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Friday, July 21, 2006

Has Winston lost it?

Okay, now you know when Winston scammed his way into Labour as the Foreign Affairs Minister, even though he said he wouldn’t take the baubles of office, even though he has used race baiting and xenophobia more than any other politician, even though the only place who gave him legitimacy voted him out, even though a piece of sexist crap like Bob Clarkson could beat him etc etc. EVEN AFTER ALL OF THOSE THINGS, we were told this precious, populist buffoon of a man would be a safe pair of hands. Well after his outburst during Senator McCain’s verbal blowjob about what ‘a beautiful country’ NZ is, shouldn’t we start being honest about the Emperor and his total lack of tailors? Winston Peters is a pompous fool who exhibits all of the vanity of a peacock, minus the beauty. Cutting off NZ media while the demi-lord of the Sith is cooing about how neat we are is a decision that needs blood testing and urine samples. NOT that I am complaining of course, why we would want to cuddle up to a bloodthirsty nation like the United States of Torture is a little beyond me to start with. And why we would swallow just so that we might get a free trade deal which would allow the United States to rape and plunder what is left of NZ is another leap backwards in logic that I assume you can only appreciate when you earn over $150 000 per year and get a direct cut out of the deal. Oh and don’t start bitching about how badly we need a free trade deal, ask Mexico if it helped, ask the ruptured third world who get flooded by subsidized goods so much so that it is cheaper to buy imported American potatoes than grow them themselves, hell ask the Australian farmers who are getting dicked now!

The good thing about Winston dating the States is that he’s not easy. Whereas Don Brash would’ve handed his panties over to America with a whispered promise of more to come at the restaurant dinner table, Winston just stares at his own reflection, slowly winking, raising the odd glass at his smirking reflection, thinking to himself, “God I’m Beautiful, my member from Tauranga is gaining a solid majority. I’m feeling a re-count coming on. Fuck my haircut is hot’.

Maybe Anti-American Helen Clarke was smarter to appoint Winston to this position than any of us considered. Winston might have his baubles, but Helen is wearing the pants.


At 24/7/06 9:26 am, Anonymous bomber said...

....................................... Normally I don't gag, but I had an automatic reflex this morning watching Helen Clarke on TV ONE not only defend Winston and his little outburts, but then turn it around and blame the NZ media for focusing on it! This is the same problem she has with the Field whitewash report - we all know Winston was out of line, we all know Field exploits cheap labour - but Helen continues to defend it! It is arrogance like this that will end the Labour party, not one killer punch, but death from a thousand cuts.


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