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Saturday, August 19, 2006



He seemed very mellowed out – normal eyes this time. His only sartorial misstep being the sort of rainbow striped socks more commonly adorning female primary school teachers. Calmly he handed me a memo:

DATE: 07 August 2006

SUBJECT: Prisoner SELWYN Timothy, PRN 60477981 – Monitoring Mail

For Your Information

Information has been received regarding the correspondence and communications of prisoner SELWYN Timothy. The prison is concerned that the prisoner may send out information that could present a security risk.

Under Section 107 (1) © of the Corrections Act 2004, the prison manager suspects on reasonable grounds that the correspondence is likely to pose a threat to the security of the prison. Approval is granted to read all outgoing correspondence written by the named prisoner.

Under Section 108 (1) (d) (iii) of the Corrections Act 2004, approval is given to withhold the mail if the mail poses a threat to the security of the prison.

Under Section 108 (2) of the Corrections Act 2004, the prisoner is to be informed if his mail is to be withheld by the prison, if the mail is detrimental to the safety of any other person.

A log is to be kept of all incoming and outgoing mail in accordance with this memo.



Of course I’m far too discrete and responsible to ever jeopardise the security of Her Majesty’s prisons. I informed him of my policy to never name any prisoner or officer. He said that individual cases should not be identified or the names of any victims of crimes. I agreed.

The problem is that it may be difficult to inform people about the bent cops – in one person’s case I’ve studied – who blatantly stole the man’s cannabis. Can I name them? Can I make assertions about how they routinely give the stolen stashes to their informants and in part actually facilitate and expand the drug trade? Can I mention that the lawyers refused to handle this man’s case properly – one of whom was actually accused of the very crime (bartering drugs) as the defendant!?

There is the problem too that it may become difficult to describe why one case of assault resulting in a long hospitalisation over a drug dispute can get 2 years 8 months and yet another case of a couple of slaps – with no photographic evidence and no hospitalisation – over a legitimate debt can get 2 years 3 months. Does it matter that one was Chinese and the other not? Or is the unfairness of ‘deterrent’ sentences inherent?

There are many cases and incidents including more revelations around the corrupt network of police at the centre of Operation: Vine and the Gisborne detectives who walked free that deserve to be told. These stories must come to light – they are illustrative of a system and a constabulary far from being “the least corrupt in the world” as parroted by establishment figures - most recently the departing Governor-General.

I intend to pursue these matters, but must now do so cautiously.

And as for the rest of our meeting – I’ll leave that for another time. Soon.

Tim Selwyn
Prison Blogger


At 19/8/06 12:49 pm, Anonymous jack said...

Did I hear someone mention bent cops?


At 19/8/06 10:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 20/8/06 10:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

expose the barstards publish their names and where they live make the corrupt pigs pay make them fuck off to another country , now sit back and watch the bent pigs write in and object to this blog u fuckers better be worried u are gunna be smaked the fuck down when we find out who u are . pig

At 21/8/06 6:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you nutters are bitter toward the police because you got caught breaking the law. Stupid is as stupid does, the jokes on you

At 21/8/06 7:49 pm, Blogger trev said...

Hi this is a post i made on another blog so i hope its ok to post it here. i had the pleasure years ago and have friends still involved and rest assured there is no change this is a corrupt,dishonest and self perpetuating system. and yea i broke the law weather or not i did wrong is debatable but 'anonymous' rest assured you pay for it you support it and when some kid progresses from smoking pot to raping your kid because of the treatment your wonderful servants dished out the joke will be on you.and it will be me giggling.i will continue with an example a young guy held up the PO got 2 years after being arrested repainting the getaway car in his drive. 1st day in a guy steps up " suck my cock" "no" whack "suck my cock" "no" wwwhhhaaaaaackkkk "suck my cock" mmmm quite tasty. he did his year and out. 3 weeks later arrested raping and cutting up a woman in supermarket car park. yea back to jail but that woman has yet to go shopping i imagine. yes its unfortunate but you sane ones reap your rewards.

prison numbers will continue to grow under the present system. as long as they are run by ex school boy bullies overseeing educated and qualified social workers and psycologists who understand rehabilitation. screws are interested in continuing there bludging existance and work to ensure their clients return. lf anyone is interested their are countless examples of the systems abuse of funds and dedication to maintaining growth. as a civilised person it is so unpleasant that i have no wish to return.

At 22/8/06 1:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where the fuck are the actual fight storys......

At 25/8/06 10:13 pm, Anonymous caroline said...

Well heres some news that happened 24 August 2006 while a van of prisoners from Mt-Eden/ACRP were transferring prisoners to, and from courts. A white young man of 17yrs was murdered in that van by a guy who was charged by the Police of murder in which he says did not committ....now look at what has happened, he did kill someone. This news has only been reported on TV3 at 9-45pm. I wonder why it has taken media this long to disclose the information to the people of New Zealand (it sux)

At 25/8/06 10:29 pm, Anonymous caroline said...

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