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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not a good time to be a civilian

Israel continues to hurt Civilians in Lebanon
The Israeli prime minister has rejected UN calls to end its air and sea blockade of Lebanon until a Security Council resolution has been fully implemented. Speaking after talks in Israel with Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, Ehud Olmert said the blockade would end only when all parts of UN resolution 1701 had been effected.

Sri Lanka continue to kill civilians
The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission has said that the military murdered 17 local aid workers from the international group Action Contre La Faim this month. The statement said: "SLMM [the monitoring mission] is, with the obtained findings, convinced that there cannot be any other armed groups than the security forces who could actually have been behind the act."

Palestinian Civilians continue to be punished for Israel’s Lebanon misadventure
Israeli troops have killed six Palestinians in fighting in Gaza City, as part of its two-month offensive in the territory. Palestinian doctors said the six were killed in Israeli air strikes and exchanges of fire in Gaza City's Shejaiya neighbourhood on Wednesday.

Civilian beatings in Sudan
Riot police have fired tear gas and beaten up an Aljazeera journalist in Khartoum as opposition party supporters demonstrated against a recent rise in petrol and sugar prices, witnesses said. Thousands of people had been expected at the protest on Wednesday organised by a group of opposition parties. But riot police prevented opposition leaders and others from joining the rally, which the authorities had banned, witnesses said.


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