/9/06 4:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee Boomer - Turia just threw Don a bone the size of a house. Hmmmmmm.

Old AB proverb -

He who opens his mouth soonest is the first one at the dentist.


Its rightist humour - you won't get it.


At 28/9/06 9:10 pm, Anonymous Thomas Prebble said...

Hey Bomber,
This will indeed cripple National. They did have a victory of sorts in the last election in terms of numbers. However at the same time they syphoned away votes from Act and United which they would desperately need to ever form a coalition. Now with the Maori party walking away I don't see National being in anytime soon.

At 28/9/06 10:17 pm, Anonymous The Judge said...

Mind you Pita Sharples is still speaking with Don...good cop bad cop maybe?

Btw...interesting Turias comments about anonymous donor wanting to BRIBE the Maori Party to coalesce with Labour tho...that seems to be the bigger story at the imho :)

At 28/9/06 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Judge:

Well, I understand Pita is basically managing the relationship with Labour - because she's basically viewed by Labour the same way the Greens regard GMO's. And I don't think Clark is losing any sleep about not having to be in the same room as Tariana every again; neither should Don Brash.

Thomas Prebble:

I think it's about time Act and United Future stopped blaming National for their lousy campaigns, internal divisions and inability to get any traction in the polls. I won't hold my breath waiting though...

At 29/9/06 8:59 am, Blogger Mark said...

Not helpful comments by Don. Sort of off topic, but does anyone else notice that the most "radical" Maori or at least the ones who attempt to lead things tend to be the very pale ones? I'm thinking of Ken Mair, Margaret Mutu, Mike Smith, Titiwhai Harawira, Shanes Jones etc. My theory is that they try to make up for their paleness by going over the top in their activisim. Any other theories?
(And yes I am being facetious)

At 29/9/06 12:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nope, I think you're onto it. The freshly 'decolonised' with their Hori-er than thou posturing are every bit as obnoxious and self-righteous as a born-again Christian who has just quit smoking. :) You've got a Tino Rangatiratanga t-shirt - what do you want? A fucking medal? OK, that's probably over-snarky but sincerity doesn't make massive over-compensation for the Kauri chip on both shoulders any less tedious.

At 30/9/06 11:06 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

don is just so dead we have nobody on the centre right with charisma other than Winston, pray brothers pray,

At 5/10/06 2:37 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Perhaps Mark is is because pale maori realise what it feels like to be an outsider more acutely - not white enough to be accepted, not brown enough to be included - which makes issues of identity and justice all that more passionate.


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