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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

60 000 more troops for Free-dumb De-mock-racy

ABC news reports that American Generals are now suggesting America needs an extra 60 000 troops…for what should be the question.

The strain on the Army from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan has become so great that top officials are now privately saying the only long-term solution may be to make the overall size of the Army bigger, adding as many as 60,000 troops, ABC News has learned.

It's not a request or a recommendation yet, but senior Army officials have discussed this for weeks and are now in agreement that the Army could meet its worldwide obligations more easily by expanding the overall size of its force.


At 27/9/06 11:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahaha. Fuk Amerika!!! The draft. The draft. Bring back the DRAFT!!!! hahahahaha

At 5/10/06 12:32 pm, Blogger bomber said...

More lives to be spilt for Amerika's love of Empire.


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