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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meanwhile on the home front……

With so much destruction going on overseas, some home front issues have passed by without comment.

1. Is it just me or has a lot of the TVONE and TV3 news coverage of Lebanon been ridiculously biased in favor of Israel? Good on TV3 for sending Mike McRoberts over there, he is a great journalist, and congrats on John Campbell last night asking the hard questions of the Israeli honoury consulate, but I really wonder at the mainstream news at times, classic example was last night watching TV3,with so much going on in the world right now the third news story in was Malls playing music too loud – are you fucking me? That’s a news story? No wonder our democracy is so weak and ignorant if that is an indication of important social events.

2. Schools want the Government to pay for drug sniffer dogs – ummmmmmmm what? Why is it that teenagers, get treated less than adults in terms of rights? Surely as weaker members of society in terms of power and voice they deserve MORE protection than less, as an adult I have rights about going to work and not have the cops just pop along randomly and search me, why are teenagers relegated to second class citizens, it’s a school – not a gulag! They shouldn’t have drug sniffer dogs at schools in the first place – of course anyone under the age of 18 shouldn’t touch drugs – but measures that hand away your rights regarding Police searches as a matter of course is outrageous, and just more proof at how anti we are when it comes to young people and their rights (boy racer legislation anyone?). We don’t have a youth problem in this country, we have an adult problem.

3. Broadcasters see no reason for ban on fast food ads – hahahaha, well they wouldn’t would they! Look the way fast food ads manipulate and sell their shit to kids is a disgrace, of course it has an effect – if it didn’t advertisers wouldn’t spend millions of dollars each year on it. I love the latest McDonalds advert that shows a young child ‘choosing’ a ‘healthy’ menu option, while the voiceover tells us that all kids need are ‘more choice’ and they will take the healthy option – are you fucking with me again? Choice HAS to be informed for it to have any value, CHILDREN AREN’T INFORMED that is why we protect them, that is why their choices aren’t on par with adults. Mass media culture is effective propaganda and it has to be curtailed, why would you want your child brainwashed? Once when I was hard up for the cash about 5 years ago, I took a voice over job for KFC – I have never felt like such a whore in my life – never again!

4. Oh I missed this gem – This quote last week from Federated Farmers President, Charlie Pederson, “Shame on the people who elevate environmentalism to a religious status, shame on you for your arrogance, shame on all of us for allowing the environmentalists’ war against the human race to take hold” – OH MY GOD – where do we begin? The filth dairy farmers wash into our waterways? The intensive farming techniques of chickens that led to anti-biotic resistant strains of viruses? The farmers who are currently raping the water table of Christchurch for irrigation? And beyond that – the massive methane cows release into the atmosphere that is contributing to a looming ecological catastrophe that could end civilization as we know it? Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike red-necked provincial folk any more than I do, Charlie Pederson bobs into view…


At 27/7/06 12:51 pm, Anonymous Lilith said...

Yes indeed, fighting through the obese masses whilst listening to the agonizing strains of Celine Dion nearly puts me off my Big Mac in the food court.. (incidentally you are so right about the fast-food Fuhrers..give my five year old a choice between Chips and a bag of non-degradable apples and what do you think she's gonna choose?)Great posts!
(do you have an email address?)

At 27/7/06 12:58 pm, Blogger bomber said...

.................................... Hello Lilith - thank you 4 your comments - I'm using Tims computer so feel free to e-mail (any of you) at tselwyn@woosh.co.nz - chur

At 27/7/06 9:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I was thinking that it might be the opposite. I have been watching TV1 news each night and have found the Israeli government's response abhorent. I found some links to the Israeli bunker blog and the messages there didn't sway my opinion to favour the Israeli government's actions.

Bomber, I would like you to go to that blog site and try to bring some sanity to it.

At 28/7/06 8:56 pm, Anonymous hiding under here said...

I think part of the problem with TV1's coverage so far has been the inexperience of their journalist over there. She's obviously a little out of her depth. There is very little of her stuff that has depth or gravitas, or even basic general knowledge. I understand the TV1 people were stuck in Israel for the first week of the conflict because the reporter made the mistake of getting an Israeli customs stamp in her passport as they entered Israel. The cameraman, on the other hand, realised that it would be wise to get his stamp on a removable piece of paper. Basic, common practice for those journalists who work in the region. So, instead of being in Lebannon, the reporter had to return to the UK to get a new passport. TVNZ basically dropped the ball, allowing TV3 to catch up.

At 31/7/06 7:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the israelies would crucify us all if they had the chance -and they do! So stuff world peace go the Iraelites to glory and destruction .Full circle?

At 31/7/06 10:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Viruses are not susceptable to anti-biotoics. I beleive your point does have some relevance but i would just like to correct you on that, you probably ment either bacteria or anti-virals.

At 31/7/06 11:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you think that points 2 and 3 contradict each other?
On the one hand, you're saying that society is becoming too over-protective when it wants to introduce drug sniffer dogs to schools, and on the other hand, you're suggesting that we need censorship on childrens advertising as it is manipulative.

Your sentance:
"Surely as weaker members of society in terms of power and voice they deserve MORE protection than less"

In my humble opinion, perhaps having sniffer dogs at school is not the BEST answer, but if it helps a couple of kids who would have otherwise been pressured into going for a smoke with some tough kid who brought some of his dads weed to school with him, or indeed if it stops that tough kid from taking it to school with him in the first place, then it has acheived JUST AS MUCH as preventing fast food advertising during prime Childrens TV hours.

On one hand, its not our place to stop kids taking drugs into schools, but on the other hand, we can't allow them to be subjected to advertising for certain things because they're 'bad' for us??

At 31/7/06 11:29 am, Blogger bomber said...

................................Hey Anon, thank you for your post - I don't see how there is a contradiction. It is everyone’s right not to be searched without good cause, there are legal protections to police stop and search powers. The School deems that because your child is on their grounds, THEY have the right to call in sniffer dogs, breaching the kids rights.

And calling for protections on children so that they aren’t bombarded with virtual propaganda in the way of Fast Food commercials doesn’t contradict that does it?

At 18/10/06 10:24 am, Anonymous Helen said...

not sure who the hell you think you are. Farmers or "red necked provinsial folk" are the ones holding up our flimsy economy (as in wool, meat and dairy products). Get off your high horse for a minute and you may realise that we would be screwed without agriculture. Do you think we have anything else to sustain ourselves as a coutry?

And teenagers in this country are stupid, I say bring in the dogs! When you have as many idiotic 13 year olds getting drunk or popping pills puts a signal that the youth of today are braindead.


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