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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Prison Blog 2

Welcome to www.tumeke.blogspot.com - uncensored news opinion & culture jamming, it is a current affairs newsblog providing alternative critiques of the issues that the mainstream seem to dumb down.

Below is the Prison Blog Tim Selwyn wrote which features in the Sunday Star Times and Herald on Sunday, even though the story in the Sunday Star Times was very weak and doesn’t even mention the Prison Blog or why Tim was writing it – which is really what the story was about – when you compare the two stories between the Herald and the SST, the Herald really nailed the SST. Tim decided to use his time inside to detailing what life was really like behind bars in a NZ prison, a sentence by the way that I find was excessive and politically motivated (scroll through the archives for the full blog)

Please note part of the Blog was censored for legal reasons

Simon Power from the National Party is now trying to have this site shut down.



Friday in The Rock – please note my letters are read by the Prison Officers before they can be sent, so read between the lines.

He was accused of CENSORED and attacking an elderly lady in Pukekohe. They put him into the main yard – mainstream – on Friday morning. Someone recognized him from TV. He was in the far corner – next to the other door. In the Black Power corner.
He shouldn’t have been in mainstream. He is not a mainstream New Zealander. Some civic-minded, community-spirited member of that well-known organization must have remembered him from the television. Whoever said “any publicity is good publicity” could not have contemplated the incident that was to follow – it sort of ran quite contrary to that maxim.
There was a solid slap no doubt corrective in nature, quickly followed by a slamming thud that reverberated around the compound as his head hit the concrete wall. Now this was not your run-of-the-mill Capillesque loner walk-by outside court – it was a spontaneous (probably) outpouring of disapproval, administered in a culturally appropriate format. Indeed, one alert citizen sprinted from one side of the yard, past me and the rest of East Wing, to the far corner to land a flying knee into this person. Several others disposed to alternative modes of societal sanction engaged at this point. The scrabble players nearby, however, remained focused firmly on their deliberations (which I think is rather selfish).
The Officer in the tower probably couldn’t identify anyone because there were so many deciding to take similar action. He must have noticed something against prison regulations was occurring because in less than a minute a dozen officers poured through the near door. Silence descended over the yard as the uniformed group moved slowly towards the scene in a defensive formation. The person with blood and red patches on his face, surprisingly was able to walk out to meet the officers in the middle of the yard. One chap, perhaps an unlucky Johnny-come-lately to the incident was taken away. What a shame. Hope he gets docked a whole sugar sachet at breakfast.
I think the accused child rapist should of actually been in Protection, where the other child rapists are, not in Mainstream. But, I’m not a Corrections Officer, so what do I know? Anyway, accidents will happen won’t they Officer? Oh dear, how sad, never mind. What a great environment to become rehabilitated in.
Oh, and me? Well, I never saw anything. Too busy trying to explain the reasons for my outrage at my sentence. Must have been the only one in the whole yard not to have seen it. Honestly Officer.
Tim Selwyn
Prison Blogger


At 29/7/06 8:27 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

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Leanne said...
Hi Tim, I wondered if next time you could actually put the boot in that bastard from me? Perhaps a good headbutt like that Zin Za whats his name. Otherwise, do you get the opportunity to boil up sugar and water? If so, could you possible throw some of that at the cunt too. Makes me wonder if they put him in mainstream on purpose - perhaps he is hated by the guards too... you never know; not that I care. I think that prison politics are just as interesting as world politics so please keep up the fantstic blogs as they are a million times better than Prisoner Cell Block H.
28/7/06 1:20 PM

Anonymous said...
"Makes me wonder if they put him in mainstream on purpose"
I felt that was implied, but as scummy as this offender may be, it's not sanctioned, and we shouldn't really want to see capital punshiment dished out by proxy like this...if we all want to go the way of capital punishemnt it should be done though the legitimate channels.
28/7/06 2:01 PM

Anonymous said...
What a great environment to become rehabilitated in.
When you take a bunch of violent people, lock them up together and create a dog-eat-dog environment where strength and brutality earns respect, what do people expect will happen? The wonder isn't that so few people coming through the prison system are rehabilitated, it's that any of them are at all.
28/7/06 2:19 PM

Anonymous said...
Very interesting insights from behind the iron curtain ....
Why isn't the CCTV with every prisoner where large numbers on their jumpsuit too.
Those that beat up the rapist should themselves be confined to their cells and punished for their actions.
There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with rapists. More violence is not the right way.
28/7/06 9:05 PM

deano said...
Prison is not primarily about rehabilitation. It is a punishment. Any rehab is a (fortunate) byproduct.
28/7/06 11:00 PM

Peter said...
Prison is not primarily about rehabilitation.
That used to be the idea, I'm not sure it is any more. A prison sentence is supposed to be both a deterrent and a corrective influence, although I doubt it's possible for it to be successful at both.
29/7/06 2:28 PM

At 30/7/06 12:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the guy getting bashed was that f*cker Graeme Capill, that hypocritical bastard.

At 30/7/06 11:22 am, Blogger Bomber said...

...............................In the Herald on Sunday: Simon Power says he wants to shut this blogsite down because Tim is writing Prison Blogs.......How the hell can a man like Simon Power, who convinces this country that Prisoners are living in hotels, that Prisoners get cuddles at bedtime, that it's some sort of Disneyland for adults - yet here we have Tim showing what is really going on inside, that violence is there on an any day basis - Is Simon Power calling for an inquiry into how this Prisoner was 'accidentally' put into mainyard for a beating? No, he automatically calls to have this blogsite taken down for showing the reality inside Prison - what an amazing act of flexible reasoning that is.

At 30/7/06 11:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fight in a prison yard, whatever next? And what an enlightened source: a person coming up to three convictions himself, two of them involving dishonesty.

Some advice for Mr Selwyn:

Stop worrying whether you will be serving eight rather than six weeks. Or perhaps you think the educated white boy should be treated a little more leniently?

More likely that the judge took into account your previous conviction for dishonesty. A matter that won't be overlooked at your next criminal trial, also involving dishonesty.

But none of this is your fault of course.


At 30/7/06 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

.............Israeli spies convicted on passport fraud like Tim, 6 months, Policeman convicted of historic sexual molestation charges in Wellington last week, $10 000 fine, 100 hours community service - Tim gets 17 months, no home detention and has to serve the sentence one after the other - anon, I think you have to open your eyes a little.

At 30/7/06 12:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber, from Chch is that you?
Dean,Sydney Chap

At 30/7/06 12:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree there are definately two sets of rules in this Country,If you are rich or a cop you can pretty much get away with anything.

At 30/7/06 1:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is a disgrace. What happened to losing your civil rights when in prison? Phone calls, letters & visits are all monitored, yet he is able to spout his views internationally.

It's hardly news that kiddy fiddlers get beaten up in prison. But it still doesn't stop them.

Do the people that think this blog is a good idea actually visit Tim in prison? Because I think that would be more useful than typing messages here.

At 30/7/06 1:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are limited what you can get out now but I am sure you are keeping a detailed diary - there is nothing they can do about that.

Keep notes - who comes to work drunk, who is dealing with inmates, who is routinely bullying inmates (only the small weak ones of course, all bullies are pathetic cowards), who is abusing and harassing other staff, which staff are on dope.

Criminals are supposed to be low-life’s but what about the staff?? One is hesitant to use the word management as ‘Prison Management’ is, of course, an oxymoron.

You might not like to live next door to released criminals but the time to get really scared if any of the foul mouthed, small brained, filth in uniforms move in, the ones they get in suits are even worse.

As for the scum in Wellington that support, protect and promote them, they are even more disgusting.

They will be scared of you because they know you are educated and literate and can get publicity so they will be careful with you but you will still see and hear plenty.

Watch the staff not the crims, if decent staff (yes occasionally one gets through but they don’t last long) report anything they are destroyed but you can report what you know.

Same as the police a truthful and honest member of prison staff is a major threat and has to be dealt to and destroyed, while the filth and their protectors prosper.

At 30/7/06 1:20 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

…………………………….Wow Owen, what another delightfully compassionate blog posting from you. What astounds me is that you are so quick to shoot this site down, shouldn’t we know what is going on inside Prisons? Shouldn’t we see the reality? Or would that disrupt the public misperception that is spouted by politicians like Simon Power that it’s a hotel? Politicians who feed on the fear of crime and use it to look hard on crime to the electorate, when it is that ‘hard on criminals’ bullshit that is contributing to the violent environment they live in, which contributes to the dehumanizing of them. What is amazing is that people like you Owen will still be surprised when they come out of such an environment and commit worse crimes. Treat them like animals, they will become animals. The fact a beating took place with the apparent tacit approval of the Prison staff by allowing someone who should have been in segregation into a mainstream yard IS OF CONCERN. It’s that sort of shit that happens in Banana Republics. You should judge a society on how it treats its lowest members, all your mentality is doing is contributing to the problem. Your acting like an angry6 Teenager who demands retribution at all costs – we are adults, we have to come up with better ways of solving these issues.

At 30/7/06 2:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are you going to pay back the taxpayers for the benefit money you defrauded? When it is all repaid, you may get some sympathy for your plight. In the meantime, enjoy your "holiday".

At 30/7/06 3:24 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

.....................................That's the spirit Anon, hey while we are at it, why don't we gets us all dems prisoners, and get em in chain gangs, breaking rock on the side of the road singin, 'Ole Man River'.

Tim is the first to admit he has a debt to pay, and I'm not defending his actions - I'm simply saying he was treated harshly, and that begs the question why.

At 30/7/06 3:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thansk for the blogging
nice to have soem real news from inside prisons
isnt it funny how thousands of NZers are locked up in prison, and presumably many thousands of ex prisoners walk down the same streets as me, but no one is allowed to know whats going on inside them? and the politicians get all hysterical when some naughty person tells us whats really going on

a request now. could Tim write about the day to day boring bits (between the fights). the reality of daily life in prison, just so we taxpayers can know??

At 30/7/06 6:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tim

Now I am a white middle class middle aged male, and personnaly I dont have a problem with your Blog.

Go for it. I happy to see from a prisoners perspective what is going on in there.

At 30/7/06 6:32 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Simon Power SPEAKS!!

Shame he does not realise being in opposition is about attacking the Government.

I don't see how attacking Tumeke in any way adds to the objective of opposition which is to remove the Government.


At 30/7/06 6:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To clarify - when I said 'dealing with inmates' I should have said 'trading with inmates'.

How do you think they get cell-phones, a lot of their drugs etc.

Why do you think their 'union' has resisted drug testing of staff for years.

A funny event - the drug dog was at Auckland prison foyer, the staff going off duty started to arrive to go home - drug dog goes crazy.

Believe me many of the problems in NZ jails stem from staff and 'management' not crims.

The few staff who aren't part of the corruption are too scared to speak out as they know they will lose their job, no point crims speaking out because few people care what a crim says.

Mind you a crim. can always get a fancy pants lawyer to work for them to get compensation, abused staff are not so lucky.

At 30/7/06 6:45 pm, Blogger Genius said...

Good on you Bomber/Tim, for reporting on what happens in prison and shame on Simon Powers for simultaneously trying to breach your rights AND to hide information about how our prison serves is working from us.

And I agree with 30/7/06 3:35 PM Anonymous - even the boring bits could add a lot of value.

At 30/7/06 6:54 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

What does Tim really know? he's a bed and breakfast guest, a privilaged observer to the reality of prison life. No doubt he will take this experience away and learn one of two things. He will either learn to change or he will learn not to get caught, simple. The beating of the high profile inmate is just one of those things that happen inside, people will always like to think that other peoples sins are far greater then theirs and feel justified in dishing out punishment for something they thought was unacceptible. Just as the system we, out here, live under calls the shot, so to is it in there. There are laws and rules for the fully initiated inmate. Evolution is a great thing. It's a must in order to survive.

Regards Kokonutcreme

At 30/7/06 6:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a bit confused. i never knew prisoners were allowed the internet im prison?
speaking of mteden prison. i walked around the outside last week it must be hard to escape from there. i wonder if anyone has escaped and jumped onto a passing freight train

At 30/7/06 6:55 pm, Blogger Reeves said...

I spent some time at her majesty's expense in one of NZ's womens prisons and quite frankly applaud the actions of my fellow holiday-goer (not much of a fucken holiday though aye mate?!).. anyway I'm in total support of Tims blog. While in prison I too kept a detailed account of day to day goings on, what the screws did...the ones that could move that is...the ones hitting on ya...the ones who fish for info on how to cook that, grow this etc... like we're gonna tell. I was disgusted and wrote many letters to varying departments about the treatment of prisoners (the term inmate is now inappropriate). I was not incarcerated for dishonesty, theft or violence - leaves only one other. So my point is unless you have experienced the utter humiliation and can freely speak now (though I never saw any fuckn thing either...true Miss!) I applaud this truth! Its good to read about what truly is going on - And the minister travelled all the wya to Iceland for ideas???

At 30/7/06 6:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you are rich or a cop you can pretty much get away with anything. "

Get your facts right anon - you are a cock.

At 30/7/06 7:07 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

What is the truth? Who was responsible for 911? What is really happening with oil prices? Who is right in the middle east conflict? does it really matter whether the average new zealander hears or knows what happens insode? I don't think so! What will this achieve? Swing it more the the left and then will really start dishing out the poor me's to criminals? there are people inside who need to be in there and that's that. There are people in there who have more in prison then they do on the outer so choose to stay or return. What happened to the cliche "Do the crime, Do the time!" Before "P" was around there were still violent people and some real rough ass standover men who ensured boobheads were hard. We live in a society yhat now wants to embrace and TLC people who really have only one thing on their mind..themselves! For those who have been inside, I mean done a real lag. If you've changed? why? Was it the fear of prison? Was it the poor food? Was it your family? Was it God? or was it like for so many....You got old burned out and said I've had enough! So what do you do now? On the Bene? It seems that inmates changing their behaviour and then going on the Bene is acceptible..rubbish. "Do the crime, DO THE TIME!" So when you come to a point of change in your life...it will be a real one, a strong one and not a poor me self pity woooseeyy broken arse sad story. keep it real or go home!!

Regards Kokonutcreme

At 30/7/06 7:11 pm, Blogger Old Bugger said...

good on both of you I agree with anonymous to a degree but looking back over the last 50 odd years people like Simon Powers, Helen Clarke etc have been eroding ordinary peoples right to know what is going on in NZ and when someone has the balls to to talk about it we tend to knock it.People will let things happen around them and not do anything about it Govt employees are probably the worst.And as for fraud and taxpayers money its those who we elected that should be in jail, whoops I forgot the gravy train lawyers will keep them out. So Tim carry on the good work at least they are taking notice of you and thats more than granny herald was able to do.

At 30/7/06 7:19 pm, Blogger nickb said...

no way you should be in there tim go further and appeal now

At 30/7/06 7:24 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Anonymous you said"Believe me many of the problems in NZ jails stem from staff and 'management' not crims."

I'll ask you to put your money where your mouth is and come public with any evidence you have of that accusation. My experience with staff and I have had many years experience with Correction staff, is they do ther very best with the resources they have to ensure a fair and safe environment for all involved. The prison wardens "Bosses" are good people and they assist inmates appropriatly. The only probem with prison is that we're building more of them and it aint working however there are a lot of people out there who have no idea about the psyche, the culture and dynamics involved in becoming a boobhead. Anonymous If you're prepared to back your claims then put your name to it, I will to any claim I make! My Name is Emile Grey, I live in Nelson and I am a real person. I'm not going to hide behind some pen name and talk shite purely for the sake of talking shite...Back your statements up or Back out I say !

Regards Kokonutcreme

At 30/7/06 8:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prison's not a nice place and nor is the guy who got bashed. He knew it was coming - he's been in before so he must have known what would happen and decided it was better to get it over and done with. He could have asked to be segregated for his own safety. There's a prison manual online that explains all the correct procedures, for anyone who is interested - http://www.corrections.govt.nz/public/policyandlegislation/ppm/

At 30/7/06 9:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kokonutcreme - you have got to be joking.

As for my money - the department you love so much made sure I lost all that.

Bet you believe OJ never murdered anyone.

The facts are well known to everyone (and have been for a very long time), the minister, the pm, the inspectors, the disgusting bureaucrats in Wellington, the 'union' - everyone except you that is.

How do you think those crims are getting all those payouts - because the corrupt, violent cowards and their bosses have no idea how to behave that’s why. Good luck to them, but it is a pity that bleeding heart lawyers only care about crims, sadly no-one gives a damn about staff who break the code and speak out.

The plight of the whistle blower is well known – to everyone except you perhaps.

I would love to see someone take a hidden camera into the prisons, like the BBC in the UK did with the police force and hospitals. You can see those programs on the Net, Undercover Cop, Undercover Nurse and Undercover Cleaner.

Pity NZ doesn’t have any real media or journalists, helps people to live in a fools paradise, real evidence would burst their little bubble but I don’t think it will ever happen is sad little NZ.

Decent staff have to turn to the dark side or get out. They cannot afford to have people there who will tell the truth at an enquiry, they fear that more than anything.

Why they back the ignorant, drunken, riff-raff over the decent is a mystery to me, maybe they like having to pay compensation to murderers, who knows.

At 30/7/06 10:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What a great environment to become rehabilitated in.

As an ex-crim myself, I can speak from experience when I say that there is no rehabilitation in prison.

Most of the inmates that I met in prison never received any help for their drug and alcohol problems, anger management issues, or life skill problems; and at least half of em couldn't even read or write.

When placed into an environment such as prison, where violence is the norm; where prisoners receive no help whatsoever for their problems - is it any wonder most criminals reoffend when released.

"Fuck the System"

At 30/7/06 10:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just heard Simon Power talking about this blog. How come all National MPs sound like John Banks? Are they all cruel hamster-dicks who despise poor people? I think they must be.

At 30/7/06 10:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got to laugh really. I saw some well meaning up-himself pratt running art history classes for criminals who couldn't even read - what a joke.

Mind you its not just crims who can’t read, about 50% of uniformed staff have serious numeracy and literacy problems. One reason some officers never write a report - its a little difficult when you are, to all intents and purposes, illiterate. Fortunately porn does not require a very high level of literacy.

I suspect their lack of intellectual skills and the feeling of inadequacy that brings explains some of the ‘culture’ of bullying and abuse that prevails in NZ prisons.

Not too many graduates applying for the job.

The flat earth society is alive and well.

At 30/7/06 10:23 pm, Blogger karlos said...

I'm not a particularly big fan of Tim, but more power to him getting his word out.
I struggle to see how any law is being broken. Unless he signed a non-disclosure agreement before being locked up?

At 30/7/06 10:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I have read on this blog site, I see alot of people complaining about The System, The Government, The Hierachy, and so on and so fort. Yet no one has actually said anything positive towards making changes about it. Actions speak louder than words, and for anyone that says "We have tried to do something about this", you havent tried hard enough.

Quit complaining and put your words into practice! There are alot of uninformed people out there spouting off about things they know very little about. Most people have an opinion about something in one form or another. Opinions mean nothing without evidence to back it up.

At 30/7/06 11:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Touchë to you kokonutcreme, i just laugh when i read jerkoff comments like anonymous'blows!

i have only been to her majestys hotel twwice; 1st was 5 years(xtreme violence), and 7 years (Drug$$$), so i figure i have an

in depth database that i can elaborate from.

Screws (wardens), are most certainly very susceptible to corruption every single day in there, in fact i could quite matter

of factly go on to say that i bet...that across our nation tonite, there will be screws that are actually dreading to go to

work tomorrow/nite for fear of wondering just what their next mission for the inmate/s will be!

The drug P would have certainly increased the opportunities for widespread corruption within this prison system purley

(pardon the pun!) because heres the maths people: what a P Gang makes in a day...would be twice as much as what a screw can

make in a year (including overtime) and some, on his/her measeley pay system! Who said Crime doesn't pay, who the fuck

were those fucken idiots i ask. I have nothing to fear by my statements here in terms of the law because, not only am i on

the right path now
, and have been for several years, but they know just as well as i, that this is not idle chatter, just

like they know, just as well as i know...it can't be stopped now, our nation is in for the long haul, and we know what that

means don't we kiwis; thats right, more heinous, bizzare crimes being committed, more disfunctional families being created,

more prison being required to house all of this total kaos, and more taxes to fund these facts of life. I often wonder about

this guy Greg Newbold who is a touted criminal dr.or expert or whatever who also came from the concrete jungle; i

often wonder when he is going to not only stop telling us what we already know; but also to perhaps come up with some form of

corrective actions for the poor lost souls that can actually be saved from life in hell? Anyone can state a fact in

life, but the real work happens when a procedure is put in place to correct or save a life.

Sir Clinton Roper Report, was a report complied from inmates, and for the inmates in terms of the main question being: "What

do you think would help you become a better person if you were given the chance to rehabilitate".That was the core question

asked when Sir Clinton Roper and his group toured all of the prisons in NZ in an honest attempt to provide corrective actions

for the future, and what happened to this report that so much time and effort was input? what did govts and prison systems

do with these findings? Sweet fuck all i say! to this day...that report still sits idle going nowhere, although i have been

told that "the Faith Unit" in Rimutaka prison is now actually dissecting this report and begining to administer parts of

these findings, one needs only to look at their statistics compared to other parts of the prison system to realise that

there's actually something proactive emerging from these procedures!

Prison bashings, is an everyday occurance nationwide (male prisons at least). Some very nasty shit gooes down when theres a

"hit" going down. i have seen the meekest person arrive in the concrete jungle for something as fucking frugal as

"non-payment of fines", who should never have even been placed in such a hell hole...i have seen them leave prison with

massive chips on their shoulders, anti social, anti authority, their lives will never be the same now that they have been

tainted. Some of these meek would only be sentenced to say, 6 weeks jail, and ended up serving 6 fucking years for turning

into a very nasty & hostile person! So yeah go on "jo-Blog" from society, you go ahead and be the perfect armchair critic

sentencing everyone to be punished,incacerated, and "whatever" else you sentence them to... go ahead Jo; and you better hope

like hell that you dont feel the sting of these scorpions when they get released to a town near you, or better still become

your fucking neighbour, you stupid tunnelled visionaries!

Child molesterers; are the scourge of any country - no question about that! during my time in her majestys hotel, there were

numerous occassions where a screw would come into my cell and say i'll give you 3 minutes in cell such and such, go

. In english that meant "there's a kid fucker in cell block dada, cell dada, you have 3 minutes to do your damage, go

hard". Well even the screws have families to go home to, so even they cannot help but inject their empathy where they can in

terms of these low life fucked up pieces of shight. Because i made no secret that i came from a disfuctional family; my

destiny was already set to spend time in the concrete jungle; it was quite obvious that i was an ideal candidate to give

these imbeciles some jungle justice without any come back on the screws, a perfect vicious cycle was in place!

Rehbilitation; there is no such word in terms of penal input, rehab has to come from within yourself if you want to stop the

cycle from repeating on you.You also have to turn your back on some cultures that will truly test your commitment, chances

are you would also have to re enter the combat zone a few more times in order to stress the fact that you no longer have the

desire to be in such an enviornment. So what does one get from the systems of penal, police, Jo-Blogs, and governments when

one has decided to turn a new leaf? Sweet F.A, no pat on the back, no reinforcement, and most certainly if one has been out

of strife for a decade or more...no travelling rights to another country "of hope" for a new begining! the latter really

sucks, i mean here i am running my own business for several years now, not to mention that i had to go through the "Fit &

Proper Person" check before i could launch my business, came out smelling like roses with the rubber stamp to go forth...but

still no travelling abilities because of one's past, that...people, to me is the biggest fucking let down for

everyone who has turned a new leaf over! yet you get tom dick & harry doing the false passport, or "out the back door"

scenarios every other day, whilst you get the big let down for all of your efforts!

Another point of interest that "Jo-Blog" the armchair critic extraordinair would not have considered is this: what can anyone

do to punish an offender with impisonment when that offender's life at home in a disfunctional state was by far worse than

what any prison could ever offer? nothing at all "Jo-Blog", the offender has faced far more heinious shight that any prison,

bashing, or even death...could offer, because chances are that this offender has literally had the shit smashed out of them

on numerous occassions, possibly even died and brought back to life via St.johns, or something similar. So to think that

prison and what goes with it is going to sort them out is, by far...a long way from the truth Jo-Blog, in fact imprisonment

will only srve to nuture this little beast into something totally immune to all corrective action attempts. Say the beast got

7 years and jo blog thinks "aha, he's gone now, end of story", not so...this beast has friends who have lived similar lifes

to his, and he can quite simply have these people pay you a visit in your quaint little glass house at any given time, just

to let you know that they are thinking of you fondly, and/or, a calling card to let you know that they can wait a long time

to catch up with you again. life is alot like the Internet... Nothing is Safe & secure anything is possible.

Key to rehabilitation of any kind in general, and also in my opinion, is quite simply education,not just any

ole edumacation, education that will pertain to the individual's future path in life, once you have their interest...you just

watch them grow and head off in their desired directions with a proactive purpose and goals to aim for! What worked for me

was education, followed by the birth of my first child, everything fell into place from thereon in i can tell you. i still

have a chip on my shoulder due to my Rehabilitation paragraph up above, in terms of how we still don't get any credits

for fixing up and stopping the cycle of what was more often than not; originally created by our disfunctional up bringings.

My family still live in thier vicious circle, for one reason or another they just will not push themselves outta there

(which tells me there will be other similar families out there on the same fucked up planet), but i have decided to give full

focus to my immediate beautiful family for the rest of my life. Should the disfunctional side wish to merge at any later

point in time...i will endeavour to assist as best i can, but until then, i really have to give priority to what I myself

have created since the penny dropped.

okay, i reckon i have given a brief overview of my opinions in terms of her majesty's hotel, it's not really a holiday camp

you know Jo-blog, it's just a fact of life that you make the best of any given situation - No matter what, or where it may

, and for the disfunctional and career orientated person...it probably is a holiday camp, to the latter i say; it is

fact of life that there will always be an opposite to everything, we have god/satan, good/bad, up/down, left/right, the list

is never ending, the key is understanding the differences e.g. education.

All Power to everyone!

At 31/7/06 7:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martyn, if Tim has to stop writing this blog, I presume he will continue to write you letters?

Might you perhaps want to share you personal letter with his friends and acquitances some of whom live outside Auckland or overseas?

What better way then for you to share them on a blog.

I don't get this Power rant. And I support National. Surely Tim's contributions actually HELP him expose prison life? Idiot.

I find Tim's post a most intriguing insight into life behind the iron curtain.

At 31/7/06 7:08 am, Blogger ferryl said...

seen this poncy cunt on tv talking about this site and blog wanting to close it down ,well done a million people will probebly tune into it now u couldnt buy better advertising !!! what a plonker lets stop people writing letters in prison yeah . i wonder if the rapist cops that the whole country knows are guilty ( were not stupid) will get extra special treatment in the yard or maybe they have stashed enough money and drugs too keep them out of the firing line ?? . i will check this site every day now cheers simon for informing me about it i hope u give us all some more hot tips on where to spend my internet time . WANKER

At 31/7/06 9:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are pathetic, I'm sorry to post that but you really are. You area prisoner for fucks sake. Get over yourself.

as far as im concerned, you do the crime you do the time. WITHOUT liberities.

At 31/7/06 10:35 am, Blogger Seamonkey Madness said...

I think the majority of people misunderstand that hes not actually logging on to this blog and writing it himself. Hes channeling his spirit through Mr. Bradbury and letting his fingers do the walking.

And Tim, why don't you just buy a rock hammer, pretend to carve up some chess pieces, do the Guvnor's accounting, and put a movie poster up on the wall - all the time plotting and conniving to simultaneously break out AND bring the system down from the inside?

Oh wait, thats already been done...

At 31/7/06 10:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may not necessary beleive in locked up prisoners having access to the Internet, however I do find this blog an interesting read. To the point of I shall follow this site daily. Thanks to the media for bringing this to our attention. May many others log in for a look.

At 31/7/06 10:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To K1w1as - fan-fucken-tastic. If "telling it like it is" plays a part in your business, you will excell.

At 31/7/06 11:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted by the inhumane acts of torture inflicted upon our own kind and how it is tolerated and in many instances, encouraged, by the powers of be. I hate violence. I hated it being inflicted upon me, I hated using it and I hate seeing it. And whilst there are evil fuckers among us who deserve all they get, I still hate violence...BUT, when the innocence of a child is robbed, their lives forever fucked up by a nonce, I say 'BRING IT ON!' and would pay top dollar to watch.

Kiddie-fiddlers don't have rights. They detach themselves from the human race the moment they have a "thought" involving a sexual act with a child. They shouldn't get choices of where to do their time; mainstream or segregation. I'd like to think the placing of this scum in mainstream wasn't an accident. I'd like to think the Department of Corrections purposely put him there knowing what would happen. I'd like to think it happened to all of them sick fucks. I'm just really disappointed this particular sack of shit was able to walk away from his bashing. Fingers crossed he wont next time.

(I'd like to thank the Herald on Sunday for the article directing me to this site. It's always a bonus when I read "my views" written by someone else - I then know I'm not alone in my way of thinking)

At 31/7/06 11:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you actually get forcefully rogered up the bottom in Prison Tim, or is that just a scare tactic to keep would be crims on the straight and narrow?

Ill never commit a crime for that reason alone.....Ouch!

At 31/7/06 11:28 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Anonymous If I was just some joe blog off the street who's only means of information was mainstream media, Shortland Street, Womens Day and writting on public toilet walls I'ld be writting and responding in the manner you are and have been. All support and ups to k1w1as. I graduated from Owai boys home through CT, Waikeria, Houtu, Rangipo, The Rock and then Parry then to Parry med and Min. All up approx 16 years of my life spent in her majesty's service. From Piss pots to Radio and toilets. What does that make me? Now I have my own classroom, BOT on school board, MOE reference groups etc, etc etc and when I try to jump back into the system from a positive angle, qualified, backed up and competent to offer input into how to better prevent another me being created I get shunned by the system. Why?.....Because there are too many people like anonymous who would rather read the writting on toilet walls and claim knowledge and all caring....BLAH! Rehabilitation is a dirty word, like k1w1as has pointed out For those who have lived the system intimately the answer is Education. Simple! After education is Acceptance. Change can only exhibit itself by being accepted. I know! And still I battle because of what people see! There are those who are prepared to accept change, very few and far between.

Regards Emile Grey

At 31/7/06 11:45 am, Blogger miss_seph said...

Wow - Can you post up how many hits you got on your blog after the article in the Herald? I'm all for the prison blogging- "Live blogging - Incarceration". Sounds like a new reality show!!
Whether we agree on the bashing of said rapist, or not, one thing's for sure - We wouldn't have had any idea it happened at all if not for the initiative shown by Mr Selwyn and Bomber in this letter blogging.

Keep up the good work Bomber!

At 31/7/06 11:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While sadly there are too many of YOU out there who are so quick to make comments such as "prisoners get it easy", "prisoners shouldn't have any rights", "prisoners are where they belong" and so on, YOU forget many prisoners shouldn't be in prison. Many prisoners are innocent. And many prisoners had a pretty good life, perhaps like YOU, until it all turned to shit. Some prisoners found themselves a suspect for a crime they didn't commit, with a weak alibi, a poor defence and unfortunatley an astounding prosecution. So with all your judgments YOU make about "prisoners", YOU just wanna hope this never happens to YOU.

At 31/7/06 12:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whops, I posted this upstairs as well by mistake.
I agree with Aunty Helen.
Quote: "It used to be that when you were put away, you were put away from society," she told NewstalkZB.
Tim did a bad thing, and was put away, but obviously not far enough away.
Although what he is doing is quite legal, it somewhat negates the reason of having a prison.
As a personal feeling, I think the ability to communicate with the outside world should have stopped as soon as he went inside.
And me, a Green/Labour voter too! Ha!
As for above, true, but tough.

At 31/7/06 1:32 pm, Blogger eyesopen said...

Phew...very interesting read.

TIM - well I (and many others by the looks) are reading your blog so you are achieving something. I will read your blogs with a grain of salt (meaning no disrespect, and will also look more into your case cause I have never heard of you until a press release was listed on stuff.co.nz) but I certainly have an open mind and you have definitely introduced me (or woken me up!) to issues around how our prisons operate. There are lots of issues coming out from this blog but for me that is one.

You have made me think more and moved me out of my comfort space to thinking someone else can deal with criminals its not my problem...but in reality it can be and is. I have not been a victim of any heinous crime and emotions aside agree that 'violence is not the answer' but will admit I feel like beating the crap out of the the B&^tard who broke into our car in the weekend...just a matter of choice.

k1w1as - that is ALOT of anger (hope the blog released a bit of it), but congratulations finding the 'right path' and good luck with raising your family and the opportunity you now have to educate your child right from wrong, because like you I agree it starts with education (and at home) which is core to a good family network.

I can't help but take the point here that Tim and k1w1as is trying to make about justice. Yes 'do the crime, serve the time' but what about rehabilitating convicts as they serve their time...because what happens when the time has been served. Convicts are released into society expected to now mix in as 'normal'. What if 'normal' was abuse during their up bringing? what if 'normal' was using violence to deal with problems...surely that is not hard to understand.

Also interesting hearing from ex-crims (hell is that the PC term or am I offending anyone) and their first hand experience. Emile Grey – not too sure if rehabilitation is the right word but I definitely agree with education, though also agree that healing is need to get acceptance. If wrongs were done to you in the past, time is needed to heal first. I watched a moving interview on 60 minutes of a husband and wife who set up the Awhi Project and they are the absolute definition of just how great the human race can be, and a lesson I wish with all my heart that the politicians would learn.

Due to this blog my husband and I will definitely be discussing and debating the topic of our prison system this evening.

At 31/7/06 3:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim and Martin, congratulations on what you are doing. Keep it up. If Simon Powers does succeed in having this blog shut down, no doubt there are alternatives. I don't think Tim's letters are doing any harm, except possibly causing some embarrassment to certain people.

To all of those calling for dire retribution on child molesters: I agree that this is an evil which deserves the strongest condemnation a civilised society can mete out (with the emphasis here on "civilised society"). I don't believe it's in a class of its own, so why is it treated that way? People don't bay for the blood of murderers, for example (even child murderers) or call for them to forfeit all their rights and be made to be less than human, in the same way. Why is this? Surely murder, or violent abuse of children is at least as bad. I wonder if it isn't that sometimes people want to be savages and child abusers provide an excuse. Thugs and drug dealers get to not only beat someone up, but feel righteous about it, and white-collar people get to fantasize about it and cheer them on from the sidelines.

Before you tell yourself that the child abuser is already less than human, therefore there isn't anything they don't deserve, remember that you are still supposed to be a human being. Before you fight monsters (vicariously, in the case of most people who hope for child abusers to get the bash), make sure you don't become a monster yourself.

At 31/7/06 4:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i wonder if the rapist cops that the whole country knows are guilty ( were not stupid) will get extra special treatment in the yard or maybe they have stashed enough money and drugs too keep them out of the firing line ?? "

Obviously you are another loser the Police have to deal with on a day to day basis and who wastes their time. Were you actually there when they allegedly raped whoever they were meant to have raped? I think not - so why not keep your fucking hole shut and don't judge when you don't know the full situ. You ignorant bastards fuck me off when you talk about the NZ Police like that. It's a shame they didn't give you the biff when they had the chance.

Good on you Tim - I may not agree with what you have done but I don't judge you for that - keep up the good blogs.

At 31/7/06 5:57 pm, Blogger bentcops.org said...

You da man bro!!

At 31/7/06 6:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Tim. I want to keep reading your blogs. It interests me to know how screwed up the justice system is and it's 'who you know' when it comes to sentencing. A policewoman and prostitute - a slap on the hand. If that was a normal human being, they would have had 2.5 years, had to pay back money she earnt and been fired from the job - but oh no a slap on the wrist. She must be devastated. Yep just because she's a cop - she get away with bloody anything. I might change my profession and join the force, then I can deal drugs, do prostitution, sell illegal copied DVD’s – I’d make a bloody fortune, instead of slogging my guts out at work all fucking day. I’d be rich if I was a cop.
The whole justice system suck. They should punish the real crims like kiddie-fiddlers and treat them like shit, cos those poor kids are scarred for life. But they get 5 years, out in 2 for good behaviour. Then the normal people, who really don’t hurt anyone, get the time.
I dunno, things need to be changed – I might become an activist like Tim – wonder if I could share the same cell?

At 31/7/06 6:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The public have a right to know how their money is spent, including in prison.

However the focus is always crims and ex crims, how about some focus on staff and ex-staff.

Abused crims have avenues for justice, abused staff have nothing and no-one.

While the department continues to promote and reward the ignorant drunks and cowards and destroy those who make a vain attempt to keep to some level of integrity things will go on the same as always. If people knew a 10th of it they would find it hard to believe.

Sure talk to ex-crims, people love crims, but talk to ex-staff first. Change the disgusting ‘culture’ of pornography, obscene language, abuse, bullying, drunkenness, illegal drug use etc…etc… that is rampant throughout all levels of staff and ‘management’.

Support and protect the decent for a change (now there is a novel idea) then you might have a prison system (and a society) worth paying for.

No-one is served by the rampant corruption throughout the department of corrections, least of all the duped taxpayer. Why is Helen, and all her predecessors, so scared of the truth, maybe they like and admire the culture of the coward – why else do the protect them.

If any of them ever try to pretend they don’t know what goes on THEY ARE LYING.


At 31/7/06 7:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see someone take a hidden camera into the prisons...

Thing is, when you clock on as a policeman (or woman), nurse or cleaner no one has a right to make you bend over and spread your arse cheeks apart so they can get their jollies taking a good long look and enjoying your humiliation.

So how do you suggest the camera gets in? That'd be the one and only thing the screws won't smuggle for you, because they know you'd catch them on it, doing things like deliberately leaving a prisoner who ought to be in seg alone to get the bash from other prisoners.

And as for you idiots wanting to join in the kicking, be my guest. Then right after that the animals will turn on you. And you'd fold up in a gibbering pile of snot and piss in less time than it'd take me to spit on you on the way back to my cell. See, some people locked up in prison didn't do it (ref. comments on corrupt cops above) or are on remand and thus considered innocent till proven guilty. But they get bashed too.

The people doing the bashing mentioned in the post were probably car thieves, murderers, the drunken asshole that broke your nose and stole your handbag/wallet, but you're happy to let them be judge jury and executioner of other people? Get your head out your ass. A screw wants a look up there.

At 31/7/06 8:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i wonder if the rapist cops that the whole country knows are guilty ( were not stupid) will get extra special treatment in the yard or maybe they have stashed enough money and drugs too keep them out of the firing line ?? "

Obviously you are another loser the Police have to deal with on a day to day basis and who wastes their time. Were you actually there when they allegedly raped whoever they were meant to have raped? I think not - so why not keep your fucking hole shut and don't judge when you don't know the full situ. You ignorant bastards fuck me off when you talk about the NZ Police like that. It's a shame they didn't give you the biff when they had the chance.

hey u must be a cop or stupid or a stupid cop ,have u been living under a rock or just in denial fuck u cant possibly believe that the police arent a corrupted old boys network of bent rapists . hey if u arnt a cop and just stupid dont worry they take anyone these days even dum fuks like u ,the pay sucks but once u get on the take u will get loads of free drugs and sex sweet as bro

At 31/7/06 8:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hidden cameras. You misunderstand.

What the BBC did was get a journalist to join the police force. It has to be someone on the staff. It would be easy for someone to become a prison officer and wear a hidden camera. Or recruit an existing Prison Officer who is sick of having to go along with the filth to do it.

In undercover cleaner again they used a reporter she got taken on as a cleaner in a hospital.

In undercover nurse they worked with a qualified nurse she wore the hidden camera.

Of course the UK has a history of ground-breaking journalism – something that does not exist in NZ. This is not the first time UK television has used hidden cameras on staff to get past the BS and lies from government officials and their pretty boy lawyers.

Lobby TVNZ (no that won’t happen they are the governments puppets) to show the program Undercover Cop - it is amazing but not surprising.

Go to the BBC (Panorama) web site and you will find some of these programs are still available to view on-line.

The last I heard the reporter who did the police program was facing prosecution but, as far as I know the nurse and the cleaner are in the clear.

At 31/7/06 8:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prison Staff can and do take anything into the prison.

Staff are never searched - the department wanted to start testing and searching them for drugs and other contraband but their 'union' keeps fighting it.

Everyone knows what goes on – it has been going on for at decades but has got worse over the last 15 years or so – but no-one really wants it to become public.

I would also love to see Undercover Cop – the New Zealand edition, but that takes some guts and there is not much of that in NZ.

No-one in NZ really wants the truth that would spoilt their little fools paradise and they can’t handle it. They would much rather believe little NZ is so good and sweet and corruption only exists in nasty old UK and America.

The flat earth society would do well in NZ.

At 31/7/06 10:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ange, Kokonutcreme, & eyesopen...Thanks for comments & acknowledgements, to eyesopen; yes that was a somewhat angry blog i must admit, but in all fairness my anger was/is directed at certain comments from those who were notintimate with the system, as Emile stated because, honestly ppl, if you are not/were not/am not intimate with the penal system, then really you have no idea on just how the politics of the concrete jungle actually works, from one jungle to the next there is a rhyme, and there is a reason, but only those who have been there (long term), can really make statements with conviction (no pun intended). so to sum it up eyesopen...my anger was directed to that quarter of bloggers.

I have no intentions to involve myself with counter debates and the likes, i merely wanted to call the spade a spade and get back to my zone,i know theres going to be more uninformed blogs comming thru, and thats cool by me, as i say; i 'aint going to counter anything, just wanted to have the blowout in a constructive format. Yes i did feel great at publishing my blog, just as i always felt great putting pen to paper inside when i used to motivate the outside world with my letters, It's a kinda Magic in terms of (a), a great release for the person putting pen to paper instead of reverting back to "Dis-functional" actions, and (b), more rewarding when the people i wrote to confirmed that somehow...i made their day with my letter/s. I also wrote for those who were illiterate as well because i could see that half their anger/frustration came from the inability to do it themselves, what an awesome reward it was to see and hear them grow with confidence once they were shown the way to freedom; no matter where they were at any given time!i.e. the pen is very much so mightier than the sword, only downside to the concrete jungle was that one also had to have the sword on standby for those "Mintie Moments" i have to admit.

Yes i latched onto this site also via the 6 o'clock newsflash, my immediate thoughts were: "Fuck you Simon Powers" who the fuck do you think you are trying to stop something that cannot be stopped! (actually i still do mean every single word you lame ass sorry excuse for a human!)best you dont go astray like that christian party dude mate; is all i can say to you! (also, the Internet is live Simon, you honestly can't stop this one iota CuzzieBro!)Anyway, i wanted to surf on in to this site & offer my support to "The Fallen" 'cause i know they'd be sitting there reading my initial blog just nodding their heads in acknowlegement, and happy that even tho i broke the cycle...i still have total empathy for those who really do want to do likewise, just to make them feel good about themselves and have the courage to stand up & begin their personal challenge.Ignore the lame ass bloggers blogs guys, just disect what feels true to you.

At 31/7/06 11:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only reason why you crims end up inside is quite simple..you're all dumb fucks..thats right, just plain dumb asses who are not too blessed with grey matter. Blame that on your alcoholic hoe of a mother, you stupid fucks. And if you think you come out all tough after your little stint of porridge munching, I hope just one of you crosses my path and I'll put another hole in your head.

At 1/8/06 10:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on you tim for this blog. Please tell us more about prison life. Are you suffering ? Is the food good, bed warm at night? Good on you for the axe deed too. I look forward to your comments.

At 1/8/06 10:21 am, Blogger nannymary said...

Yeah right anonymous, I’m one of those dumb fucks. who now knows, say nothing to corrupt bent quota gathering promotional seeking "PIGS" who don’t give a shit for who they prosecute as long as its someone to up their chance of promotion to be top dog,
But guess what you’re the classic of who really deserves to be there.

k1w1as Ange, Kokonutcreme, & eyesopen,Tim and Bomber, glad to know and hear from you thanks to the "little ponce" on the six o’clock news, I had never heard of this site before, and the bomb joke is actually an I wish for many.

k1w1as yes both blogs I can relate to in real life and real time though from the "ladies" Scene.

Unconditional Love goes a long way to healing and maintaining peaceful harmony, therefore the public should be wary of judging as there is no guarantee that they themselves won’t become entangled nobody is immune from the corrupt practices of the bent system.

I like what I have read so I'll be checking this site out more often.

At 1/8/06 10:25 am, Blogger nannymary said...

bent "fleabags of the" system

At 1/8/06 1:51 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

The sad sad sad reality is there will always be a supply of "Crims" I know and I can tell of many timebombs waiting to explode and of how the system is getting away with enabling this crim culture to exsist. I would even say that in some cases it is the system that creates some of societies nightmares. The talk that happened when I was a 14 year old living in Owaiwaraka boys home still resounds and echoes through the hallways of our Political establishments and from our ministers while nothing happens and nothing changes. From here in my office doing the work I have been for over 12 years and still coming up aginst the same excuses, from both sides, The same problems, from both sides, and the same lack of interest, from both sides is frustrating and tiring. To talk about any of my cases would be breaching the rights of the young people I work with and represent but I will say this....There is far more that the public are not hearing about our "Govt Do Gooders" their desenstisation,lithargy and ability to wait and allow the next breeze to blow away one and blow in another. The True state of some New Zealand families ..The "Once were Warriors" lifestyle happens! and thanks to the System, this part of society now knows how to hide its ugly head! Where did they learn it from? From the very institutions that are supposed to help them out of their situation! It isn't rocket science when you figure out this fact. CYFS are a reactive service, no shite hitting the fan, no intervention. The police are reactive, no law broken, no intervention. Truancy services are reactive, come to school, no intervention, etc etc and so on and so on the Institutional cycle of dysfunction carries on. Where can you go for for help before it's too late? Like many of the high profile cases everyone admits that there were signs, signs that things could possibally get worse but at the time....they didn't meet our criteria. THERE WERE SIGNS BUT NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY DON'T MEET OUR CRITERIA.


Just had a hard morning at work....whew......

Regards Emile Grey

At 1/8/06 4:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

K1w1as, Thank you for your blog. I enjoyed reading your words and from what you wrote, it is obvious you were never destined for continuing the cycle of abuse. Thank you again for the time you put into allowing jo blogs an insight into your world. You write logically and with empathy and also have a great understanding of prison life. You should be putting this unique talent to work. Write a book. I hope life gives you everything you want out of it and I wish other people could have children and see the 'light' also. Arohanui.

At 1/8/06 9:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Perhaps Greg is just tired of it all - nothing changes.

Maybe you could do an update on The Big Huey

At 1/8/06 9:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leanne...Thank you very much indeed ma'am, I absolutely appreciate your comments and insight; this is what i was hoping to

achieve with my factual blogs. When I was 5 years old, the only person I had total love & respect for was my nana, i have

never forgotten her words of wisdom to me from way back then..."whatever you do in life, use your manners, you may never have

anything in life, but use your manners and you'll be alright" She was the first official woman to enter the woodchopping

arena in N.Z, grew up in the Waipoua forest with Tane Mahuta actually. But I loved/love my grandmother so dear and

kinda spun off the tracks when she left planet earth. From that point onward; my life become so fucking dysfunctional that I

knew no different to the rather extreme changes of upbringing that I was subjected to thereon in. There were times when I used to look at the sky & challenge god, even threaten the prick in terms of "you fucking wait till I get up there mate, this hell is not justified you bastard! What am I meant to learn from this shit?" (but thats another book on it's own).

The point I make for the above paragraph is ... a). I'm quite convinced I could very well have been much more nastier than I actually was; if not for my grandmothers words of wisdom way back then, (plus her constant hugs & kisses of course), therefore; if someone can make such a lasting impression on someone in a similar way ... eventually, the goodness will rise to the surface and radiate into & onto others around them, and hey; that's got to be good for the world i'm sure you'll agree!

Leanne if you're a publisher, or connected to someone who is ... i reckon what's in my head is a complete and utter best seller 'cause it's all true, and ohh so colourful! I have tried to compile myself, but keep hitting brick walls for some frustrating reason, but I am more than willing to share any successes with you if it ever gets to print, I kid you not. For years I have wanted to do what you state with your insight into my blogs, I also want this best seller to be not only a good read; but also a remedial read for those who can actually benefit from the awesome read, that in itself, would make the book much more than a best seller in principle.

Your last sentence really gave me an uplifting grin Leanne where you say, quote "and I wish other people could have children & see the light also" unquote because, I remember a time when I was in Rock College I used to be a right fucking lunatic, fearing nothing, and this old chap said to me out of the blue one day in the main yard (there was only ONE YARD in those days for the sentenced dudes, anyway he said quite matter of factly " You don't know what fear is until you've had kids" I replied with some stupid staunch reply something like "Fuck off, i'll still fear nothing even then mate".

Well; pardon me, but fuck, I hear ya loud & clear brother, loud & clear my friend!Never a truer word was spoken. I totally understand his words for ever more.

Hey there Emile, I hear you too brother, nice to use the pen (keyboard, in this techo age), for the primo blowout from a hard days slog bro, good on ya mate! I used to do, what i think your line of work is when I was finally released from prison aye mate, I figured if I could just give back something to where I came from, then i have completed the full circle, and can now carry on with my life knowing I gave back to where I came from. Mate, I did my best for 3 years solid, 24 & 7, on a voluntary basis, but fuck, it is so so frustrating hitting red tape propaganda in all directions pretty much like you state in your last blog (signs are there, just don't meet the criteria, sorry, next!that I threw it in & just do what I can, where ever I can nowadays, I had a pretty cool track record to I must admit. Out of 200 odd cases, I had 2 cases of what the system termed "Failures", but my interpretation of those failures was/is: those two are just like how I was; 'aint no assistance going to work with them because they have to enter the dungeons just like I did ... to find out for themselves the truth, "their way".

The light actually came on for me whilst I was in the concrete jungle, I used to walk up to the screws and say "hey mister, can you let me out now, i've finally clicked, I understand what it is now, I be good massa, I be good from now on", fat chance it did for me, they'd just tell me to piss off or i'm off to the digger (solitary confinement), but I kept the focus from that point onward, and pass it on to whoever really give a toss.

g'nite ya' all, everyone think a positive thought, god's got nothing to do with any of my blogs by the way, hmp, just gotta look at Israel & Lebanon to see god in action!

Hey thanks for that aye Leanne, muchös gräcias senörita.

At 1/8/06 10:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers for that anon, yes if Greg's too tired mayhaps he could shift over & let someone else receive that fine salary he's on! (no offence Greg), the big Huey update you say mate? Hmmm, dunno if thats a good thing as i can see how us tax payers would have to fund the continuous "Internal enquires" that would follow mate!
Cheers mate!
100% genuine kiwi.

At 2/8/06 9:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..................................The really good thing that has come out of this site so far has been to give people who have real experience inside a voice - I hope those who would comment on how 'easy' prison is read those postings and open their eyes a little.

At 2/8/06 9:41 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks k1w1as for ya kind words. I have embraced technology but can only wait until Blogs have grammer and spell checks...(-;

It is freakin good knowing that there is more then me out there who has done the hard yards and come clean. To rid ones spirit of the filth and crap that accumilates after time inside is an accomplishment in itself but then to step beyond the comfort zone and into the "straight" world requires strength and mana. The truth is not many of us make it through to where I am and where you have been k1w1as.

Out hear on the otherside coming from where I have is a lonely affair. I sit in a world of academics and great thinkers who attempt to impart knowledge to our up and comings via text books, curriculum and conformity. Only a few people at my work know about my past and those that do try their best to become a friend, which I appreciate, however dinner table talk, prime time media quoters and page 1 to 10 professors really don't cut the cake for me.

I guess it is this arrogance that gets me through the red tape and many brick walls I have hit knowing that most of the people I work with have no idea regarding dysfuntion, prison and helplessness. I thrive knowing that I do know and that I am better then them.

I resigned from a management position responsible for crisis intervention and community building to work with Youth 10 years ago. So called normal society would look at this as a step down but telling people what to do, orginising others and looking good for the sake of the organisation was, in my opinion, Bullshit. Another tool I use for my survival in this industry....relising that I'm good at what I do because I organise and build on what I know, My truths through my experiences..while the rest is just all bullshit.

I honestly dont know why I'm saying what I am but I do know it is a big big relief to know that on the otherside of this "Leave your comment" screen is someone who can relate to me and my past. It is also a great relief to see that there are others out there who have gone through and come out the other end OK..(is OK the right word?) Come through and figured it out. Like I said before, Not many make it!

k1w1as do you have your own Blog?

Back to work....

Malo lava
ia manuia le aso


PS I would like to do more with this, what's happening here on this blog, but what? ....Any ideas?

At 2/8/06 12:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crims do not have that hard a life in jail - in fact many quite like it, its where there friends are.

The people with the hardest life in jail are honest staff - but as has been confirmed here - no one give a damn about them.

There are innocent and therfore nothing.

The focus is all wrong.

At 2/8/06 6:20 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

.....................................I think anon that the focus needs to be widened, not changed - you are right being a Prison Officer is not easy, but it is not easy for those inside as well - now that's a hard thing to think about because we are always taught 'you deserve prison' which many people do, but prisoners don't 'deserve' to be punished any more than what we as society sanction

At 2/8/06 8:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Seems to me things have regressed slightly but there are still a few people with an appreciation of the inadequacies of the "system" - for inmates, families and geberally.
Peter Williams, Prisoner's Aid and Rehab, Anna Tia (passed on now but from Auckland Community Centre/Marae) were all people I'm familiar with, and all had a concern and positive ways of rectifying some of the inadequacies of the system, though often they tire of pushing shit uphill constantly.
There was some amazing artwork coming out of Pare a decade or so back, and a few of the inmates of that era went on to do some pretty amazing things, though I'm not sure of whether or not they're still hanging in there. From memory, one working with the blind, another with college students etc.
There is a documentry floating round called "Te Whaea - Mother of Change" that profiles a few of them, and indeed it won an International Media Peace Award at the time - it looks a bit dated in some ways now but there WAS some good stuff going on for a while there.
I'm amazed one the "lock em up attitude" on the one hand, then the expression of surprise by many when we discover our prison population and recidivism statistics are so high.
Some interesting and positive ideas in here by some.

At 2/8/06 10:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber I agree with you. The department publishes rules and codes for the treatment of inmates (and staff) they look so reasonable on paper, trouble is no-one believes them.

To quote the custody manager at Auckland ‘fuck the code of conduct’ he got promoted.

The department publishes codes of conduct but any staff who want to work within in them is ruined by the Department, with the support and help of the court system. Name me one whistle blower anywhere who wasn’t ruined – don’t do it people it is not worth it.

If a crim commits suicide all hell breaks loose - if a prison officer is systematically persecuted and encouraged to commit suicide no-one gives a damn, if they survive their persecution will continue until they get what they want. They never show mercy to their target.

Get the priorities right. A person has a right to go to work and support their family honestly and with integrity – hang on what am I saying this is the real world such rights do not exist in NZ government departments.

I see Helen now has one of the most evil and successful supporters of pornography and abuse in the workplace at her side – it is totally despicable. Helen alongside a woman hater and supporter of pornography, in some countries there would be an irony to that but in NZ it is just normal.

There is only one way those pigs in Wellington will ever held to account for the abuse of their own policies and what they do to their own staff and that is hidden cameras – it will never happen in NZ no-one has the guts.

Sort the staff issues out and problems with inmates will be virtually resolved.

At 3/8/06 6:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malo lei Emile. no I don't have my own blog sorry, in fact I have never blogged in all my 10 years of compuret/Internet ...

until I saw the simon powers shighte on the 6 o'clock news; that really rubbed me up the wrong way because I Could see yet

another release outlet for "The Fallen" being shut down (well, an attempt to anyway), if it does get shut down via

media feedback; I am quite confident from the way this blog took off that there will always be a place and space reserved for

such an outlet in cyber space for ppl to continue (6 o'clock news will promote it).

I too wondered your thoughts on this blogs future direction ( and i bet there's alot of "official" wonderment as well mate!),

a lateral thought I have about it is that this is quite like a brainstorming arena where everyone gives there input and

regardless of the feedback, the main concept will emerge with possible options for a more proactive arena at another

level...if the right people arrive to input their data. However the concept of a blog is, at the very least to provide a

place for people to voice an opinion, which brings me to say Bomber...Hi mate, I was getting to you eventually, just wanted

to input my VOICE first buddy! Touchë for making this blog possible, I don't know you from a bar of soap but I did find a

common demoninator when I got here and I just want to say thanks for making this possible to one and all ... great stuff.

Emile As for your comments re: "comming out the other end OK" yes, is the word OK apt? hmmm, good question! I don't

reckon, but I hear ya all the same Emile. As I said in an earlier blog, I believe education is KEY ... I'd be more inclined

to say that for myself; I now have the necessary TOOLS to move forward since my colourful days of old, prior to that, I

never could see the bigger picture ... because I had no idea/education of how to!But yes, for want of a better word, I am

"OK" for today and tomorrow. I remember reading a book way back in the concrete jungle, don't know who the author is, but

it's called I'm ok, you're ok no religion, just cuts thru all of that, including race, bias and all things bad. When

you come from the land of dysfunction, one tends to have a natural instinct to read "body language" and "Key Words" including

the "tone" of voice, in order to survive the countless storms that kept blowing thru. 2-3 years ago my wife brought me a book

for christmas titled quite simply, The Definitive book of Body Language by: Alan & Barbara Pease. Mate I couldn't

put that book down till I'd gone thru from start to finish! It has also helped immensely with my business as I deal with

people on a constant daily basis, so when I see them recoil in ... I can apply the necessary signals to bring them back, or

at least create a neutral grounding whereby I'm ok -You're ok lets see where it takes us, etc.That was one of the

best presents I have ever received really. what I knew naturally in terms of body language prior to education (Xpelled at

13), was verified later via education, and books like I mention above, which set me off on the path to find out what else is

out there. Ahh yes, Knowledge is Power, no question there!

At 3/8/06 9:35 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks k1w1as, Anon, bomber and others. My morning ritual now requires me to check it out and I am always impressed/inspired with what I read and in total support of positive outcomes for all.

I too hope that suites are reading with interest regardless what side of the chamber they sit and where, be it at the front or the back, there needs to be change for all those involved.

I'll look up the books k1w1as but I think I have read I'm OK your'e OK.

Anon I'm aware of the Te Whaea doco and didn't have much to do with PARS inb my day...PARS was more those wanting out, wanting help or looking for distractions from their reality.

Gotta travel

Soifua lava


At 3/8/06 12:48 pm, Blogger Ben Wilson said...

Keep the blog going as long as you can, Tim, Bomber. It's your right and it's interesting. The sedition conviction is both scary and harsh. The other convictions sounded fair the way the papers put it.

This thread seems to have a record number of anonymous posts. I hadn't realized that the vocally 'harsh on criminals' crowd were quite so craven.

At 3/8/06 4:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only reason why you crims end up inside is quite simple..you're all dumb fucks..thats right, just plain dumb asses who are not too blessed with grey matter.

Oh really? I have a postgraduate university qualification. I've been arrested SIX times for crimes (no, not white collar stuff, they ranged from arson to armed robbery) and not ONE conviction... all were thrown out of court.

A bent pig remarked to my business partner (who asked why he wasn't equally guilty of fraud, since he co-signed documents I was arrested for fraud over) that "he may not be guilty, but he's got it coming".

Why? because I've publicly criticised the cops. Because the first time they tried to shut me up with bogus charges I refused to plead guilty, and have stodd up to them ever since.

But they managed to ensure it got harder and harder to get bail till eventually I ended up inside on remand. When THAT case was thrown out I got no apology, no compo, no nothing, because it wasn't a wrongful *conviction*.

And you know who got me out? Not the legal aid lawyer whose first words to me were that I belonged inside and was obviously part of the system. No, a prison officer. One of the many decent and honest ones who see innocent people locked up by a corrupt system.

I have immense respect for anyone working in our prisons who isn't bent. At least there's some straight prison officers left, unlike the cops, who are either corrupt or turn a blind eye to corruption.

I hope just one of you crosses my path and I'll put another hole in your head.

Go right ahead and try, ignoramus. It's people like you who blindly support NZ's best-funded and best-armed gang (aka the police) who are responsible. Putting you down in slef-defence will provide me with a handy media spotlight from which to tell some truths.

At 3/8/06 6:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey way to go Tim. I fully support what you're doing, and look forward to reading more...

Simon Power's an idiot like the rest of his cold-hearted party - I never would have come across this great blog if he hadn't been dumb enough to bring it to the whole nation's attention!

And hey, can you encourage someone to fuck over those rapist cops? Would love to see them get their comeuppance! Bastards...

At 3/8/06 8:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think each prison has a different ‘culture’.

If you are lucky and get a reasonably decent and honest manager(s) it is possible the honest prison officers will feel more confident in sticking to their beliefs.

However if the drunken filth take over (as at Auckland) anyone decent has to keep their head down and mouth shut otherwise they will become the target for everything from getting all the crap shifts to getting their house broken into when they go away.

I can name two women staff (but I don't) who had property stolen as a reprisal for getting off side with a couple of boys, one asked to be moved from working with a drunken officer, not sure what the other ones 'crim' was. It was common knowledge in some circles who the thieves were but no-one would talk so they just had to wear it. One took a transfer the other started sleeping with a senior married officer and that gave her some protection.

These sort of thing is common place these are just two specific instances.

At 4/8/06 12:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon; the rapist cops won't get done over 'cause theres a "special jail" for those fuckers, & lawyers etc, a place where they can serve their time living in denial at the tax payers expense!

At 4/8/06 4:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

quote:"when it is that ‘hard on criminals’ bullshit that is contributing to the violent environment they live in, which contributes to the dehumanizing of them. What is amazing is that people like you Owen will still be surprised when they come out of such an environment and commit worse crimes."

we as a society, the justice system etc... is not hard enough! the people who act like animals in prison are the people who were animals outside. Some should never be allowed out because to do that just creates more victims. It is there choice to escalate there offending many people are abused and don't go on to abuse. perhaps their choice to escalate their offenses is to do with the fact that the punishment is not severe enough or maybe they just think they will get away with it. Who knows with those f**ckers. The justice system is too inconsistent, they should be consistently hard. That is my personal oppinion from someone who has been a "victim" (I prefer survivor) of crime.

At 7/8/06 12:35 am, Blogger Bomber said...

...................................Anon - you raise some very valid points. You are right, there are some criminals who by the awfulness of their crime do not deserve to be allowed back in prison. I agree that there are some criminals who should be locked up for the rest of their lives, maybe to be released at 75 or something, when they are physically of no threat to anyone perhaps? But certainly for a few, life inside has to be life inside. That is the extreme end of offending and I am with you, but for crimes that aren't serious and for young offenders - I think we only make things worse by locking them up. Victims need more support, that is a given and it must be a priority to raise that support as we spend extra on prisons to make environments which if they can't be rehabilitated, at least keeps people in humane conditions. And why should we care about the humane conditions of killers and rapists? Because we are better than that, and to hold the bar low on their conditions lessens us as a society.

At 10/8/06 11:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes rather a late comment but just to say.. people who don't know how prison works choose to remain ignorant,cause to me that shit has been around since forever, that's just how it goes it's standard structure in human behavior wether you choose to recognise that fact or not. I don't see the issue myself of prison blogs thou i spose it depends on the underlyeing purpose.

At 10/8/06 11:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s the guy who got the smack down was probably being initiated and put in his place on the food chain..

At 24/12/06 6:35 pm, Blogger nannymary said...

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. even the nasty clowns who have no idea of how evil they are. yes the likes of you anonymous, and owen.

I do hope you two are learning something positive and have altered your veiws with a good measure of understanding.

If you havn't then at least give a thought for the families of those behind bars who are also innocent and also undeservingly and also suffering the loss of their family members also.

All other bloggers thank you all so very much for taking the time to enlighten the uninitiated, hopefully those reading will give serious thought to the warnings that are so very very real.

It is not in the best interest of those earning the dollar processing people guilty or not, to fill prisons to create good citizens, as they need the reoffenders to keep them in worthwhile "cushy" employment.

This is a sad fact.

If I had my way I would make it possible for ex prisoners to take
a part in this process as shadow partners to all concerned from the arresting officers to the judges and even the prison staff,
For at least half the pay of all concerned,

under jurisdiction of the Indigenous native's in a true sharing partnership between the bicultural peoples of this land,

as part of their release conditions throught the probation services or the army,

[that Helen Clarke seems to be quietly and slowly winding down and out of existance before the people cotten ons to the real reason the police are sent to the front lines of the lastest warzones.]

(why is this happening)



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