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Friday, July 21, 2006

Police Prostitutes

News that a Policewoman moonlighted as a prostitute, and then getting denounced for it by the Police Association is a story so rich in hypocrisy, my mouth is actually watering.

Here’s what Police Cheerleader, Greg O’Connor has to say….

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said there was sympathy for the situation which led to the woman's sex work.
"But it doesn't change the fact that instinctively police officers know this is not right."
Mr O'Connor said the association was "very uncomfortable" with the woman's choice of work. "It's still regarded as a twilight industry that is a major conflict of interest with what we do as police officers."

Okay – couple of things:

A Policewoman working as a prostitute is bad for public perception, but spraying a handcuffed prisoner in the face with pepper spray is fine?

A Policewoman working as a prostitute is bad for public perception, but top Police leaders having group sex which led to charges of rape, is sweet as bro.

A Policewoman working as a prostitute is bad for public perception, but Policemen who visit prostitutes (and there are fucking heaps) is no hypocrisy at all.

AND HERE IS THE CLINCHER! Do you know how the Police found out she was a working girl? The brothel she worked at was actually visited by off duty cops, that part of the story will not be commented on by the Police.

My advice to the NZ Police? Stick to beating up people when no one is looking, moral outrage is not a look you can wear on this issue.


At 21/7/06 5:13 pm, Blogger JamesP said...

Wow. Your obvious dislike of the Police has led you into some uncharacteristically sloppy thinking. There's a lot of generalisation and guilt by association. Thinking you would certainly never tolerate if applied to another social grouping say the poor or "Mareeez". Or could it be that only some groups are universally bad? ;)

The real hypocrisy here is that being a sex worker is considered to be far more shameful than paying for one. This is not something that is confined to the Police. It is a perception that is widespread throughout NZ and the rest of the world (note this story is on the front page of CNN.com at the moment). It has not diminished since the legalisation of prostitution.

So the Police are in a catch 22 position. They can let her keep working and lose respect from the bulk of the population or they can declare it to be an unsuitable occupation for an officer whereupon Bomber puts the boot in for hypocrisy...

Where is this moral outrage? From the story it looks like they wanted to keep quiet it until some journo started asking questions. Even now most of the details have been withheld, sympathy is expressed for her position, she gets counselling, and keeps her job. Doesn't look much like outrage to me, more like embarrassment.

As for the group sex it seems like that is pretty far from sweet as in the eyes of Police. Why else have they been trying so hard to put Rickards behind bars? It's not their fault that the juries came back like they did. His lawyers did a great job of keeping damaging evidence suppressed and blackening the name of the victim. But doubtless you have some theory about why this was not a genuine attempt by the Police to remove a scumbag from their midst.

As for "stick to beating up people when no one is looking" that is just juvenile anti authority crap. It doesn't apply to the majority of Police and if that is truly your attitude it doesn't give the others any incentive to shape up.

At 21/7/06 6:04 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

...............................my tounge in cheek comments aside, it is a joke that the Police Association is jumping up and down about her being a prostitute when so many cops go to prostitutes.

At 21/7/06 10:16 pm, Blogger john said...

Our local constable thinks it is inappropriate too.

At 24/7/06 10:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

M. Boom. Peter Malcouronne here.

I'm profiling a cop at the moment and was interested in your "clincher". Can you tell me where you heard that?

Cheers and ho ho.

At 24/7/06 2:18 pm, Anonymous A Friend to the Police said...

Good on this brave police woman (who I heard is a bloody good officer) for staying with the police force. Personally I would want to disappear on the next flight to Lebanon if I was her. She is working in a male dominated industry filled to the neck with testosterone and she has gone back to work and faced the 'music' and the many sly smirks and nudges of her male colleagues. Everyone knows who she is and it will be quite a while before they forget her and what she did so I salute this officer for having the balls to go back to work. Oh and I heard she got found out due to a 'client' deciding to black mail her position to her superiors so she was forced to confess. I wonder how many male officers go and visit sex workers... How ironic. If the police force paid their officers MORE MONEY for doing such a shocking job then this would never happen. I take my hat off to this female officer for there are nurses, teachers, secretaries and many more professional women working as whores and if thats what they want to do, then good on them. I hope her knowledge of the sex industry allows her great empathy in her work as a police officer.

At 30/7/06 12:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had the chance to make love to her, what a amazing woman who ever you are, chin up love.


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