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Friday, July 21, 2006

Movie review: Oilcrash

God I love film festival time, all those documentaries that the mainstream never play get an airing to real fans in small smelly theatres where the uncomfortable chairs are part of the artistic experience darling.

I don’t believe the end of the world will happen with the Rapture and the four horses of the apocalypse, BUT I do believe we live with the very real threat of environmental collapse. Under that umbrella of civilization coming to an abrupt halt, are the added issues of pandemics and the end of Oil. This doco focuses on the latter with an incredible reality check in terms of how much oil we have, what really fuels conflict in the Middle East and the coming civilization crises when we suddenly run out. Normally you can shake all these issues off with the label, “Dumb pinkos’, but oil executive, after oil executive, after oil executive all confessing how bad the situation is makes for compelling evidence. Energy alternatives are laughed off, Nuclear power is given particular derision, as it is pointed out that to replace the 30 Billion barrels of oil we consume each year, we would need to build 10 000 nuclear reactors!

Let’s take a moment on that shall we, TEN THOUSAND NUCLEAR REACTORS! Oh and they point out that Uranium reserves would be consumed within two decades. Hmmm, neato.

The bleak reality grinds to a conclusion that when the oilcrash comes within a decade, civilization as we know it, will collapse. I image what that would be like in reality, thousands of white people fleeing from the cities as the cities become toxic and food empty only to confronted by tribal and warlike rural Maori who would have the only fraction of stability. I wonder if they would put up with a second colonization, I wonder what the boot would feel like on the other foot?


At 21/7/06 5:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't quite get that last paragraph. The rise in the price of oil would be gradual. Assuming that a renewable energy source doesn't adequately replace oil, migration out of the cities would be gradual. How would the cities become toxic? A large percentage of Maori live in the cities and a large percentage of the farm land is owned by caucasians. What makes you think that there would be a "second colonisation" or that whites would become the slaves of "warlike" rural Maori?

At 21/7/06 5:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think the "warlike" baboons will get hold of guns?

At 21/7/06 5:59 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

...................................................The argument presented in the Doco suggested that the price rise in oil will be sudden and dramatic, and that this will lead to a collapse in society. I was wondering aloud about race relations in this country if that scenario came to pass, people would stream out of cities as the energy required to power them dies out. The scenarios were that bleak in the movie, fascinating doco though.

At 23/7/06 8:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what reasons would the price of oil rise sudden and dramatic as opposed to gradual?


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