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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


4 UN staff killed – the observation post has been marked since 1948 so suggestions that Israel ‘forgot’ where it was can’t be taken seriously. When you are committing a dirty war and don’t want people observing what you are doing, and when there is a threat of more UN troops coming in to the area when you really don’t want them there – a good way to deter countries from sending anyone is ‘accidentally’ bomb them. Is this war really about Hizbollah or is there a wider agenda at play here and this is only the start?


At 26/7/06 11:22 am, Anonymous Ravishing Rick Rude said...

This combined with the two marked red cross vehicles they bombed a few days ago shows how far Isreal is prepared to go to keep peace-keeping forces at bay.

They need to be body slammed but who's going to do it?

At 26/7/06 1:14 pm, Anonymous The Iron Sheik said...


At 26/7/06 1:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was "deeply distressed" by the "apparently deliberate" strike.

Looks like he doesn't buy the accidental bit either.

At 26/7/06 1:46 pm, Anonymous LM said...

I HATE the Israel government and army. I despise what they have done to Palestine, Lebanon and other surrounding countries. I hate the fact that the USA has backed them financially and that they constantly play the 'hard done by Jew'. I will never visit America and I will never visit Israel and I now understand why Palestine has suicide bombers. Thats all they have as Israel has taken everything from them including their land, their children and their future. Hitler was right.

At 26/7/06 2:09 pm, Anonymous Brick said...


At 26/7/06 2:17 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

.............................................whoa there Im - dude I totally understand your anger, and I understand where you are coming from, and I am furious at the injustice that we are witnessing as well BUT part of the reason why Israel is reacting with this paranoid aggression is because of what Hitler did in World War 2 (not to underestimate the centuries of anti-Semitic hatred that preceded the horror of the Holocaust as well). When we empathise as human beings with what is happening to the Palestinian people and the Lebanese people, WE MUST emapthise with the Israeli people and the deep seated trauma the Holocaust has caused as well. There is no justification for hurting one another, but there are reasons, and that is why we MUST retain our humanity and compassion, of course we can be angry, as we should be at Israel’s behavior, let us use that anger as an energy to continue calling for justice and peace – but we must never, never allow our anger to consume us. Hitler was never right, he was an abomination. What we are seeing is further proof that there can be no military solution to this, it must be a diplomatic solution.

That said – IF it is proved that the Israeli and American governments are in some way using this conflict for some darker aims (as has been suggested on this site and many other sites) then the prosecution of the leaders MUST be a priority.

At 26/7/06 2:19 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

......................................Can any one believe that Rodney Hide is now defending Israel? Stick to dropping bimbos in dancing shows Rodney

At 26/7/06 2:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber. Your so right. Your the only one with the balls to fight the Jews. Heres a good site mate - www.nationalfront.org.nz/

At 26/7/06 2:36 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

........................................sigh - NO I have no interest to read the national front website, I find the suggestion offensive, please don't degrade the discussion with that nonesense.

At 26/7/06 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 26/7/06 5:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do we expect anything less from the economic community than to blindly side with the United States? Can you link to where Rodney has said this, bomber?

At 26/7/06 7:38 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

....................................Sorry Anon, it was live on Parliament today - oh but congrats to Helen Clarke for making a start AND John Campbel for his grilling of the Israeli consulate on Campbel Live tonight

At 26/7/06 7:51 pm, Anonymous SDM said...

While we can all agree that Israel was wrong to target the UN, and I await the inqury with great interest - what is the end game for Israel? If they went back to 1967 borders, and were then attack, would that justify a military responce from Israel? At the end of the day, they are surrounded by non democratic Muslim countries hell bent on their destruction.

I do think it should go back to 1967's borders, but then deal with any threat to its security seriously. How would others from the other side of the political spectrum react

At 26/7/06 9:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"NO I have no interest to read the national front website, I find the suggestion offensive, please don't degrade the discussion with that nonesense."

That is rather narrow minded of you. I have read stuff from sites of many different political parties/groups in NZ. I don't read the commie group sites because they have too much to read and it is mostly crap.

Unlike the Greens, The National Front support BCIR.

The National Front say some funny things on their site. For example:

18. Education
The New Zealand National Front endorses in the Education system a return to achievement-based structure with emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics, history and geography. New Zealand will adopt the internationally hailed, recognised and approved Cambridge system of achievement and assessment.

6. Institutionalised Political Correctness
Institutionalised Political Correctness will be eliminated. This includes the repeal of race relations and human rights legislation designed, far from ensuring "rights", to impose a tyrannical multi-cultural infrastructure at all levels of society. Political Correctness, particularly in the forms of the Treaty's fake five principles, multiculturism and feminism, has become a State dogma as dangerous and oppressive as the Marxism of communist states. In fact it is Marxism. At present all central and local government employees, whether council laborers or university lecturers, are obliged to sign a commitment to fake "Treaty principles" and "gender equity" issues. This leaves the most strategic positions, whether as teachers, librarians or local and central government advisers and authorities, open to abuse and control by destructive international socialist Marxist bigotry. This indeed has already happened within the hierarchy of most all of New Zealand's institutions.

16. Law & Order
... It currently costs the New Zealand taxpayer around $85,000 per annum to keep a serious criminal behind bars. The New Zealand National Front Government will contract serious and recidivist criminal sentences out to Asian or Eastern European jails for a small fraction of the cost it burdens the good New Zealand taxpayer now to house these criminals. This deportation to serve prison terms in foreign jails will act as a very strong deterrent to any serious offending or re-offending. ...

14. Foreign Affairs
The New Zealand National Front Government will ensure New Zealand's foreign policy is based upon New Zealand's independent national interest, not United Nations dictates, commitments to "world peace" or to our supposed debt to the international bankers. The New Zealand National Front Government will renounce immediately all commitments to the United Nations Charter.

23. Retirement
The New Zealand National FrontGovernment will honour our elder citizens' sacrifices and contribution to our society with the dignity of a generous retirement income. The age of retirement will be reduced to fifty-five as soon as practicable to ensure New Zealand citizens a substantial number of quality years after work.

24. Social Policy
The New Zealand National FrontGovernment ethos will adhere to Western Christian traditional ideals and practice, morality and law.

At 26/7/06 9:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israeli Bunker blog

Lebanese Political Journal blog

At 27/7/06 1:12 am, Anonymous deano said...

This thread has really brought the nutters out. Most of the posts on this blog recently have been so one-sided against Israel, no wonder the Nazi dickheads have joined in.

As to the original blog entry, I severely doubt the Israelis would have deliberately targeted a UN post. It must have been a terrible error. Let's not make any judgement on this one until all the facts are in.

At 27/7/06 7:50 am, Anonymous bomber said...

.........................................Deano DON'T throw me in with those nutters, this is an open site - all sorts of people can add their thoughts here - for Christs sake I'm the most anti-nazi person you'll find! My anger at Israel is justifiable, not anti-Semitic bullshit - and you know that, so don't throw me in with those nutters ok, because that's offensive.

As for the UN post - Deano they were bomibing the post for 6 hours before they finally hit it, throughout that the UN were ringing and telling the IDF what they were doing - now there was either a MASSIVE miscommunication OR it was intentional - either way, what it does show is how easy it is to bomb innocent people - let's have a ceasefire now shall we?

At 27/7/06 8:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the key problem here is differentiating Israel as a state from Judaism as a religion - The U.S.A is basically a Christian nation, however when one criticises American policy they aren't instantly called "anti-christian".

I disagree totally with the heavy-handed approach of Israel's foreign & military policy - but please don't say that I'm anti-semitic.

Isn't that what any sane person would think?

At 27/7/06 9:24 am, Anonymous Bystander said...

Deano: "I severely doubt the Israelis would have deliberately targeted a UN post"? According to most reports the UN guys were murdered with a precision guided bomb.

I think the concept of precision guidance necessarily entails deliberate targetting, don't you? Especially when the UN guys are reported to have contacted the IDF ten times to ask for the attack to be called off.

Actually I find there's a black comedy script in this:

UN officer: Sammy, Todd here: What the f#*& are you guys doing? You're shelling our position! That last salvo was only 20 metres east of us!

IDF offcer: Oy, how could this happen. A thousand apologies, Todd, on my life. (aside: Feivish, about 20 meters west,)

UNO: Aiee! Now it's getting closer! That one was only five metres west! You gotta stop!

IDFO: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! (aside: OK, take it back east a notch,)

UNO: Arrgh! Now you're droping shells right on us! Lucky this bunker is solid –- It'd take a bomb to get through our roof!

IDFO: Hmm... Is that so...?

And so on, for another 50 years.

At 28/7/06 10:21 am, Blogger bomber said...

......................................It seems the deliberate attack on the UN post has started to achieve what I think it was supposed to achieve, the Australians are pulling their UN troops out of Southern Lebanon - when you are conducting a dirty war, you don't want the world to know

At 30/7/06 1:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose were are talking about the toothless UN "force" that are stationed in southern Lebanon? what did they ever achieve while they were stationed there? Hezbollah pisses on them.

At 30/7/06 3:37 pm, Blogger bomber said...

.................................And why is it that the UN is toothless? Because America, keeps smashing it repeatedly in the mouth (I do childrens parties and magic shows as well)


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