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Saturday, June 17, 2006

GUEST BLOG: NZ part of rendition web?

Gonzo Remote: observations with id - bomber blog

Did we help rendition an innocent man?

Rayad Mohammed Addullah Ali was thrown out of the country because five years ago he studied with one of the September 11 Terrorists.

Amid a chorus of Talkback Radio hosts claims that there are terrorists all over the fucking country now, I'd like to point out that we've deported this guy based on guilt by association. Please tell me the Government has more than 'he knew some bad guy five years ago'. Isn't this just fucking Muslim Paranoia?

We also know that the United States didn't want us to deport Rayed because they wanted to keep him under survalliance: Questions:

  • Did the SIS freak out at having such a hot potato, panic and kick him out?

  • Did we cut a deal with the United States.

  • Did we tip them off to which airport we'd sent him?

  • Where is Rayad Ali now?

  • Has he been renditionedâ„¢ by the United States?

  • Did thed NZ Government help send this guy off to a secret Eastern European CIA torture chamber?

  • ...Well - did we?

    His family say they can't find him and don't know where he is, the Saudi Arabian embassy and Yemini embassy deny having recieved him. Does our government have blood on it's hands?

    If Rayad is such a terrorist threat, wouldn't the US pounce and take him into custody if we had tipped them off? And why didn't we even interrogate him her? Reports are we just threw him out - did we do so knowing what was going to happen to him?

    But why should we care?

    Because doing sneaky shit like that ain't the way we do shit in this country. Are we a fair minded people or do we get paranoid about 'outsiders' cause I think fearmongering is a fucked up way to decide immigration policy.It staggers me that it has taken the mainstream media so long as to ask where Rayad Mohammed Addullah Ali is, and that only slowly are people asking if we set him up.

    Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury


    At 18/6/06 8:44 am, Blogger Rob Good said...

    In this day and age if you are planning something sinister, then be prepared to reveil your intentions to the authorities...He is probably in Cuba.

    At 18/6/06 2:33 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

    i think rob means Guantanamo bay,
    look dudes this joker come from very bad angry Yemen family hate fucking western kill, join mob, take action, go to fly school, fail test, got to new country fly school, get seen, go to islam fly school, hate western, but Selwyn correct as per usual they sendem back to Saudi arabia, next flight USA,

    At 18/6/06 2:38 pm, Anonymous deano said...

    'An innocent man'? My arse! This guy lived and trained with one of the Sept. 11 terrorists. He gave extremist speeches in mosques. He used a variation of his name to enter the country. He was building up flying hours. Your outrage is misplaced, Bomber. He is not a NZer. We do not need to prove beyond a shred of a doubt that he is a terrorist- and anyway, the evidence is good enough for me. We are safer. It's ironic, this guy wants to kill you, and you want to protect his 'right' to do so.

    At 19/6/06 7:28 pm, Anonymous Cameron said...

    The problem with being a human rights activist is that when you're supporting the general principle that no one should be just sent off to some torture camp to 'disapear', you're then accused by the short sighted of supporting terrorists.

    At 20/6/06 12:58 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

    Well I'm guessing now a few of you kids are feeling a little sheepish? No interrogation of this guy when he was here (what a threat), he has disappeared fuck knows where in Saudi Arabia, a country with a violent religious fundamentalism second only to the old Taliban regime and we did it with a smile on our dial. Take a bow kids, what wonderful progressive minds you are - fuck it, how about we just nuke all the sand niggers, cause come on boys, we can't trust em all can we? You boys would have done so well during the reds under the beds paranoia of the 60s in America.

    At 20/6/06 3:12 pm, Anonymous deano said...

    Bomber says 'Oh no, we can't deport him until after he blows something up, that would be racist.' See, putting words in other people's mouths isn't cool, is it?

    The FBI have reportedly said that Ali had close links to four of the Sept. 11 terrorists. I hate to agree with Helen Clark, but she is right when she calls it a 'no-brainer'.

    At 20/6/06 9:27 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

    did you say rendition like as in "render unto caesar" like jesus say, what do yous really expect tim?

    At 25/6/06 5:06 pm, Anonymous bomber said...

    The news that Rayed Ali is alive and 'well' in a Suadi Arabian prison is
    scant relief for those concerned with human rights. Yes the more extreme
    elements of American paranoia hasn't had Rayed Ali kidnapped to a secret
    CIA torture chamber in 'New Europe', but the fact our Government delivered
    Rayed Ali to a country with a long history of torture, execution and human
    rights abuses for nothing more than guilt through association is still a
    victory for the powers of fear mongering and Muslim bashing.

    I wonder if anyone reading this site is now guilty of sedition simply by
    visiting this site?


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