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Thursday, June 01, 2006


The Australian reports:

"One of the Aboriginal women said 'Look at you, you white slut'. Then, they just decided to get physical. When I started to complain they just said, 'Just look at you, you f..king white bitch'."


[she] is the first person to be charged under Western Australia's new racial vilification laws."

So, an Aboriginal is charged with using racist language (or displaying racist intent)... right. And what about the whites, then? They still get all their land, right? They still get to bar them from hotels etc., right? That's still legal isn't it. (The DPP's name is a classic BTW)

Have they got that law in Queensland?

Toowoomba Aboriginal leader Stephen Hagan sought UN intervention last year after the full bench of the Federal Court upheld a decision that the term did not breach the Racial Discrimination Act. The court found the term had "long been devoid of racial connotation".

Ugly, ugly Australia.


At 2/6/06 2:19 pm, Blogger Rob Good said...

This is bad, but were they not shot for sport up to 1953? That is disgraceful.

At 6/6/06 3:43 pm, Blogger llew said...

Which was the racist part - being called "white" or being called a "slut"?

And which term offended her?

We can only speculate as to what they nicknamed the DPP when he was a schoolboy.

At 6/6/06 6:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant get worried about this thing, it was this dudes name they just called him nigger, and named the pub after him,


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