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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mourning New Orleans – one year on

What really happened in New Orleans?

Film maker Spike Lee has just launched his film looking at the New Orleans tragedy and pulls no punches with his examination of events. As some in the conspiracy world suggest that Hurricane Katrina was directed by the US through the use of their HAARP facility in Alaska which are the only man made things which can interfere with the Ionosphere which in turn can effect weather patterns so as to create a ‘natural disaster’ so Bush could bring into effect his new martial laws to create precedence for some deeper nefarious plan (check out the posting below re the Detention camps), Spike Lee alleges the levees were blown by the Government…

In interviews, and in the documentary, Lee refused to reject the belief, held by many black residents, that the government bombed the levees, flooding the poorest areas to spare the wealthiest ones, such as the French Quarter, which is the biggest draw for tourists. "We let people say what they think," he said, noting the government did destroy levees during the 1927 Great Flood of Mississippi. "We have people from the Lower Ninth Ward who swear on a stack of Bibles they heard explosions.”


At 30/8/06 3:21 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Nice work Bomber giving air to more ridiculous conspiracy theories.
So what did Bush have to gain by engineering this catastrophe? As the govt. response after Katrina coupled with Iraq caused Bush's approval rating to slip to the lowest of any sitting president ever, I can't think what that would be.

At 30/8/06 3:36 pm, Blogger bomber said...

Sigh - Deano, try and open your mind, honestly man - the mainstream media are not there to tell you what is goin on - try reading some Chomsky. As for the conspiracy theory, dude I'm just relaying what others have suggested - did you even bother reading about the HAARP site? I've got just one question for you Deano - Please tell me why the Americans have the HAARP complex in Alaska and please tell me what it is used for? As for why the Americans would direct a Hurricane into one of their own cities, the conspiracy is that the Administration wanted to create a legal precedence to allow Martial law (which is tied into the Halliburton contract awarded to them this year for the creation of a $380 million detention camp in America). The Martial laws have been changed immensely behind the scenes since 2001, and the Administration during Hurricane Katrina tried to force the Governor to declare Martial Law. But of course you would already know those points wouldn’t you Deano, I mean you wouldn’t open your mouth without knowing those facts, would you Deano?

At 30/8/06 5:25 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

please learn to leave americana alone, try to help NZ,
Norlins is dying,
new orleans is being flooded out
and that is nature bomber,
there are no hand outs for being cynical,

At 30/8/06 5:53 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

Peter - go tell Spike Lee he is wrong

At 30/8/06 8:12 pm, Blogger Russell Brown said...

I'm in San Francisco at the moment, and I watched parts three and four of Spike Lee's documentary on HBO tonight. It's superb: measured, moving (I cried a couple of times) and damning.

I didn't see it even contemplate the ludicrous idea that the levees were bombed, let alone that the HAARP project somehow caused the hurricane.

It didn't need to. The reality is bad enough: levees that simply were not built to a decent standard (there's an instructive comparison with the Netherlands), failures at all levels of government (but FEMA most of all), insurance companies that shafted people who'd been paying their premiums for decades, people being treated like animals when the evacuation finally happened, and what emerges as a fairly strong implication of official racism.

It can certainly be feasibly claimed that higher ocean temperatures due to global warming created a more severe hurricane, but there's simply no evidence for what you're saying.

I enjoy your energy Bomber, but you need to get a grip here.


At 30/8/06 8:25 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

Hold on Russell - I'm simply putting out there the very extreme conspiracy theories, I'm not saying they are real - HOWEVER I am very interested in the HAARP project (I would like to hear your thoughts on the HAARP theory actually) and I'm simply reporting what Spike Lee has said in interviews regarding the blowing of the levees.


bomber with a grip

At 30/8/06 9:14 pm, Blogger JamesP said...

Take a minute to google or wiki the term "ionosphere heater" will see that the claim that "HAARP facility in Alaska which is the only man made thing which can interfere with the Ionosphere" is demonstrably false. Anyone who can be wrong on a simple matter of fact like that is almost certainly not an expert in the field and should be treated with extreme scepticism.

FWIW, there is open mindedness which is a wonderful trait and then there is being a gullible fool. Try not to cross that line :)

At 30/8/06 9:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and also, ignore the rantings of Deano and Peter.

For example, in an article published in the Houston Chronicle in 2001, the author, an engineer, explained in detail that the levees were not suitable for defence against a disaster of the magnitude of Katrina. It was well known, common knowledge, that this would happen if this storm came.

I tend to agree with Russel, but - there is a strong tendency of people to put apparently IMPOSSIBLE governmental betrayals out of consideration. Yet we have proof that the BUsh Administration will lie to achieve their ends. I'm open to all possibilities.

Yes, Chomsky's new book explains the contingency plans the US government has, 'just in case.'

At 30/8/06 10:11 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

Jamesp - oops - you are right, sorry I was saying that antennas like the HAARP antennas are the only man made thing that can heat the ionosphere - not the HAARP project WAS the only one - my cock up - should read which are the only man made thing which can interfere with the Ionosphere

At 31/8/06 7:27 am, Blogger Russell Brown said...

I'm simply reporting what Spike Lee has said in interviews regarding the blowing of the levees.

I guess I have the advantage of having seen two of the four hours, which I think puts the quote above from Lee into context. In very large part, the documentary lets people tell their stories and pour out their anger, grief and frustration.

I can see why Lee would not want to tell people what they could not say, and in a way, even the craziest claims add to the overall picture. He also gets official responses to claims, and in some cases it's quite clear that the official story is a lie. People were allowed to go back to their homes, after being told that their houses had been checked and there were no dead bodies, only to find the mummified corpses of family members. That's horrible.

It does also appear that there's a feeding frenzy amongst property speculators in the worst-hit areas of the city, and, effectively, a drive to whiten and gentrify the new New Orleans.


At 31/8/06 7:38 am, Anonymous bomber said...

Cheers Russ, I have read a lot that suggests the New Orleans aftermath has been a racial divide - am looking forward to seeing the film!

Oh and James I just read your gullible line- dude I clearly wrote up that stuff as 'conspiracy theory', I'm not stating it as fact - I'm clear where the line is - this isn't that conspiracy magazine Steve Crow publishes! (grin)


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