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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Israel is such a righteous and moral nation

This from the BBC
UN denounces Israel cluster bombs
The UN's humanitarian chief has accused Israel of "completely immoral" use of cluster bombs in Lebanon. UN clearance experts had so far found 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets at 359 separate sites, Jan Egeland said. UN efforts to rid Lebanon of cluster bombs have been under way since the conflict ended. Earlier estimates from UN experts had suggested a total of about 100 cluster bomb sites. Mr Egeland described the fresh statistics as "shocking new information". "What's shocking and completely immoral is: 90% of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict, when we knew there would be a resolution," he said.

Isn’t that neat, 90% of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours when Israel knew a resolution was coming and simply wanted to sow more misery on the innocent Lebanese civilian population. What a moral and righteous nation Israel is.This is a war crime, and every life these cluster bombs take is a murder. No wonder there is so much anger towrads Israel.


At 31/8/06 6:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no one wants to comment on this subject... it's just a little too close to home somehow.. It seems like a bit of a psychological oxymoron.. considering we're in New Zealand.

Nationalism and racial identity within nations? Are we entitled to our racism/race or not?
Racism only becomes a problem when members of 'races' unite to racistly attack by competitive or violent means another nation or ethnic minority.

I'm willing to admit it. I personally feel fear to speak out criticizing Israel for it's actions. But where does this fear come from? Stigma, brainwashing within my own society. What is it?

Oh i know... there's those people who attack anyone who says something about israel regardless of what they're actually saying.

You see them commenting anonymously on here quite often..

I actually think that Indian restaurant (now had it's name changed apparently) was ... well
what can I say? something...

How someone benefits from despising Hitler I'm not sure... but a spicy food restaurant in India seems like a fairly impartial 'joke' to me.

As someone said to me once, the ww2 was a war between militaristic nationalistic european states.
It wasn't about Jewish people at all.. insofar as they didn't have an army on the field.

anyway i'm not quite sure what i'm getting at but the swastika was an indian symbol originally anyway... so for them to make a cultural statement by opening a Hitler themed restaurant seems kind of apt. If they want to enjoy spicy food who cares.. or is someone accusing them of being anti semitic because of this? I'm not.. personally think they should have kept the name.

India is primarily Hindi and they probably don't have an opinion for or against jews or nazis and why should they?

"jew or nazi? the choice is yours!"
i mean - is it really that black and white? Because if you speak out against israel... that's how it feels.



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