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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


WASHINGTON - President George W Bush has voiced concern over talk in the United States of a civil war in Iraq prompting speculation he may be coming around to the idea and considering a future exit strategy. Bush's administration has insisted for months that Iraq is not sliding into civil war despite sectarian violence that has killed hundreds of Iraqis. "I hear a lot of talk about civil war," Bush told a news conference overnight. "I'm concerned about that of course

Isn’t this great news everyone? Oh happy day, President Bush is, and I quote, “concerned”

Help me out here with this one folks. What exactly is President Bush ‘concerned’ about? Is it Iraq? Is it the Civil War in Iraq? Or is it just that these pesky little news stories keep popping up just when his party faces anti-war backlash in the upcoming elections? Because he hasn’t had much problem with the tens of thousands of Iraqi’s who have died so far for his glorious freedom lovin’ democracy. Hasn’t really battered an eyelid at the tens of thousands of Iraqi’s who have been seriously wounded within a hospital system that can’t even provide the basics. In fact one could say that President Bush’s concern only started showing when his Party started doing the math for the next election. If I were Bush, I’d be “Concerned” as well. Not just for the horror that Iraq has become, but for the idea that IF the Democrats win enough seats in the next election, Bush could get impeached for any number of things from lying to invade Iraq, illegal phone tapping or even just cause they hate the dumb arse so much.

If I were Bush, I wouldn’t just be “concerned” about Iraq, I’d be fucking wetting my pants. George my boy – you have fucked up in a way that will mark you down as the worst President in the History of the position.


At 23/8/06 8:12 am, Anonymous sdm said...

Im keen for a thread on Iran in light of this mornings developments

At 25/8/06 12:04 am, Blogger halod1 said...

And when George finally pulls out whose gonna be there to measure the mess? Not you or me huh?
As you say we can sit here, have a beer, watch the rugby.


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